Deadly Deceit (Harbored Secrets, #2)

Deadly Deceit (Harbored Secrets, #2) Independent And Tenacious Journalist Vivian DeMarco Is Back In Walton, Georgia, For One Reason To Do Her Job And Get Out When Her Boss Suddenly Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances, Vivian S Only Hope For Finding The Truth And The Next Big Story Is Small Town Law Enforcement S Lanky Poster Boy, Deputy Ryan Frost But The Deeper They Dig, The Twisted The Truth Becomes False Leads, Incriminating Emails, And Someone Called The Watcher Force Vivian To Fight For Answers And Her Life I did not read book one in The Harbored Secrets series I can say that I was not lost in book number two Deadly Deceit It engulfed me from the very beginning and It was that way until the very end The characters were wonderful The whole book was very well written I am now on the lookout for of Walters books I gave this book 4 stars.The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own. Natalie Walters does it again Deadly Deceit is an action packed story full of humor and epic dialogue, heartwarming scenes, sweet romance, and I loved getting to read Ryan Frost s story, and Vivienne was the perfect counterpart to his character Walters is an incredibly talented author and her beautiful writing style quickly and easily draws you into the story The fictional small town of Walton, GA, is the perfect setting for the series, and I can t wait to read book three If you re a romantic suspense fan, this one definitely belongs on your shelf FTC Disclosure I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for promotional purposes I was not required to write an honest review These are my honest thoughts and opinions. Leave it to Harold to die with a story on his lips Deadly Deceit is a fantastic book This story has it all small town charm, great friendships, witty banter, tenderness, humor oh, so much humor , a well plotted mystery, nail biting suspense and a completely believable and adorably geeky romance This book deserves a group hug You totally need to read this book Be sure to read Living Lies first Both stories are almost standalones, but really just read Living Lies because it was awesome, too I m looking forward to the final book in this series, Silent Shadows, releasing in March 2020 Pecca Gallegos was a super strong supporting character in Deadly Deceit and I can t wait to see her in the spotlight I absolutely recommend this book Deadly Deceit is available TODAY visit Christian Book to purchase a copy for yourself To learn about Natalie Walters, check out her website and newsletter at Don t forget to follow her on social media I received a copy of this book from Natalie Walters and Revell A Division of Baker Publishing A positive review was not required Opinions expressed are completely my own. I m kind of a hard sell on romantic suspense because I either find the romance too corny or the suspense not suspenseful enough This book had a good balance with some fan humor thrown in I liked the cyber crime angle and it s not done as much in fiction and really showcased the hero s brainiac skills Fans of romantic suspense should really pick this book up It won t disappoint. Oh my word, this book y all.ugh it was amazing Mrs Walters has a beautiful and amazing gift with words Just like I m Living Lies, this book sucked me in from page one and refused to let go As I mentioned in my review about Living Lies, I really wanted a book written on Frost because hello, he is amazing and I loved him in the first book and my love for him only grew in this second one If I could just have a Ryan Frost in my life, my life would be pretty amazing I loved getting to know Vivian too in this book I loved her personality and her development throughout this book It was fabulous The action and suspense had me on my toes the whole book and that is part of the reason why I could not put it down even though I probably should have..Mrs Walters definitely knows how to craft a suspense book in ways a few authors can master One of my all time favorite parts about this book was how geeky it was I am a huge nerd and geek just throwing that out there I love when books include fandoms in it and Mrs Walters did that and I loved how Vivian refused to Ryan as Captain America throughout this whole book It made it perfect.I honestly could gush for hours about how amazing this book was and how I wish that I could just have my own Ryan Frost in my life Um yes please If you have not picked up this book or even Living Lies yet, then I highly recommend doing so This series is so good and ughit s amazing so just go read it FTC I received this book from the author and publisher in exchange for my own review All thoughts are my own I was not required to write a positive review This romantic suspense seemed different from others in its genre fresh Of course, the nerdy hero who was lovingly nicknamed Captain America was the best part But the major crime in this one was exploitation, and what the mysterious Hacker forced the people he had bad footage of to do dwarfed all the other crimes in this book I loved watching our main characters as they dealt with the baggage from their past and tried to figure out what to do with themselves in the future, all while trying to see where their present