Twist (Off Balance, #4)

Twist (Off Balance, #4) Rocked To Her Core, Adrianna Is Faced With An Incurable Illness She S Aware Of What She S Up Against And Is Willing To Risk What S Left Of Her For What She Loves With One Last Chance, And Despite Her Doctor S Orders, Adrianna Struggles Harder Than Ever To Achieve Her DreamTired And Torn, Kova Embraces His Flaws As He Watches Adrianna Reach Her Breaking Point Unable To Stand By As She Continues To Endanger Herself, He Surrenders To What He Wants Most, Even If It Means Losing Himself In The ProcessAs Adrianna Fights For Her Life, Kova Battles For Them Both No One Is Left Unscathed As They Succumb To Their Darkest Hunger Passions Reignite And Their Actions Grow Bolder, Creating An Endless Link Between Them Once Is A Mistake Twice Is Reckless Three Times Is A Choice But This Time They May Have Gone Too Far I m just going to rate this a 5 right now, because that s what it ll be UN patiently waiting 4 Ya lyubuyu tebaa navesgda Stars Be prepared to ugly cry More than once I can guarantee you that you ll be full out sobbing at one particular scene But know this, it is absolutely worth every single tear Twist is the most heartbreaking, emotionally stunningly beautiful love story I have ever read This book holds a dear place in my heart Kova his Malysh makes you believe in hope, love, and fighting for what is important I am blown away and have the biggest book hangover A heartbreaking, and angsty love story that was an absolute gem Our love and pain were entwined, curling around us whenever we breathed the same air We were stuck in a cycle A painful, endless cycle that had no light at the end of the tunnel In Twist we see a different side of Kova The man hiding behind a mask He will do whatever it takes to protect his MALYSH By any means necessary Ria is struggling to cope with her recent diagnosis The stress and competing is wearing on her and slowly her body is shutting down These flawed individuals are perfectly imperfect for one another Two sides of a coin, together they are stronger But obstacles are pushing them in a corner, and soon they must face the consequences of both their actions There is a huge cliffhanger One that made my heart bleed for Ria Kova Im shaking after reading the ending My eyes are puffy and I just want somebody to hold me cough cough I m talking to you Kova call me The Off Balance series is one of my favorites, this forbidden age gap romance turned my whole world on its axis I don t know what to do knowing there is only one book left in the series Two negatives make a positive And that s what we were Two flaws But when put together, we were amplified in the most dazzling, inconceivable way imaginable Follow me on Website Facebook Lucia Franco can write a sex scene That s why I m here It s basically book Porn Oh and gymnastics and things Gimme Hayden, and don t you dare try to keep the road you are on with demonizing his character I love Hayden Read of my reviews at Whoo Gives A Hoot The newest installment in Kova and Ria s epic journey SLAYED every inch of my soul and I am still trying to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart, even days after devouring all the words Lucia Franco s unique storytelling ability has wholeheartedly stolen my breath away and I can t stop thinking about all those drama filled twists and turns that totally had me turned upside down Just when I think things couldn t get any crazier, lets just sayMIND BLOWN I guess by now I should be able to anticipate these unexpected moments, but I am still surprised every FREAKING time Twist was a beautifully captivating story and the perfect addition to the Off Balance series My heart ached throughout Kova and Ria s journey These two have had to endure some painful moments and just when I think things are FINALLY looking up for them, something happens and their backs are up against the wall This incredible author managed to make me fall even deeper in love with these two and I didn t even think that was possible Kova is my ultimate book husband yep that s right, I am skipping right over book boyfriend mode because he s just so freaking dreamy I have been TEAMKOVA since the very beginning and now he has officially stolen every part of me This story was EVERYTHING and after that EPIC ending I can t wait to get my hands on Dismount, the final book in this UNBELIEVABLE series Kova and Ria deserve their happily ever after and let us PRAY that they get thatbecause I don t think my heart could handle it if they don t All I can say is that I hope the wait isn t TOO LONG because I don t know if I can take the suspense any longer OH MY DAMN HEART Wow Twist was everything I ever wanted and I have to admit that I was a bit scared once I read the dedication to the readers at the beginning of the book, I wasn t sure what would be happening Well let me back up a few steps here and say that this book has even amazing chemistry and steamy scenes between Kova and Ria My gosh are those two on absolute FIRE together Here I was thinking I couldn t love Kova any than I currently do, but Lucia Franco has proved me wrong and after reading Twist I ve fallen even harder for Kova TEAMKOVAFOREVER can we make that a thing I want a shirt saying that This book ends on one doozy of a cliffhanger that left my heart in a mess I m so anxious to find out what s going to be happening in the next book in this series November 20th i can t wait AAAAAAHH AND NOW WE FINALLY HAVE A COVER Bye i mma go hibernate till the 20th 5 Tell Me You Love Me Stars It s been hours since I ve read the very last line of Twist and I m still not okay That cliffhanger was so cruel and devastating I ve been thinking about this outstanding story all day long, obsessing over Ria and Kova This fourth installment in the Off Balance Series is the best yet in my opinion