Muslim Girls Rise

Muslim Girls Rise Little Leaders MeetsGood Night Stories For Rebel Girls In This Gorgeous Nonfiction Picture Book That Introduces Readers To Nineteen Powerhouse Muslim Women Who Rose Up And Made Their Voices Heard Long Ago, Muslim Women Rode Into Battle To Defend Their Dreams They Opened Doors To The World S Oldest Library They Ruled, Started Movements, And Spread Knowledge Today, Muslim Women Continue To Make History Once Upon A Time, They Were Children With Dreams, Just Like You Discover The True Stories Of Nineteen Unstoppable Muslim Women Of The Twenty First Century Who Have Risen Above Challenges, Doubts, And Sometimes Outright Hostility To Blaze Trails In A Wide Range Of Fields Whether It Was The Culinary Arts, Fashion, Sports, Government, Science, Entertainment, Education, Or Activism, These Women Never Took No For An Answer Or Allowed Themselves To Be Silenced Instead, They Worked To Rise Above And Not Only Achieve Their Dreams, But Become Influential Leaders Through Short, Information Rich Biographies And Vibrant Illustrations, Muslim Girls Rise Introduces Young Readers To The Diverse And Important Contributions Muslim Women Have Made, And Role Models They May Never Have Heard Of Before, But Whose Stories They Will Never Forget People may tell you that you can t do something because of the way you look, dress, or pray Your name may sound different Never forget that you are extraordinary You are powerful, brave, and clever Great things come from people like you Saira MirThis nonfiction picture book from Salaam Reads showcases nineteen contemporary Muslim women who are doing extraordinary things.These are the women who are featured Amanda Saab is a former cooking competition contestant as well as the founder of the Dinner with Your Muslim Neighbor initiative and her own bakery Amani Al Khatahtbeh is the founder of the MuslimGirl website Hana Tajima is a fashion designer she has worked with UNIQLO to make clothing for hijabi women Dalia Mogahed is a researcher and political advisor Hibah Rahmani is a flight control engineer at NASA Ibtihaj Muhammad is an Olympic fencer Ilhan Omar is a member of the US House of Representatives Ilyasah Shabazz is a writer and activist Linda Sarsour is an activist and was a leader of the 2017 Women s March on Washington Malala Yousafzai is the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize she fights for the education of girls worldwide Maria Toorpakai Wazir is a world champion in squash Maryam Mirzakhani was the first female mathematician to win the Fields Award the highest honor in mathematics Muzoon Almellehan is a Syrian refugee who spoke about the importance of education at the UN Negin Farsad is a comedian Nura Afia is a makeup artist and advocate for beauty equality Kamala Khan is a superhero While she is fictional, there are two amazing Muslim women behind her character G Willow Wilson is the author behind the comic book series, and Sana Amanat is the artist at Marvel Comics who teamed up with Wilson to create her Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is a filmmaker Shirin Ebadi has been a judge and a lawyer, and she was the first Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.Each spread includes an illustration of the featured woman at work, a quote from her, and her story The stories focus on how the women turned their childhood interests into a way to be their most authentic selves and change the world.The women who are included represent a range of interests and careers across the arts, sports, intellectual pursuits, and activism.Never take no for an answer If a door hasn t opened up for you, it s because you haven t kicked it hard enough Sharmeen Obaid ChinoyA copy of this book belongs in every classroom and library, and while this book is intended for children, I can see it being of interest to people of all ages.As always, links to where you can find the book are on the blog I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This gorgeous picture book introduces readers to nineteen truly inspirational and diverse Muslim women Hailing from countries all around the world, they have found their calling in a vast range of fields, from social justice to competitive sports to the entertainment industry, and What I love about the book is how well the author, Saira Mir, describes the somewhat complicated situations surrounding some of the women e.g Malala Yousafzai in a way that s easily digestible by kids And the bright, vivid illustrations by Aaliya Jaleel really do illuminate the subjects Kids from all walks of life will feel empowered to follow their dreams after reading this book Highly recommend. What does a NASA flight control engineer, a world chmapion squash player, a Marvel comic creator and a US Representative all have in common They are all Muslim women This book features the real life stories of modern day Muslim girls and women who are breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes and leading incredible lives Filled with familiar and new faces, this book will teach every reader something new and the biographies are short enough for young readers This book would make a great addition to any diverse picture book library. This inspirational collection of true stories will make any child or