flirtation fit in I almost had to dock a star for saying Hulk and Black Widow were a proper couple, thoughA fresh twist to a classic genre that I had a hard time putting down I received a copy of this book from the publisher and the opinions are my own.Review to be published on my blog Deadly Deceit combines romance with solid investigation as a detective and a reporter work together to uncover the work of a deadly blackmailer Vivian found a second chance in Walton Fired from her last position for refusing to release harming details in her article, the kind hearted Harold offered her a position at his newspaper But when Harold dies with his last words to Vivian to find the details on a big story, she knows she must uncover what he was talking about Ryan Frost has returned from training at Quantico and resumed a position as Deputy on Walton s force He has offers from the CIA and FBI but he doesn t want to leave his family, like his father once did When Ryan responds to the death of Harold, he and Vivian cross paths She isn t the dogged reporter he remembers and he isn t the scrawny police officer she recalls from their past run ins But, if Ryan wants to keep Vivian safe, he will have to work with her.Deadly Deceit is the second book in the Harbored Secrets series by Natalie Walters While the setting and characters from the first book have carried over into this second instalment, the main characters and plot are complete and so the two books can be read as standalone titles I rather enjoyed Ryan and Vivian s romance While they might have annoyed each other in the past, now they can t help but share a mutual admiration, especially for the changes each can see in the other They are also both huge geeks, and I loved the superhero and Star Wars trivia and references scattered throughout the book And despite a few hiccups and arguments, they work well together The death of Harold and his last words lead Vivian and Ryan to uncover a whole network of deceit, blackmail, murder and crime There are misdirections, false leads and multiple suspects to keep readers guessing I enjoyed reading Deadly Deceit and look forward to the release of the third book int the series, which I m really hoping will feature Vivian s dramatic and loveable best friend Pecca.The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes All opinions are my own.Find reviews, reading age guides, content advisory, and recommendations on my blog Madison s Library If you enjoy romantic suspense novels, I recommend Natalie Walters Her series Harbored Secrets is a good one. Deadly Deceit by Natalie Walters.Y all I don t ever read this genre but this book was so fuuun Ok well let me take a step back I enjoyed the plot line I loved the writing style I loved loved loved the dynamics between Vivian and Ryan I liked Vivian as a character, and I loved the way you could tell the change in Vivian over the course of the book I didn t take the chance to read Living Lies when I had the chance and can I just say I m super sad about that I m not turning down the chance to read the third when it comes out There were only a few plot things I didn t like in the story Chapter 13 made me sick Physically I felt sick to my stomach I hated it If I hadn t pressed forward it may have ruined the book for me Thankfully it was the only one that was that way and the rest of the book was good.Content wise, this is not a children s book Personally I recommend no younger than 16 years old CONTENT LIST There s a lot of kissing, but none of it is detailed.There s a few scenes that are describing an inappropriate video and even though it s not actually describing anything in particular, it made me very uncomfortable and I did skip over that scene chapter 13 There was also a scene where a man makes advances on a woman that she didn t welcome but nothing happened.Several inappropriate glances and suggestive mentions are present There is also talk and discussing children out of wedlock There s mention and discussion of human trafficking Drug abuse by minors Graphic wise, there are mentions of gunshot wounds, lots of pain described A man dies, but it s not graphic in any way Four stars I got a free copy in exchange for an honest review and a positive review was not required All opinions are my own Another fantastic book from Walters This one was full of intrigue, suspense, and romance.The crimes in this book were especially interesting because they were kind of a mix of old school and cyber crime The plot kept me interested the whole time and I wasn t able to figure out the bad guy.I did get a little bigger down by some of the Capitan America and Star Wars references, but that is good news for fans if those They will probably love those references.DeMarco is pretty much your stereotypical journalist and will do anything for her story But I really loved Frost I may not be a Capitan America fan, but I got the gist of the references to mean he was hero material I Ioved his protective side and also loved his level of cyber intelligence.Walters is a fresh new voice in Christian Fiction Her stories so far have been unique and engaging I m looking forward to her third I received an advanced copy of this book through NetGalley This is my honest review.

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