Rage (Rogue Team International #1)

Rage (Rogue Team International #1) Rage Is The First Title In Jonathan Maberry S Brand New Joe Ledger Spin Off Series Of International Weird Science ThrillersA Small Island Off The Coast Of Japan Is Torn Apart By A Bioweapon That Drives Everyone Men, Women, And Children Insane With Murderous Rage The People Behind That Attack Want Korea United Or Destroyed No Middle Ground No Mercy And They Are Willing To Punish Any Country That Stands In The Way The United States, China, And Japan Could All Be Consumed By A Plague Of Pure Destructive SlaughterJoe Ledger Leads His Newly Formed Band Of International Troubleshooters In Their First Mission To Stop The Terror Cell, Fighting Alongside Agents From North And South Korea With The Lives Of Billions At Stake, Ledger Is Willing To Bring His Own Brand Of Terror To This Frightening New War Rage Is The First Of The New Adventures Of Joe Ledger And Rogue Team International My thanks to St Martin s Publishing, Netgalley and the amazeballs author Jonathan Maberry We are now Rogue Team International That s right Church, Ledger and the team s are now unofficially of course working internationally I love it To Heck with being under the thumb of one whacked out President Yeah, I m looking at you, Trump Now As always Joe and his team rock And as always I can never loosen up because I have learned that in this series many people die I love that, and I hate that The best thing about this book wasn t just the lovely and exotic locations. From Greece, the Korea s, Japan and Norway It has some returning favorite bad guy s Some of the scariest of the bunch Also, many good guys too Or should I say gals As always, the ending is freaking bleak Needless to say, I m looking forward to some revenge and a whole lot of payback in the next book. First, I ve got to say that I love me some Joseph Ledger How often do you laugh out loud while you are reading The internal and external dialogue is so often funny, sarcastic, bitingoften all at once The closure of the DMS brings our hero to RTI, the same animal in a different environment with different rules Luckily, we still have the same characters, good and bad This world can be quite complicated and characters come in and out of stories Sometimes years apart About a year back I reread all of Maberry s books in chronological order, including short stories I have an actual notebook because my first time through I often had to pull out a previous book to remember who someone was Now I just consult my little Game of Thrones notebook really and I can give you a quick sketch of every member of the DMS and every bad guys group to date It could take away from it but it doesn t It s fun to find yourself going, Ooh, I know who that is, I bet and then reading on to see if you were right or fooled.Here we have a lot of Joe Once a Ledger story starts, it goes full speed until the end Reading a digital ARC I don t have the physical feel of what s left, but reading this and looking air the percentage I knew there was to come I was right And I was pissed And I was sad I need the next book.Joe and RTI try to figure out who has released Rage, the name they give to something that is causing people to kill each other This is very similar to previous stories, which is pointed out by characters themselves It doesn t diminish it There are enough old characters to feel comfortable but enough new to be interesting There was not enough Top and Bunny for me and why can t we have Ghost There was just enough Junie for me Meaning little And maybe a little Toys I know Joe hates him but I love the character.I do think this would be OK for people who never read the original DMS series I do think, however, that it would lead them to want to go back and read it This one was quite a ride Like always, I preferred the character development and all of the nuances of everyone involved than I did the fight scenes, but both had their place and I get that.In short, thanks to Jonathon Maberry, the punisher, and Netgalley for this advanced copy Can t wait for the next one. This is a new series name but it really is another Joe Ledger book and we see favorite characters from the previous series along with some new faces I did initially find the storyline hard to follow as it jumps around between the past and present A LOT and trying to figure out when certain scenes were taking place vs other scenes was initially quite difficult for me However, as the story progressed and we learn and about each character it all came together to make another fascinating Joe Ledger adventure The action is pretty much non stop and as per past Ledger books it takes you on an adventure roller coaster as he and his team race to stop by the bad guys One of my favorite things about the Ledger books is his quips and sarcastic thoughts about whatever he is going through I did wish there was a little of characters like his dog Ghost and Violin but was happy to see Toys make a great cameo If you were a fan of the past Ledger books this is definitely another great read to add to the collection If you haven t read the previous Joe Ledger series, I highly suggest it For this week s edition of Waiting on Wednesday, I look at Rage by Jonathan Maberry, the first book in a new series that spins off from his epic Joe Ledger series.The Joe Ledger series has quickly become one of my absolute favourite series, after I was blown away by the 10th book in the series Deep Silence last year Since then, I have gone back and read several of the earlier Joe Ledger novels, including Patient Zero, The Dragon Factory and The King of Plagues I have only just recently finished reading the fourth book in the series, Assassin s Code, and I am hoping to review it as part of a Throwback Thursday article soon I am also currently a few hours deep into the audiobook of the fifth book in the series, Extinction Machine, and it looks like it is going to be another excellent read Each of these books has proven to be an outstanding read, and each of them gets an easy five out of five stars from me