grownup believe in their power to create meaningful change The prose is clear and motivational The illustrations are bold and colorful Especially relevant in today s political climate, this book highlights unsung heroes making extraordinary contributions that connect us, rather than divide us. It portrays 19 modern Muslim women around the world, who made history by following their dreams and refused to give up The author, Saira Mir, captured these remarkable women s stories in her succinct summaries with deliberate attention to their childhood experiences, which shaped their worldviews and motivated them along the way Reading what they have accomplished and their favorite quotes is both inspiring and empowering I also love how this collection of brave women is perfectly paired with the colorful and child friendly illustrations The additional bibliography for further information on them completes the education This book celebrates women from every walk of life, who all started as a child with a dream and eventually found a way to make a difference in the world It s a must read A little backstory I lived in Dharan, Saudi Arabia for two years growing up, so I have strong feelings about the overwhelmingly negative way the religion of Islam and its people are portrayed in America today With that in mind, Saira Mir s inspirational and empowering book about modern day Muslim women heroes is a breath of fresh air In this book, kids meet Amanda Saab, an outstanding cook, who feeds her neighbors souls and bellies with her Dinner With Your Muslim Neighbor program.They meet Amani Al Khatahtbeh who started the website as a place of positivity for Muslim young women.They meet a fashion designer A congresswoman A flight controller Activists Athletes Comic book creators As Saira Mir reminds us, Muslim women make history every day By refusing to give up they achieved greatness This book would be motivational reading for any child. This book should be in every classroom library collection The art is vibrant and showcases all the important figures in their element in stunning detail Important figures include child and adult activists and community builders, a mathematician, athletes, artists, a Nobel Peace award winner, filmmakers, educators, and The thematic definition that opens the book on the first page is powerful A beautiful and inspiring quote heads each biography In just a paragraph for each figure, the author passionately and poetically communicates the accomplishments of each woman and celebrates the everlasting potential for each reader to accomplish their dreams and aspire to change the world The last poem is a prayer, a mantra, and a call to action Every girl and every child needs to read this book Truth is a powerful tool for exploding stereotypes By raising up the inspirational stories of Muslim women and girls, author Saira Mir presents an honest portrait of nineteen strong, creative, loving, and driven Muslim women MUSLIM GIRLS RISE offers a relatable and complete narrative that will dispel the often false views people can associate with a woman in a hijab Mir allows her readers to meet nineteen Muslim women and in sharing their hopes, dreams and achievements she allows all readers to see themselves in the women she presents and gain a fuller understanding of who a Muslim girl is and who she can be They love cooking and sports, learning and science, fashion and make up, politics and laughter, films and comics They are empowering, motivational and diverse I defied labels and showed the world that being Muslim was also being American Ibtihaj MuhammadThe illustrations are beautiful, realistic and vibrant. My daughter loves the REBEL GIRLS series, so I m thrilled to have another book about strong girls and women to share with her MUSLIM GIRLS RISE is a book that bravely stands up and offers a counter message to the current political climate of anti Muslim sentiment and backlash against immigrants With colorful illustrations and captivating personal stories, MUSLIM GIRLS RISE shows us the important and varied contributions of Muslim girls and women to our country and across the world The quotes from each of the women featured provide readers with inspiration and courage to pursue their own dreams As Dalia Mogahed tells us, facts can replace fear, and this book strives to do just that It also encourages all of us to sit down and talk to each other, and maybe even share a meal, just as Amanda Saab does. My 10 year old is a huge fan of the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls series, so this book will be very appealing to her What I love about it is that it includes not only girls and women who are known names like Malala Yousafzai and Ilhan Omar but also those who are making an impact on a smaller scale that a child reader could relate to and aspire to Whether in sports, fashion, science, or activism, there are motivational stories here that will appeal to many readers interests, and will empower them as they make decisions in their own lives.The straightforward text by Saira Mir and equally modern, fresh illustrations by Aaliya Jaleel make this book fresh and approachable for readers 7 12, but could well be read aloud to younger children, too.

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