Love is the Answer God is the Cure

Love is the Answer God is the CureHer Family Secrets Burst In The Spotlight When Aimee And Her Sister Went To The Authorities In This Riveting Memoir Aimee Cabo Shares The Inside Story Of A Young Girl S Courage To Stand Up To Sexual, Physical, And Emotional Abuse While Facing Her Abusers In A Trial The Media Dubbed The Case From Hell As She Fought Court Battles, Poverty, Abuse, And Addiction Aimee Always Turned To Love And God.Love Is The Answer, God Is The Cure Is A Story Of A Woman Who Triumphed Against All Odds, Persevered To Find True Love And Form A Family That Could Withstand Anything. Conviction Love is the Answer, God is the Cure is a story of how a young girl, Aimee Nogues, from age seven until her marriage to Bobbie in 2000, suffered physical, sexual and psychological abuse from those closest to her It is a story of immense pain, deep despair, and emotional turmoil, but how holding onto a spiritual belief can provide hope and strength Aimee and her older sister Michelle, are two of nine children to Lisette and Andres Nogues that have lived in the Dominican Republic and returned to Miami Andres is a stepfather to Aimee and starts to abuse her from seven years old until at fifteen she and her elder sister, Michelle, leave their home on 23 September 1989, and call in the police and welfare to investigate child abuse All remaining children are taken into welfare This resulted in a criminal investigation, child welfare relocation and assessment, and a court room trial that became a media frenzy, reported not only nationally across the US but internationally It became known as the Case from Hell, where Lisette, the mother, claimed I am a leading Miami neurologist and my husband is a respected pediatrician This whole abuse of the child welfare services where they come in on the word of two malicious sisters who are rebelling against a responsibly disciplined family life and convince the welfare services that my husband and I are abusive The judge found Andres guilty of child sexual abuse and th
I found this book so compelling, that once I had started I couldn t put the book down until I had read the last sentence.The life and experiences of Aimee, portrayed in the book, seem to be a continuum of troughs with very few peaks except towards the end of the book and even then, you are left with the feeling that this peace is fraught with a fragility that could come crashing down It was a raw and deeply open account which filled me with a conflict of emotions ranging from horror, anger, disgust, sorrow and pity, and the betrayal experienced from the adults whose responsibility was to care for her.I was at times, filled with frustration at the choices Aimee made, which just seemed to constantly bring her back into abusive situations From her history, you would think why would you do that Although, unless you ve walked in those footsteps and experienced the early abuse, how can you really know what choices you would make, and how would you react or behave It brings in a question of nature versus nurture in the sense that it is the nurturing that we receive as children that help enforce and define huge parts of who and what we are as adults, where nature provides the attributes we are born with that give us the mental strength to cope with life Growing up Aimee was deprived of maternal affection, with the constant threat of violence if she was seen to have stepped o
Fair warning, this book is intense I would not recommend someone younger than eighteen years of age to give this a read unless they do so with a parent This book was crushing and harsh in both good ways and bad This real life story of a woman who was constantly abused and mistreated will open the eyes of readers to the way the real world behaves time
What exactly is it which helps people to persevere through dark and challenging times When the world seems as if it is upside down and filled with absolute anguish and grief This situation will drive many people to their knees, with no hope of ever getting back up again However, there are others who will not only rise but actually grow stronger With all the odds stacked against them, they still manage to survive and thrive Instead of succumbing and capitulating to the heartbreaking circumstances, they do the exact opposite In her book Love is the Answer, God is the Cure, Aimee Cabo Nikolov provides a virtual case study for just such a scenario For those readers who may be seeking an inspirational read which explores the power of love and faith this could very well be the book for you The main body of the memoir is focused upon the trials and tribulations of the author, Aimee Cabo Nikolov She shares the main events of her life in a frank, open and very intense fashion It is a graphic and raw account of her life which is seen through her own eyes.The memoir opens on a highly spirited note as Aimee meets her eventual husband while on a holiday He is the epitome of everything which the other significant males in her life have not been to this point kind, understanding and respectful This loving relationship is juxtaposed with the dark and horrific reality of her past Having experienced childhood sexual ab
