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The Book of XThe Book Of X Tells The Tale Of Cassie, A Girl Born With Her Stomach Twisted In The Shape Of A Knot From Childhood With Her Parents On The Family Meat Farm, To A Desk Job In The City, To Finally Experiencing Love, She Grapples With Her Body, Men, And Society, All The While Imagining A Softer World Than The One She Is In There is a quarry made of meat, marbled rich with fat There is a family who lives at the meat quarry s edge There is a girl who lives with a knotted body, as does her mother, as does her mother s mother There is a girl who yearns to be seen with kind eyes, to be touched with soft hands, to be loved by an open heart In the utterly unique and remarkable The Book of X, Sarah Rose Etter has crafted an intriguing world not quite like our own She takes the surreal and expertly shapes it into a portrait that is as beautiful and compelling as it is horrifying and unbearable In doing so, Etter brilliantly, viciously lays bare what it means to be a woman in the world, what it means to hurt, to need, to want, so much it consumes everything. Cassie is born with a knot, just like her mother and grandmother She enters a world of bullying, inadequate medical care, isolation and boredom Outside of school her life seems intended for repetition of pain and cleaning the walls with lemons, while her father and brother work in the meat quarry, but her life is vivid with visions that provide some form of escape, although it isn t always positive It s fascinating to read interviews with the author because she was incredibly isolated in Iceland while writing most of this The landscape feels unworldly in that way that only Iceland can The cover is striking When I saw it online I thought it was sunset in a valley, then I realized it s hair and a woman in the center, but now that I ve read it I realize it is both and also probably the meat quarry.The feeling of the novel kept making me think of Kassandra and the Wolf by Margarita Karapanou, mixed with The Yellow Wallpaper I received a copy of The Book of X from the publisher It comes out July 16. A taut, devastating novel concerning the body as landscape Readers upset by the grosteque or surreal need not apply. Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Beth MowbrayThe Book of X follows Cassie, a girl who is born with her stomach literally twisted in a knot, from her childhood into her adult years Cassie is raised on a meat farm, a piece of land with an enormous quarry where her father and brother work all day mining meat Cassie s overbearing mother spends her days obsessively cleaning the house and even obsessively harping on Cassie s appearance while pretending to ignore her own knotted stomach More than anything Cassie wants to be like other girls her age, to be normal So she finishes school and moves into the city, grateful to be away from her family and ready to navigate the world independently Yet she continues to be inhibited by her physical deformity, always dreaming of a life without the knot and never content.This novel is an incredible example of surrealism in current literary fiction Etter blurs the line between the grotesque and real life, normative experiences In one scene, the world appears as it should be, in the next it may as well be melting before your eyes like a Dali painting The reader never knows what they might find upon turning the page perhaps a river of thighs or a shop where one may have their jealousy physically excised like a tumour Interwoven are scenes traditional for a coming of age tale disagreements between Cassie and her mother, bullying by peers at school, and the bonds of female friendship Combined skilfully, these devices work as both symbolism and commentary on themes central to the female experience such as body image and beauty, acceptance and loss, identity and gender roles.Merely scanning through the pages of The Book of X, it is immediately clear this book is different from any other The structure is built upon tight prose that is sectioned off into small blocks, often less than a page each This minimalist approach provides pieces of a puzzle that fall into place as the story progresses Echoing how the content of the story distorts reality, the unconventional structure stretches the normal bounds of a novel by combining the main narrative with two other elements visions of a different, dream like reality and bulleted lists of facts relating back to the storyline.Each of these unique choices made by Etter, along with the severe beauty and crippling pain of her writing, work together to create a singular emotional experience This novel sustains an atmosphere of discomfort for the majority of its 279 pages A feeling of being completely transfixed by something terrible, unable to look away Etter has such a compelling way of communicating emotion that reading this novel becomes an immersive act Without hesitation, I highly recommend The Book of X It is one of the most visceral, mind bending reading experiences I have had in a very long time.My sincere thanks to Two Dollar Radio for the advance copy of this book All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. I m obsessed with this book Sarah Rose Etter has shown how you can push fiction to its bounds, break through, and create a wonderful, eccentric blend of storytelling, surrealism, insight into the female experience, and visceral portrayals of humanity and the loneliness, pain, and longing that come with it Etter s shrewdness regarding female suffering, being different, and societal expectations