So, when I heard that Maberry was continuing the adventures of Joe Ledger in a new series, I knew that I would have to get it.The original Joe Ledger series followed the adventures of the titular protagonist Joe Ledger, a former soldier and cop who is recruited into the super secret Department of Military Sciences DMS The DMS, run by the enigmatic Mr Church who is a pretty awesome character in his own right , is an elite government agency that deals with a number of wild and dangerous threats cooked up by mad science, ranging from zombies to aliens However, by the end of the 10th book the DMS finds itself no longer capable of dealing with the irrational demands of a petty and paranoid President clearly Trump, but their name is never mentioned and disbands as an official government agency However, Mr Church immediately reforms the DMS as Rogue Team International, an independent organisation endorsed by the United Nations that will deal with threats on an international level without the debilitating oversight of a corrupt United States Government.The adventures of this new group is going to be covered in a new sequel series from Maberry, the Rogue Team International series, which will feature all the characters from the original Joe Ledger series The first book in this series, Rage, is set to be released in early November 2019 and already looks like it is going to be another outstanding read.I am excited for this new book, which looks set to once again feature an enjoyable storyline that is a fun combination of horror, science fiction and thriller elements This plot synopsis already sounds like this upcoming novel is going to have a pretty classic Joe Ledger plot line, and I am extremely keen to see how Maberry explores the first mission of this new organisation as they fight against the odds to save the day from a terrible new threat.I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that Maberry is going to follow a similar style and format to the previous books in the series As a result, readers can probably expect an intense adventure filled with multiple timelines, an elaborate plot, excellent antagonists, a ton of detailed and well written action, and the continued narration from one of modern fiction s most likeable and humorous protagonists I am curious to see what kind of plot the opponents in this book cook up in order to complete their objective The villain s rage virus bioweapon sounds similar to some of the previous plots from the first Joe Ledger series, and I will be interested to see if it ties into some existing antagonists or if they are dealing with a completely original antagonist.I am also really looking forward to seeing what role Rogue Team International plays in this world s political climate Presumably they are pretty major players if they are brought in to investigate this type of plot, but you have to imagine that the US government is not going to be happy about them getting involved Considering that Trump is still in power in the real world, it is likely that Maberry will continue to portray him as the President in his universe The author s very accurate portrayal of this President was a major highlight of Deep Silence, and I am really looking forward to seeing how this President would potentially deal with another major and unusual crisis, especially if it puts him up against Ledger and ChurchRage by Jonathan Maberry is very high on my reading radar at the moment, and it is potentially the book I am most eager to check out for the rest of the year I have been really loving this series lately and I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here I will probably check out Rage s audiobook format when it comes out it looks like Ray Porter is set to narrate again, yay , although if I can get an advanced hard copy, I might read that instead I am exceedingly excited for this book and I believe that this will be another five star read from one of the best thriller writers in the world today.For other exciting reviews and content, check out my blog at RAGE by Jonathan Maberry is the first book in a new series featuring Joe Ledger This time he is no longer with the Department of Military Sciences, but leading a team of independent troubleshooters, Havoc Team The new series is called Rogue Team International This action thriller military thriller can be read as a standalone novel, but the previous Joe Ledger series would give the reader of the back stories of the key players.Joe Ledger and Havoc Team start out by trying to rescue a new girl who has been kidnapped and is being held in Syria From there, this newly formed group on soon trying to stop a terror group that has released a bioweapon on a small island of the coast of Korea Does this terror group want Korea re unite or tear itself apart Can Havoc team stop the killing The story starts off with a scene that immediately pulls the reader in and never lets him or her off the rollercoaster of action and emotion The main character, Joe Ledger, is well developed, compelling and someone the reader can cheer for His motivation is believable and well drawn The secondary characters enhance the story and the relationships are believable.For an action military thriller, I loved the style that Maberry used While there is some discussion of weapons, it does not go into minute detail I believe this approach makes this of an action thriller that will appeal to a wider audience The fast paced story also takes the reader to many different locations ranging from Syria, Turkey, Greece, North Korea, South Korea, Norway, Arizona, California, Virginia, Sweden, and Maryland to Florida and .Overall, this novel is a fresh, entertaining, emotional ride Be aware that there is plenty of violence in this story, but there is also friendship, family, and brotherhood sisterhood relationships.This is the only book that I have read by this author but I am looking forward to the next book in the series as well as going back and reading the original Joe Ledger series I believe those readers that enjoy action thrillers and military thrillers