Pluto Gets the Call

Pluto Gets the Call Pluto Gets A Call From Earth Telling Him He Isn T A Planet Any, So He Sets Out On A Journey Through The Solar System To Find Out Why In This Funny And Fact Filled Romp That S Perfect For Fans Of The Scrambled States Of AmericaPluto Loves Being A Planet That Is, Until The Day He Gets A Call From Some Earth Scientists Telling Him He Isn T A Planet Any You Probably Wanted To Meet A Real Planet, Huh So, Pluto Takes The Reader On A Hilarious And Informative Journey Through The Solar System To Introduce The Other Planets And Commiserate About His Situation Along The Way Younger Readers Will Be So Busy Laughing Over Pluto S Interactions With The Other Planets, Asteroids, Moons, And Even The Sun, They Won T Even Realize Just How Much They Re Learning About Our Solar System This might be my favorite book of 2019 It s hilarious and informative at the same time I am a fan of Pluto I have a soft spot for Pluto so this book tugged on my heartstrings It offers than just an ode to a former planet The illustrations are wonderful Humor is clever And I actually learned about our solar system along the way There is even a nice little moral to the story if you want to get deep that reinforces the importance of positive self esteem Because, let s face it If anyone is struggling with dashed dreams and poor self esteem it s Pluto Yet, he pulls through. Pluto LOVES being a planet, but when the call comes from Earth that he s no longer a planet, how can he go on This fun and funny picture book not only pays homage to our favorite planet that was, but also introduces young readers to the solar system as Pluto takes a farewell tour and presents facts about each planet along the way Hand this to fans of THE SUN IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL or Laurie Keller s THE SCRAMBLED STATES OF AMERICA for kids who enjoy learning but in a really fun, funny way. Absurdly brilliant.Pluto loves being a planet and is heartbroken when scientists from Earth call to revoke his status After a traverse of the solar system, The Sun sets Pluto back on course Classic Laurie Keller illustrations and hilarious puns with every page turn make this picture book a sure win with smart young readers. My kids have this book already It s called, A Place For Pluto. Pluto loves being a planet he s been one since an astronomer in Flagstaff, Arizona discovered him in 1930.Then he gets a phone call from the scientists on Earth In this clever look at the solar system, young readers will journey with Pluto as he visits the other planets and shares his unhappy news as he tries to discover the reasons for his unexpected demotion from planet status Basic facts about the planets in the solar system are sprinkled throughout the story and compiled at the end of the book in a special Solar System Fun Facts double page spread This colorfully illustrated picture book, for grades preschool through third, ages three through eight, has a Lexile rating of 510L, making it a book for parents to share with their young readers This is a perfect book for young readers with an interest in space science and for all adults who remember when Pluto was indeed a planet and believe he should be once again.Highly recommended. Pluto is distressed when, in the middle of talking to a group of Earth readers us he gets a call that he s no longer a planet Filled with new facts about the planets and dwarf planets in our solar system, this is an interstellar tour of the planets as told by Pluto who will always be a planet to me. So stinking cute The incomparable Adam Rex takes on the demoralizing demotion of poor Pluto with lots of laughs but clever insight as well Laurie Keller s illustrations are gorgeous This book made my day And perfect timing, since I m working with sixth grade students on solar system research. I love Pluto and it will always be a planet to me. Fun book about the planets and Pluto being a planet and then being demoted Humorous.

[Ebook] ↠ Pluto Gets the Call  Author Adam Rex –
  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • Pluto Gets the Call
  • Adam Rex
  • English
  • 06 March 2019
  • 9781534414532