How to Come Alive Again

How to Come Alive Again An Essential, Wondrous WOW Of A Book Sarah Knight Essential Reading Daisy Buchanan Everyone Should Have This On Their Bookshelf Lucy Anne Holmes It Doesn T Matter That You Ve Lived In Shadows, That You Ve Slept Through Years Of Your Life, That You Ve Done Things You Re Ashamed To Admit Even To Yourself It Doesn T Matter That You Re An Anxious, Depressed, Spaghetti Brained Mess With A Shouty Monster Brain That Keeps You From Conforming To Society S Definition Of Normal.Beth McColl Has Been There Sometimes She Still Is There But In This Book She Shares What S Worked For Her And What Hasn T, What S Gotten Her Into Trouble And Then Back Out Of It Again, And What She Wishes She D Known From The Start How To Get Through A Bad Day Questions To Ask Your Doctor The Truth About Medication Ways To Practise Self Care And Mindfulness What To Expect From A Partner How To Forgive Your Past Self, And So Much How To Come Alive Again Is A Relatable, Honest, At Times Joyous And Above All Practical Guide For Anyone Who Has A Mental Illness Or Anyone Who Knows And Loves Someone Who Does It S The Basics For Mending Your Life, Accepting Yourself, Changing What Doesn T Work, Killing The Worst Of It And Learning To Live Again. Disclaimer I m already weeping tears for all the bloody monsters mercilessly slain.Attention, please if you happen to cherish your monsters, do not approach this reading material I loved the structure to this guide to killing your monsters Part One LightlessnessPart Two GlimmerPart Three SunrisePart Four EclipsePart Five IlluminationA funny lighteasy read on difficult and decidedly unfunny things that could ruin one s life The author is unexpectedly poetic and gracious in discussing things that usually make us all say uh oh, plain no, I ll just skip this whatever it is It had gotten a bit repetitive ish by the end of the book, still, it wasn t much bother due to the author s rather unique voice.Q you have to know your monsters to kill your monsters c Q This book will contain Some swear words Sorry to any and all of my grandmas reading this I learned these words from you A bizarre and unsettling number of references to aubergines c LOL.Q As a child and as a teenager I really thought my happiest life would be a life of restriction and discipline, a life of watching what I ate and exercising on command c She must have been a very peculiar child.Q My happiness is an unapologetic animal A growing, shifting, changing thing A thing that wants my life to glow c Q If anything in this book sounds wrong for you, or you feel very, very strongly that it isn t something appropriate for your treatment, that s absolutely fine Ignore it
I try to reserve my five stars for the books that dramatically altered something deep within me, and this one made the cut How to Come Alive Again is a huge, warm, understanding hug It is a guide of fundamentals
This is a very good book Been dipping in and out of it but in terms of books around mental health, I think it s great It says from the start the book won t save your life, but it will offer you a heap of advice and anecdotes, encouraging and welcoming, and there s a lot to take away and apply. A caring, non judgmental, and humorous book of advice for individuals experiencing mental health issues, and for loved ones wanting to learn It s full of really practical tips many of which may be common knowledge, but are helpful and important regardless It s nice to hear advice from someone who has been through depression herself and can speak to what the lowest lows can look and feel like I highlighted a ton of passages parts of the book I may want to return to later when I m not doing so great My only criticism is it can be repetitive at a few points, and the information wasn t organized in a very clear or defined way.Feelings of depression and anxiety will eventually pass it s always temporary you just have to survive This book shows you how to take care of
Brilliant advice and guidelines in a relatable, often funny, voice I never once felt patronised and felt like these were real tips that someone like me could implement Will be recommending to friends. First and foremost this book was beautifully written It s is jam packed with amazing and truly applicable words There is lot of really important, hard stuff to read but equally as much dazzling comedy I ll be recommending this book to all of my friends and family. Beautiful. Solid, practical advice I haven t been depressed in a while and still found it helpful, and would have gotten even out of it when shit was at its worst Reminded me of a fleshed out version of a short book I found enormously helpful in the past, with a title something like How I stayed alive when m
i m treating this as my bible from now on Oh, Beth I feel like you scooped out my bad brain parts with a melon baller and turned them into this book In a good way though It s book like this one that make me feel understood, validated, and part of a shared community in this w