The Bridge Kingdom

The Bridge KingdomWhat If You Fell In Love With The One Person You D Sworn To Destroy Lara Has Only One Thought For Her Husband On Their Wedding Day I Will Bring Your Kingdom To Its Knees A Princess Trained From Childhood To Be A Lethal Spy, Lara Knows That The Bridge Kingdom Represents Both Legendary Evil And Legendary Promise The Only Route Through A Storm Ravaged World, The Bridge Kingdom Controls All Trade And Travel Between Lands, Allowing Its Ruler To Enrich Himself And Deprive His Enemies, Including Lara S Homeland So When She Is Sent As A Bride Under The Guise Of Fulfilling A Treaty Of Peace, Lara Is Prepared To Do Whatever It Takes To Fracture The Defenses Of The Impenetrable Bridge Kingdom But As She Infiltrates Her New Home A Lush Paradise Surrounded By Tempest Seas And Comes To Know Her New Husband, Aren, Lara Begins To Question Where The True Evil Resides Around Her, She Sees A Kingdom Fighting For Survival, And In Aren, A Man Fiercely Protective Of His People As Her Mission Drives Her To Deeper Understanding Of The Fight To Possess The Bridge, Lara Finds The Simmering Attraction Between Her And Aren Impossible To Ignore Her Goal Nearly Within Reach, Lara Will Have To Decide Her Own Fate Will She Be The Destroyer Of A King Or The Savior Of Her People This book was so much fun to write pure entertainment with its action, intrigue, and steamy romance And I hope you all feel the same way when you read it For those of you who have asked about the print ebook release The Bridge Kingdom will be released in both those formats August 13, 2019.For those of you looking for spelling of character names and places, I have a guide posted on my website Profanity, explicit sexual content, alcohol consumption, and violence.Please shelve as New Adult Fantasy, Adult Fantasy, or Romantic Fantasy Oh no no no no no It CANNOT end like that I m actually crying I m heartbroken How am I supposed to wait an entire year Bloody cliffhangers,ugh And to think I almost didn t even pick this up That d have been a shame This was PHENOMENAL and my favourite Danielle L Jensen book to date Hate to love romance Check Plotting and scheming Check Princess turned spy and assassin Check Honourable and broody love interest Check Political intrigue Check Bloody and deadly battles Check Exciting islands with vicious snakes Check Poisoning and murdering galore Check This is basically everything you could ever want in a high fantasy novel PSA This is NA, NOT YA This is explicit, both in terms of profanity and sexual content RTC I LOVED this book Heart pounding romance and intense action wrapped in a spellbinding world I was hooked from the first page So excited it s now available in paperback, hardcover, AND audiobook formats I m glad I found this new author to me The first chapter of The Bridge Kingdom had me grinning I knew deep down it was a little sick that I was grinning because there were murder and mayhem all around But, I saw heard beyond what I was supposed to see hear With my fingers crossed, and my heart pounding, I hoped that this evil creature could be a chameleon.Happy dances I found an epic tale Our heroine is portrayed as an intense, greedy and self serving woman whose ambition leads her on a path of destruction Now, most people would look at Lara and be horrified, me, I was rubbing my hands in glee I m all for a hero who jumps in to save his woman from the clutches of evil, but I also love a woman who can hold her own Lara is strong, intelligent, sneaky and manipulative As time goes on and we get to know Lara better, we see that she s also a fierce protector of the underdog I loved that Lara was tough but she also had vulnerabilities Thank goodness she wasn t perfect.Now Aren, I found him harder to connect with Ok, I ll give him credit for having all the attributes of a good hero Good looking, strong, bossy and arrogant, with a lot of sexy to get the heart pumping He s not a bad person, it s just that I m not sure he s the right man for the job of King Sure, I get Aren wants peace to save his people, but I found him a little weak and easily manipulated It seemed like Lara s pretty face was what he came to love, not Lara as a person I think we haven t seen Aren in the best light YET There s a good chance by the time we meet again, he will be a completely different man.I m not going to go too much into the storyline because I think the blurb does a decent job to give you an idea of what the story is about I really enjoyed how this story made me feel It was intense in a way that made me slow the speed down and make sure that all the information was absorbed The narrators are easy to listen to and the emotions came through making it even exciting Each chapter starts with the sounds of a storm, and I LOVED the intensity and excitement of the thunder and howling winds It was a well edited, directed and produced performance and it definitely made my Top 10 Audios list.I found it hard to press pause or stop and I m pretty sure I was scowling each time someone interrupted my listening time To be honest, I even started to draw out the experience I could see the end coming and I didn t want it to arrive Who knows how long it will be until 2 comes out but I will be waiting patiently NOT Seriously, that ending BLEW MY MIND This is an Audible Exclusive and Danielle L Jensen hints that the ebook will be released in 2019 If you re an audio fan who enjoys narrators