RiverCaldecott Honor Winner Elisha Cooper Invites Readers To Grab Their Oars And Board A Canoe Down A River Exploration Filled With Adventure And BeautyA Breathtaking Adventure As A Traveler And Her Canoe Begin Their Trek Down The Hudson River In A Mountain Lake, The Canoe Gently Enters The Water S Edge, Paddling Toward The River The Nautical Journey Begins She Is Alone, Far From Home Three Hundred Miles Stretch In Front Of HerA Faraway Destination, A Wild Plan And The Question Can She Do This In Cooper S Flowing Prose And Stunning Watercolor Scenes, Readers Can Follow Along The Trek As The Woman And Her Canoe Explore The Wildlife, Flora And Fauna, And Urban Landscape At The River S Edge Through Perilous Weather And River Rushes, The Canoe And Her Captain Survive And Maneuver Their Way Down The River Back Home River Is An Outstanding Introduction To Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of A Young Explorer And A Great Picture Book For The STEAM CurriculumMaps And Information About The Hudson River And Famous Landmarks Are Included In The Back Of The Book A strong Caldecott contender I think This river journey encouraged a million questions and I myself was so enthralled that I kept reading long after my kid fell asleep it s pretty long, especially if you take time explaining rapids, dams and everything else.Reminded me of Hello Lighthouse. Beginning at Henderson Lake, in northern New York State s massive Adirondack Park, this lovely new picture book from author illustrator Elisha Cooper follows a lone canoeist as she paddles down the mighty Hudson River, traversing the 315 miles to New York City Along the way she encounters many wonderful creatures, from a moose to a bald eagle, passes towns and cities of various sizes, and must get past rapids, dams and waterfalls Sketching all the way, the canoeist is alive to the wonder around her, and excited by the adventure But once she reaches the city and meets up with the friend who crafted her canoe, she heads for the Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey, and for her home and familyAlthough not quite as informative in nature, River reminded me strongly of Holling Clancy Holling s classic Paddle to the Sea , which follows a carved wooden boat on its voyage through the Great Lakes and eventually to the ocean I appreciated this picture book glimpse of the beauty, majesty and great length of the Hudson, which begins so far away in the wilderness, and ends its own journey at one of the world s largest and most developed cities The text here is engaging, describing the canoeist s struggles, and the wonders she sees, while the artwork is lovely Cooper never really focuses in on his human protagonist, keeping her small and indistinct, which I think works for his project, keeping the river at the center of the story Having recently won a Caldecott Honor for his Big Cat, Little Cat , I would not be at all surprised if Cooper was honored again for this one, which I think has a chance at the medal itself Recommended to fans of Cooper s art, and for anyone looking for picture books about rivers in general, the Hudson in particular, or humans going on marvelous adventures. A journey in a canoe down the Hudson River from Lake Tear in the Clouds to the mouth at the Atlantic Charming pictures and a lovely story Recommended by a woman who lives and works on the banks of this incredible river Lucky me. Have you ever imagined traveling alone on the Hudson River on a canoe with an adventure awaiting you A trek through the Hudson River by a single person on a canoe isn t an easy task The story has a lady traveling on a canoe from one end of the river to another The illustrations beautifully depict her adventure and dangers that she finds as she travels The details are very detailed making you feel like you re the traveler What was lacking about the book was that it didn t tell you all the towns she was traveling as you read Being able to know the exact locations, will have readers wanting to go to that exact spot to see the beautiful landmarks At the end of the book they have notes that tell you about areas and the history of the Hudson river The book also includes a map with all the stops that were in the trek I believe the story is long and children might have a hard time keeping interest Someone who loves the great outdoors would love this book and might decide to take an adventure through the Hudson River This is a great book for any age group. I wasn t sure how my kindergartner would react to this book, with its advanced vocabulary and beautiful, but sometimes sparse watercolor illustrations, but we both hunkered down to adventure with this canoe er on her 300 mile journey We loved the eager otters and held our breathe when squalls and tugboats threatened her journey It was a beautiful book and while many are noting it as a 2020 Caldecott contender, I m not sure it will have the best luck due to its content and the strength of the other picture books this year No matter, we enjoyed this book quite a bit. One woman canoes the length of the Hudson River Gorgeous illustrations. There are not enough stars for me to award this beautiful book The breathtaking images of water, landscape, and wildlife are wrapped in a palette I want to live in The reader is completely drawn into the solo canoer s journey, admiring her strength and persistence, curious about each new challenge and experience Cooper s language is as descriptive and emotive as his paintings, and I was moved to tears at the finale of this adventurous woman s journey Do not skip the author s note and take time to study the end paper maps I happily lost a good 30 40 minutes immersed in this book and cannot wait to share it with students FG copy reviewed. Although this picture book might not appeal to every reader with its slow pace, I was impressed with the text and the illustrations, created in soft watercolors and with incredible details There are certainly many youngsters and adults who will read it and dream of doing just what the protagonist does, especially since the author keeps her nameless and doesn t reveal her purpose for the journey other than perhaps to test herself and get immersed in nature The paintings on some pages are surrounded by ample white space while on others, including some double page spreads, they fill the pages with blues, greens, and grays as a woman sets off on a 20 day journey down the Hudson River to her home near the Sandy Hook Lighthouse and the mouth of the Hudson, which spills into the Atlantic Ocean She is well prepared for the journey with a tent, food, and a sketchpad Along the way, she encounters a moose, a bear cub, rapids, a waterfall, a dam, and treacherous weather The scenes that depict her journey are stunning as is the one in which she heads into the city with its enormous buildings on either side of the river, but the perspective is from a gull swooping above her and her tiny canoe, almost a speck on the water Once she returns home, she shares her adventures with her family as seen in the last image The author has included a note about the research he completed in preparation for writing and drawing this book Back matter also includes information about the Hudson River and additional reading Although I d never have the courage or stamina to attempt such a journey, I felt inspired after reading this book It s important to test our limits and to get away from cluttered, noisy lives at times I also couldn t help but remark on how she occasionally faced unexpected challenges and sometimes found help along the way Still, this is one resilient and determined woman who found solace in being alone, floating down the river, and not speaking for days at a time. I m not sure I ve reviewed a book here before, but oh my, I had to say something about this one I work for Scholastic and got an FG version after finding out about it through one of our sales reps I m in finance, and not high in finance, I don t always hear about books before they come out Of all the books we ve published in my 18 years at the company, I think this one may give me the most personal delight I m an enthusiastic kayaker, and have spent countless hours on the Hudson and New York Harbor in 2014, I was able to fulfill a long cherished pipe dream of doing a solo paddle from Waterford to Brooklyn It was wonderful, one of the best things I ve ever done for myself, and the memories are precious when I imagine myself in my last days someday hopefully far from now , I imagine myself contentedly sorting through rich memories of the beautiful places I ve been in my life That trip will be among them This book absolutely captures the spirit of the Hudson River and New York Harbor I just get goosebumps every time I read it, and it stirs up all those memories beautifully I think it would give young people some great paddling dreams and guess what, it makes me want to go do it again, too. A woman sets out alone on a canoe voyage Can she do it This gorgeous book chronicles the trip, the challenges, the pleasures, the sights and the strength required The reassuring answer, she knows what she is doing, flows through the story like the majestic Hudson River itself.Both the text and the beautiful watercolor illustrations are wonderfully done, engaging readers in both the small details of the journey and the larger experience of the overall experience While the book is oversized, I think it works best as a lap book.A map of the journey is included as endpapers and an Author s note, information on the Hudson River and a Source Reading list make up the back matter This book is truly special.

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