Nothing Ventured

Nothing Ventured Nothing Ventured Heralds The Start Of A Brand New Series In The Style Of Jeffrey Archer S New York Times Bestselling Clifton Chronicles Introducing Detective William Warwick But This Is Not A Detective Story, This Is A Story About The Making Of A DetectiveWilliam Warwick Has Always Wanted To Be A Detective, And Decides, Much To His Father S Dismay, That Rather Than Become A Lawyer Like His Father, Sir Julian Warwick QC, And His Sister Grace, He Will Join London S Metropolitan Police ForceAfter Graduating From University, William Begins A Career That Will Define His Life From His Early Months On The Beat Under The Watchful Eye Of His First Mentor, Constable Fred Yates, To His First High Stakes Case As A Fledgling Detective In Scotland Yard S Arts And Antiquities Squad Investigating The Theft Of A Priceless Rembrandt Painting From The Fitzmolean Museum, He Meets Beth Rainsford, A Research Assistant At The Gallery Who He Falls Hopelessly In Love With, Even As Beth Guards A Secret Of Her Own That She S Terrified Will Come To LightWhile William Follows The Trail Of The Missing Masterpiece, He Comes Up Against Suave Art Collector Miles Faulkner And His Brilliant Lawyer, Booth Watson QC, Who Are Willing To Bend The Law To Breaking Point To Stay One Step Ahead Of William Meanwhile, Miles Faulkner S Wife, Christina, Befriends William, But Whose Side Is She Really On This New Series Introduces William Warwick, A Family Man And A Detective Who Will Battle Throughout His Career Against A Powerful Criminal Nemesis Through Twists, Triumph And Tragedy, This Series Will Show That William Warwick Is Destined To Become One Of Jeffrey Archer S Most Enduring Legacies First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Jeffrey Archer, and St Martin s Press for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.Having loved Jeffrey Archer s Clifton Chronicles, I was pleased to see this new series that will have my fellow fans just as excited Those who remember Harry Clifton and his prodigious career as a writer will remember the William Warwick novels that were the author s bread and butter Archer has decided to shed some light on these, writing a series of novels about the man who climbed the ranks of the police service In this series debut, William has decided not to follow in his father s footsteps and refuses to read law Instead, he chooses the path of art history before enrolling in the police academy After passing his entrance exams, Warwick is sent to the beat, where he garners some much needed experience under the tutelage of a seasoned copper When given the chance to write the detective s exam, he soars through the experience and is soon assigned to Art and Antiquities, using his attention to detail and past academic experiences Warwick has much to learn, but is also tossed out to juggle a number of cases, all of which take him in different directions and has him meeting book forgers, currency schemers, and even traffickers in stolen artwork While not entirely won over by his son s choices, Sir Julian Warwick QC can see the benefits to Warwick s choices and works with him on a side project It would seem the woman who has caught young DC William Warwick s eye has a secret she has tried to keep her herself However, as Warwick grows fonder of Beth Rainsford, he cannot fight the urge to unravel yet another mystery A brilliant launching pad to what I hope will be a sensational series, Archer does not disappoint readers with this piece Highly recommended to those who love Lord Archer s writing style, as well as readers who like a light and fast paced police procedural series with artistic flavourings.In my long reading career, I can say that I have long loved every opportunity that I have had to curl up with a Jeffrey Archer novel His ability to keep the story simple and yet enthralling is second to none, while also developing strong characters and a plot that keeps the reader wanting As I mentioned above, this is an interesting project, one in which Archer almost assumes the role of Harry Clifton in crafting these stories that appeared throughout the Clifton Chronicles William Warwick serves as a wonderful protagonist whose early rise as an officer of the law is documented here From his passion for police work on the beat through to his intuition and ability to find clues where others fail, Warwick is both in tune with his surroundings and a character worthy of the reader s attention The novel portrays both his personal and professional sides, injecting the needed passion in each to develop a well rounded individual who enriches the larger story There are many threads left dangling, which Archer will hopefully tie off or add to in the subsequent novels of the series Others enrich the story and the plot lines, complementing Warwick where possible, but also developing sub plots that could emerge in future novels The story was strong and introduced the reader to this most formidable character While some may worry that there is a need to know the Clifton Chronicles to read this piece, the Warwick novels are independent of the previous series, though I am sure devout fans of Clifton will see tie ins when Harry mentioned the novels throughout his time as a protagonist in Archer s earlier work A mix of short and longer chapters, as well as Archer s use of themes from past novels art, policing, court proceedings allow this series debut to be one that is sure to garner much discussion and anticipation