Aimee Cabo Nikolov has written a book that is ultimately a story of inspiration The author shares the events of her life, a life that has been wrought with abuse, addiction, and turmoil She writes about the balance she created between good and evil, by sharing her faith in God and the love in her heart.There were moments that forced me to set the book down and just soak in what I had read, amazed by her determination to be a survivor, while feeling shocked by the amount of sexual, emotional, and mental abuse she endured, not to mention being neglected and, essentially, abandoned The one person who should have put her arms around Aimee, who should have protected her from predators, like her stepfather, was just another person on the list of people who have deeply hurt her Her mother chose to stand against Aimee, this I will never understand As a mother, I wanted to reach into the book many times and pull her out, into safety.Each chapter begins with a prayer, giving the reader insight into the strength of her beliefs, she does not hold back in allowing us into her life and who she really is as she maneuvers her way through one obstacle after another My heart goes out to her It is no wonder that addiction became part of her journey, she was searchi
A profoundly moving bookWow What a journey inward, this book really asks you to take a look at yourself and the world around you and appreciate each moment I am not a huge fan of self help or spiritual books but this one is different You don t feel like you are being force fed to drastically change your life, it s of an understanding about who you are and what you want in life that propels this book The language is easy to read and digest and you often find
I received this book via BookTasters in exchange for an honest review Due to the intensity and seriousness of this book, I m going to veer from my usual standard of reviewing books Here goes1 This book is tough It is very detailed and graphic If you have a high sensitivity regarding child molestation and abuse, let this review serve as a warning As a victim of child molestation, it raised so many uncomfortable emotions within me that I did not think I would finish it This is not a negative It is life It helped me be honest about what I have buried and what I have resolved It helped me be honest about the amount of work that I still have to do within myself For that I am grateful.2 The author has shared her story with unbelievable intimacy I love that she has found peace, and continues to seek such peace, in God I know what it is like when every single person who should love and protect do not In such a situation, the journey towards God is quite precarious For me, it was damn near impossible Nikolov s story definitely reignites a long extinguished hope.So why a rating of 2 I did not feel any connection to the characters The story came so fast, so
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the publisher and author for this opportunity.Let me start by saying this is not a light read by any means The events that take place within the book are intense and emotionally crippling for any human being The author pours out her heart into these words and speaks not only about finding healing after dealing with years of abuse, but the long and difficult process that accompanies that healing Her story is not for the faint of heart and can be hard to read, especially for those who have also suffered similar abuse My two star rating is due to the fact that this biography memoir was at times difficult for me to connect with There wasn t really much of a story line that lead into any of the events Rather, these things just happened For me this book read like a list of facts or events that took place, and less like the story of a woman who has survived and is using her voice to share her experience There is no room in the story for the reader to get emotionally invested, not in the people she mentions, or the horrifying situations she has survived There is mostly just time that passes and then another event, and for me that just doesn t flow well, or allow me the opportunity to get to know the person s I m reading about.But regardless of HOW the
Love is the Answer, God is the Cure by Aimee Cabo Nicolov is an emotional and heart rending story The author has certainly had to endure a lot, yet created a new life for herself You can never predict when certain events in life change everything forever, and this holds true for the author Aimee tells her story in a heartfelt way, from enduring terrible sexual abuse as a child, to being homeless, to substance abuse Custody battles also took their toll over time while she was fighting for her first daughter This book reads as a tragedy that turns into the consummate love story She overcame terrible odds and created a wonderful life Aimee writes with clarity, faith, and an openness that is hard to find Y
Reading the title of this memoir, one might think it bears a heavier reliance on religious practices, and chronicles adherence for success in life The title, however, is a response to the overwhelming challenge recounted in this author s experience, and ultimately an answer Ms Nikolov describes in excruciating, occasionally unnecessarily so detail the experiences of living in a home fraught with the horrors of physical abuse and extreme sexual violence levied by both parents, apparently in cahoots The story continues, displaying the permanent destruction brought about in the author s life by this dark start to her life, through drug and alcohol addiction, prostitution, and depression It struggles in part with too many details about family issues which the reader gets at the beginning, as well as a slow resolution

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