that bring the story to life, I highly recommend The Bridge Kingdom. WOW THAT WAS UTTERLY INCREDIBLEI m calling it, this book may be one of the best and most refreshing things I ve read in all year To say that I loved it would be an understatement, since I just finished it and already want to read it all over again new favorite alert I ll try to write a review as soon as possible, but know that you re totally missing out if you don t pick up this one 5 5 Holy cow What a ride this story was This book as of now is only available as an audio book I have never ever experienced an audio book like this one Never I was terrified to finish it Seriously I was terrified I knew what what going to happen It was obvious from almost the beginning what was going to happen And I did not want to hear it Not at all I got about 90% finished, and I had to turn off my audible app on my phone because I was making myself sick with worry And then I would just sit there, staring at my phone, desperate to know what was getting ready to happen even though I already knew I was a complete mess I managed to put it down so that I could sleep only to sit up half the night worrying about what was going to happen next Well, I finally put myself out of my misery this morning and finished it My poor, poor heart Rip it out Shred it up Stomp on it It was sooooo emotionally wrenching to read the ending of this story This is a love story, and although I love love and any story where two people find their perfect matches, this story was so much than the romance This was a story of intrigue and danger that kept me on the edge of my seat half the time Lara has been taught her entire life to hate the kingdom which controlled the main bridge which allowed easy trade between kingdoms She believed this kingdom to be the source of all the ills that her kingdom s people faced, and her father raised her and her sisters up to infiltrate this kingdom to destroy it from within It was obvious almost from the beginning that Lara was completely wrong But getting over a lifetime of lies fed to her by her father is pretty hard Lara could not allow her mind to believe what her eyes and her gut was telling her It was soooooo frustrating to read her unwillingness to believe the good she saw in Aren and his kingdom It really made me think of people who have grown up with prejudices taught them from birth and refuse to see the good in people because of those prejudices, even when all signs prove that their prejudices are totally wrong It was strange in the beginning of this book for me to be rooting for Aren and his kingdom and actively rooting for Lara to fail She s the heroine of the story, but I really didn t like her all that much She was so, so blind to everything around her It was only my faith that she had been terribly manipulated by her awful father that made me keep hoping that my opinion would change But she could be oh so awful to Aren, and it was irritating to wait for her to open her eyes.But then Lara sees that she has been lied to her entire life and decides to join in with Aren s kingdom Except well, sometimes you put events into play that you are unable to stop until it is too late And Lara makes a GIGANTIC mistake in this story that does not end well Poor Lara Poor Aren I REALLY wished that both of them, and especially Lara, could have been open and honest throughout this whole novel It could have saved at least a few struggles.Lara really was an awesome heroine for this story, and I have a feeling the next book in this story will really showcase exactly how strong she is So much of this story was spent with her playing angles and manipulating situations, but now she is free to be her whole self, and I can t wait Aren was kind of vanilla as a hero for the story He existed mainly as a proof that he and his people were generally peace loving and good people But I think that the events of the end of this book are going to drive his character into deeper territory, and I am excited to see where this journey takes the character of Aren.Reading this book was a rough journey, but I have hope That final scene when Lara FINALLY lets down her guard and shows Aren s people exactly what her years of training have taught her to do AWESOME The only bad thing is that now I have to wait for the next and final book of this series to be published When will it happen I have no idea But I hope it is soon I really want this couple and these kingdoms to find a happily ever after Five stars for this great book It was amazing This story wasn t bad, justmediocre The setting was the most unique part by far and if there s anything worth the time spent reading listening to this book, this is it The rest the premise, the love story, the plot, they were all quite predictable and cliche I honestly don t know if I ll continue the series, but I guess we ll see once the second book comes out. THIS IS ME AFTER I FINISHED THE BRIDGE KINGDOM What a brilliantly told story of war and kickass women I need the sequel NOW A princess trained to be a lethal spy is sent to marry the king of an enemy realm But complications arise when she finds herself falling for the man she was raised to destroy. ugh, yes this is one of my favourite tropes and i will never tire of it besides, october 2018 ain t that far away either

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  • 17 January 2017
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