between novels I, for one, cannot wait to see how William Warwick will rise through the ranks to the pinnacle of his career.Kudos, Lord Archer, for this great start As you mentioned in the author s note, I can only hope you will survive the entire journey as you dazzle your countless fans.Love hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge This is my first time reading anything written by Jeffrey Archer I have no idea why I haven t picked up one of his books earlier didn t know what I was missing First of all I really, really enjoy British detective novels and this fits the bill to a tee This is the first in the William Warwick series William has wanted to be a detective since the age of eight so he chooses to pursue that path against his father s wishes his father is an attorney and wants William to follow in his footsteps William has good instincts and has put in his time learning the trade when he gets tapped for the Arts and Antiquities department in Scotland Yard It was fun following William through his first cases and seeing both his successes and his failures William gets wrapped up in a doozy of a case and I enjoyed following the leads with him I look forward to reading the next book in this series when it becomes available Thanks to Jeffrey Archer and St Martin s Press for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. Fans of Jeffrey Archer rejoice We have a new series to savor The first book in this new saga was simply wonderful We meet William Warwick who we actually first met as a fictional character in The Clifton Chronicles, son of Sir Julian Warwick QC as he chooses law enforcement as his career and quickly rises to Scotland Yard in its Arts and Antiquities squad We already know he is bound for great things His first major case is solving the theft of a Rembrandt from the Fitzmolean Museum, where he meets his love interest Beth, who has some secrets of her own Wonderful storytelling and character development Very entertaining read Can t wait for the next installment Many thanks to NetGalley, St Martin s Press and the wonderful Lord Jeffrey Archer for an advance copy On a personal note, Archer was my late mother s favorite author and through her, I discovered his books Sadly she never got to read the final installments of The Clifton Chronicles which she loved so much Now every time I finish one his latest books, I feel I am reading it for the both of us Thanks Mom, you taught me well I received an advanced proof of Nothing Ventured from Pan Macmillan Australia to review.One of the biggest names in modern fiction, Jeffrey Archer, returns with Nothing Ventured, an intriguing piece of historical crime fiction that starts up his brand new William Warwick series.William Warwick, son of a respected London defence attorney, has always dreamed of becoming a detective in the London Metropolitan Police Force Despite the opposition of his father, William enrols as a trainee police officer at the start of the 1980s after finishing university Armed with determination, sharp observation skills, an education in fine art and a can do spirit, William is unaware of the adventures in store for him.After quickly making the rank of detective constable, William is assigned to Scotland Yard s Arts and Antiquities squad While also investigating of a series of different art crimes and frauds across London, the squad is mainly concerned with capturing Miles Faulkner, a criminal mastermind responsible for the thefts and forgeries of some of the most expensive art in England All previous attempts to capture Faulkner have failed miserably, as the criminal is always two steps ahead of the police.As William becomes and involved in investigating the various crimes Faulkner is organising, he makes a crucial breakthrough when he befriends Faulkner s wife, Christina Christina is willing to return a valuable stolen Rembrandt from Faulkner s personal collection in return for help from the police Can Christina be trusted, or will Faulkner once again evade justice and continue his dastardly schemes In addition, what happens when William falls head over heels in love with Beth, a research assistant at the museum the Rembrandt was stolen from, whose family secrets may drive a terrible wedge between her and William View the full review at other exciting reviews and content, check out my blog at I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this It s a nice, easy read that was quite pleasant Set in 1979, William Warwick is the son of a famed barrister His father wants him to follow in his footsteps but William wants to be a police detective He gets his degree in Art History, does some traveling and then joins the police force in London After two years of patrol duty, he takes the detective exam and passes at number 1 He is assigned to the Art and Antiques Division where his first case is investigating a missing Rembrandt He has other small cases including books with forged author signatures He meets a girl who works at the museum with the missing Rembrandt and discovers her father is in prison for murder He gets his father to investigate along with his sister, Grace, also a lawyer These two case investigations take up most of the book and they are both interesting in their own way I really enjoyed reading about famous paintings and the market for signed books I liked the characters in this book This is the first book in a new series and I am looking forward to reading I think it will be a fun series The