of normality are what makes this narrative so powerful We follow Cassie, born with her stomach tied in a knot, as she moves through life as a girl who is not like others Etter employs storytelling that is simultaneously real family drama, obsession with weight, your first intense female friendship, the boy who treats you horribly but you love nonethelessand the unreal rivers of thighs, harvesting meat from the land, fields of throats Even with all this imagery, Etter manages to be economical with her words always something I admire in writing the ability to paint a sublime picture with words that aren t flowery or too heavy I actually found myself staring off into the stack of raw steaks next to the grill for Easter dinner last night thinking about the Meat Quarry on Cassie s family landI can t stop thinking about this book Safe to say it is one of my favorite books this year I m so excited for this to come out and for readers to experience its magic Also stoked that we have such an innovative new voice on the literary scene in Etter indie press Two Dollar Radio garnered my respect and praise last year when they introduced me to Katya Apekina with her novel, The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish, and once again, I am totally wowed by the phenomenal, female led stories they are putting out into the world Add this to you TBRs NOW Thank you Two Dollar Radio for sending me a copy of The Book of X this book is a lump in my throat this book made me start crying out of nowhere everything hurts I wasn t sure how I felt about it until the last 20 pages when my face starting leaking the protagonist s relationship with her mother continues to wound me, maybe so than anything else there is a scene with her mom that spooks me in how easily it made me feel things I actively avoid feeling anyway the book is so very sad gross so so bleak IF I read one book about the world being too painful for women to live in..wrap me in tinfoil put me in the microwave boys I m done.TLDR haha ouchie cw rape, suicide In The Book of X we meet Cassie, a complicated young woman who was born with a unique genetic mutation, her stomach is literally twisted into a knot, a disfigurement that seems to be passed down to each female in the family Told in a barrage of flash fictiony vignettes, we become hopeless observers as Cassie alternates between moments of severe self love and self hate, falling victim to bullying, developing a lukewarm friendship with a girl named Sophia, manuevering through awkward parental relationships, and ultimately falling prey at the hands of Jarred, a boy at school with whom she had started to massively crush on Haunted by the reality of her body and damaged by what Jarred did to her, we follow Cassie as she escapes The Acres and moves to the city in an attempt to lead a normal life working an unglamorous job, picking up strange men at the bar, and undergoing a procedure she believes for once will make her whole As lovely as it is grotesque, Sarah Rose Etter s lyrical prose pulls us along through a surreal landscape of meat quarries, rivers of thighs, fields of throats, and meetings with doctors who perform bizarre surgeries The Book of X never ceases to amaze and awe As I read this, I couldn t help compare Sarah s style of writing to that of Zachary Schomburg If you dig this book, you absolutely need to pick up his novel Mammother These two were made for one another Beautiful, haunting, viscerally affecting, with brilliant layers of commentary on society s exploitation, scrutiny, and consumption of women s bodies and bodies in general If you re a fan of Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, you ll get into this. THE BOOK OF X is absolutely devastating A lyrical novel about a woman, Cassie, born with a protruding knot in her stomach, is surreal, gut wrenching, and deeply sad This knot strains her relationship with her mom, who also has it, friends at school, and romantic interests Many find it disgusting and grotesque, and all Cassie wants is to be rid of it Told in short snippets, and in dreams and vision, the story is full and takes you on quite the journey I loved all the absurd ideas like a man store or a jealousy removal center Etter cuts straight into the heart of what it means to be a woman who is full of want, and desire, and heartbreak The metaphors may come off as heavy handed to some, but it spoke directly to me and broke my heart All women have felt the way Cassie has, in different ways or at different times She is a tragic figure, which is perhaps the most heart breaking thing of all. As usual for me I don t consider what follows to be a review, so much as notes for later reference.Lately I ve been been dealing with physical, chronic pain and also thinking about what pain can be slippery, elusive, concrete, remembered, forgotten, a leader, a follower, much The Book of X gets at pain from countless and underrepresented angles Gets at is the best verb I can summon, because the range is too close to be a theme or a study It wasn t until I finished it that I realized even the novel s structure relies on the experiences of pain It might seem like I m describing a bummer of a reading experience, absolutely wasn t I m in a mode right now where it takes very little for me to become frustrated, lose my temper, much less set a book aside But I read it straight through Amongst other things, The Book of X is a unique opportunity for some shared experience that s otherwise very elusive And I really, really appreciated that.

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