will enjoy this book Many thanks to St Martin s Press St Martin s Griffin and Jonathan Maberry for a digital ARC of this novel via Net Galley and the opportunity to provide an honest review Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way. Rage follows Joe Ledger and the old DMS team now working independently They call themselves Rogue Team International and are no longer constrained by political red tape and politicians The newest threat they ve been called to investigate is in North Korea on a remote island But like all of Ledger s cases things quickly spiral out of control as various other places are hit The plot was action packed and quite intense The entire novel felt like a roller coaster as the reader was constantly kept on the edge The death toll was quite high as numerous civilians are killed This added a sadder element to the novel as the reader got to witness firsthand the true cost of terrorism and greed I won t be forgetting the scene with the little kid for a while The characters are great, as usual Although Junie only made a minor appearance in the novel I didn t really like her Junie knows exactly what Ledger has to face everyday so it seemed unnecessary for her to criticize him I also wish Ghost would have made a bigger appearance too as I loved him in the Joe Ledger series but I guess he is getting too old for everyday combat I hope Mun will become a part of RTI as I think she would be a kickass addition The main baddies were amazing, I like the blend of new and old Since the main villains know Ledger so well you know the will leave many bodies behind and terror on a global scale before they are caught and found All I can say about the ending is wow That was such an intense yet sad ending, great buildup for future novels though The desire for vengeance and justice means that Ledger will never stop until the baddies are caught Overall this was an amazing nvoel but one of my favorite authors I loved the Joe Ledger series and Rage is just as good I would suggest this series to all thriller fans Thank you to Netgalley and St Martin s Griffin for the ARC. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book I ve read all ten books in the previous Joe Ledger series, and to be honest, I m not totally sure why Maberry decided to start a new series with this one It felt very much like a continuation of the previous series, and I mean that in the best possible way This series picks up where Deep Silence left off, with many familiar characters Joe Ledger, of course, as well as Church, Junie, Top, Bunny and some new, super interesting characters There was for some reason a distinct lack of Ghost in this volume, but I m hopeful he ll play a bigger role in the series moving forward This one had a international twist, hence the name of the new series New bad guys and mysteries to solve, and of course, a craaaazy new terrorist plot complete with diabolical villains and bioweapons I love the world of Joe Ledger Lots of action, as always, but this volume also had a lot of introspection about how violence leaves a lasting mark Highly recommended for Joe Ledger fans, but also a great place for new readers to pick up Highly relevant yet escapist at the same time Loved it. Thanks to the publisher and Goodreads for the ARC of this book.This was a fantastic addition to the Joe Ledger story arc He s the same guy with the same team, just operating as an independent international group instead of one that was, tangentially at least, an American governmental organization.The core cast of characters remains the same I wish we would have seen Ghost and Toys and we saw very little Junie which was enough for me There are a few new characters that are very interesting and I hope they will come back in the next story.The bad guys in this one will take your breath away They are completely amoral and find plenty of new ways to torment and torture Joe and the rest of the world Some will be familiar to you if you have read previous Ledger books, and some are brand new.One thing to note The end of this book will absolutely take your breath away It sets up the potential for a huge revenge retribution storyline and I m really interested to see how that plays out. I read an advance reader copy of this book There were some spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors but not an overwhelming number of them and hopefully they will be caught and fixed before final publication This is a wonderful addition to the Joe Ledger world The fast paced action and the exploration of the darkness that can reside in humans made this an excellent read The science is, as usual for this series, unlikely but this does not detract from the story at all I found this to be a quick read, hard almost impossible to put down I loved seeing all the characters I had come to love in the series and even enjoyed seeing some characters that I absolutely despise return not because I liked them any than before but because they are such well drawn evil bast ds The ending was soul crushing and I really hate that I have to wait to see how Joe manages to deal with what happened. Thank you NetGalley for the chance to read an ARC of Rage.I first read about Joe Ledger in the Rot Ruin series which I loved So when I saw there was a new series featuring him I had to read it The first half of the book took me a little while to get into, primarily because it references all of the other Joe Ledger books, which I unfortunately did not read I m not quite sure why Maberry chose to make this a new series when it is clearly a continuation Many of the characters appear to have been introduced in those other books along with the situations they continue to find themselves in I highly recommend reading those first.Other than that, this book was really entertaining It features some strong women, terrifying villains and a ton of action scenes Underneath all of that there s even a pretty solid story line which I appreciated I m excited to see how this story continues in the next book.

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