ending actually made me laugh which is a good way to end a book Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review. Jeffrey Archer is a favourite among many of my library patrons and I ve enjoyed the first book from his popular Clifton Chronicles series Now, Archer is back with a new series which stars Detective William Warwick, one of London s Metropolitan Police Force s newest officers.Nothing Ventured focuses on two art themed schemes and readers are given a brief background on Warwick s family life Art fans will enjoy the mentions of famous art pieces artists and the ensuing art fraud but those topics didn t quite hold my interest and I felt the tension was lacking just a bit There is a romantic aspect but their connection happens quite quickly leaving readers to be told about their relationship but not actually witnessing it The author s blurb states that this book is not a detective story, but a story about a detective but I came away feeling that I didn t get to know Warwick as well as I would have hoped The good news is, this is a series so I figure readers will get to know Warwick better as the series progresses.While I m not overly enthusiastic with this first book in the series, this was a good read and I appreciate that Warwick is a smart and eager good guy He s a breath of fresh air and I m hopeful that we ll get to know Warwick and his family who added wit better in future books.Disclaimer My sincere thanks to St Martin s Press for my complimentary digital copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review. Excellent first installment in a new series by Jeffrey Archer Great characters I look forward to following for a few years.William Warrick has always wanted to be a member of Scotland Yard When his knowledge of art comes to light he is assigned to the Art Antiquity department of Scotland Yard where he meets and becomes engaged to Beth Rainford who works at an art gallery William s father and sister, both lawyers barristers team up to have Beth s father s conviction overturned when they prove false police work led the jury to declare him guilty sending an innocent man to prison.William s investigation into a stolen painting has him doggedly following Faulkner even when doing so causes him to compromise his principles. The plot twists and turns along with character development was steady and intriguing I will definitely be purchasing this series Hopefully it won t be as long as the Clifton Chronicles though each of those seven books were fantastic. Nothing Ventured by Jeffery ArcherIf you re a fan of Jeffery Archer, this story is for you Mr Archer has a winner here with travel, investigations, trials and intrigue The characters are fun, the story is very good, but the ending is so perfectly laid on the reader, that you have to laugh.This rather lighthearted tale, which is in present day England, unfolds as the protagonist William ends up working for Scotland Yard in their Arts and Antiques unit He is now Constable Warwick investigating an art theft There are many players, but it all boils down to two trials runningsimultaneously, with the author leap frogging from one trial to the other One concerns the art theft, but I ll not detail the second trial as it would be a major spoiler for the story It does, however, involve William as a bystander Five stars and a tip of the hat to Mr Archer for this delightful novel. notified today 8 9 that I have won a First Reads copy Book arrived today 8 15 so the reading can commence Had to wait to start while my husband read it first Jeffrey Archer, storyteller extraordinaire, has written the perfect antidote to combat the current blistering heat and soul sucking news coverage When the book becomes available in early September, grab a copy, a cool drink and find a comfy spot Once you enter the world of William Warwick you will want to continue reading until the tale is told William, not Bill, Warwick realizes his childhood dream of becoming a policeman, but only after gaining a degree in art history His father is a renowned barrister who had hopes William would follow him into the same profession just as his daughter Grace has done Despite William s defiance the family gets along well and eventually accepts his choice.Thanks to his uni degree and a chance encounter with detectives who think they have solved a seven year old art theft, William is fast tracked and becomes a member of the art fraud team He learns the ropes with the help of his new colleagues, finds love and manages to solve a few other art fraud crimes along the way The book is not a detective story, but a story about a detective as stated before chapter 1 begins It is a pleasure to read a story about a detective who is not damaged and full of angst Nor is he surrounded by problematic family, colleagues or friends Hopefully William and his career will continue successfully in subsequent books He is a character to be cheered on as he ascends the ranks in London s Metropolitan Police Force.Thanks to First Reads and St Martin s Press for my ARC as well as the nifty limited edition enamel pin which depicts William s badge The accompanying letter promises pins and books as he is promoted through the ranks Can t wait A delightfully naive young man becomes a police constable along the way, he learns about love, fraud, deceit, murder By the end he is still delightful, just less innocent I look forward to the next in the promised series.

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