It s saying something as the previous books were already phenomenal Lucia Franco killed me and revived me time and time again during my read of this highly emotional and sexy taboo romance with the roller coaster of feels Adrianna is so determined to reach her dream of being an Olympian She has a lot of obstacles to surmount on a personal level to achieve her ultimate goal though She s careless with her decisions at times and certainly doesn t have it easy I felt she s kind of denial of her tough situation and pushes herself to the limit leading her to some breaking moments She made me cry and rage for her As much as I admire Adrianna and her tenacity, I feel that Kova is the highlight of this book His transformation from harsh coach to devoted lover is marvellous and swoon worthy The Kova haters can t deny his complete loyalty and powerful feelings for Ria now I ve been Team Kova since the very first book and it s than obvious now that there s no other man for Ria than the sexy Russian He s the complete package and he finally opens up like never before He s completely vulnerable for Adrianna, proving to her his profound affection I melted over his tender side and the sincerity of his feelings That doesn t mean that he s all soft Oh no He s still the same dirty talker with a possessive side , , I absolutely love the progression of Adrianna and Kova s forbidden romance throughout the series While at the beginning it was mostly based on a mutual physical pull, it s now clear that they re both into deep on an emotional level This novel shows this couple being so in sync with each other at moments that it s truly breathtaking The way they understand and pushes each other is so inspiring The story progresses between poignant moments of true despair and goes to powerful instants of purely decadent pleasure It s filled with so many highs and lows Kova and Ria are so passionate and so in love that nothing exists, sometimes making them than reckless They re taking so many risks and I was constantly expecting for them to be caught together Twist gave me an amalgam of extreme sensations I cried my eyes out over Adrianna s fate, but also felt the rush of pure passion from her stolen moments with Kova I also was left speechless over that sudden ending It nearly killed me I need Dismount ASAP Twist is sincerely a mesmerizing romance of intense feelings that is at the top of my favorite reads in 2019 ARC received in exchange for an honest review I literally can t even form the words to explain how much I loved this book Just when I think Lucia wont be able to top her last book, she comes back proving me wrong every single time I feel like I m one with these characters They ve woven themselves so deep inside of me that I m almost afraid for this series to end The emotion that was so clearly put into EVERY SINGLE PAGE in this book, was at times hard to get through Kova showed us a side to him that we don t always get to see His vulnerable side His caring side His weak side The love he conveys in TWIST is so heartbreakingly beautiful To say I loved this book is such an understatement This book being a forbidden one is what got me to read this series, but the realness of this story, and these two characters is what made me love it Kova and Adrianna are a force to be reckoned with The love they both have for each other seems to be a love that is unbreakable, regardless of what tries to come between it I don t think I ve ever read a passionate, hot blooded, authentic, story I know some people might be put off by the subject, but trust me this is a story you HAVE to read It s forbidden, it s heartbreaking, it s love I could deal with Kova s anger I could handle Kova s pain What I couldn t handle was his heartbroken silence I m convinced Lucia could write a children s book and it would be a favorite of mine Lucia has a gift She creates these stories that are so addicting, so real, and leaves you always wanting I hope she never EVER stops writing The world is meant to read her words 3 After the last book I decided to give up on this story but seeing as I ve got a free KU trial I thought I might as well read it.This story is dragging on and on There s really no need for 5 books There are pages and pages of gymnastic training it gets rather tedious.Adrianna is now 17 and has discovered she has Lupus and Stage 4 Kidney disease She needs dialysis urgently and a kidney transplant but instead decides to carry on training It wasn t pleasant reading how ill she felt during training.Kova s character changed in the last book and he s now quite a soppy character.They continue to have sex no matter how ill she feels It was predictable what would happen near the end and then we re left with another cliffhanger.I just feel the author has made a mistake dragging this out over five books It could very easily have been told over two books which I m sure was the original plan.I will probably read the final book now I ve come this far but tbh I m bored I imagine in the final book Kova gives her his kidney and they live HEA I was nervously excited to read this story, because as an obsessed fan of this series I know that Ria s lies cannot channeling Kova speak last forever and when Ria finally reveals her truth it will be devastating to not only herself but everyone she loves.In Twist, Ria is facing a reality she has used gymnastics, denial, and anger to hide from Ria may be sick, but this girl is a fighter and she will not give up on a dream she has sacrificed so much of her life to achieve She needs Coach Kova s strength, than ever, to make her dream come true, but that need will come at a devastating price.This story broke my heart because while I love the fighter spirit Ria has, I also hate to see her placed in such a vulnerable spot in her life As a character that is not always lovable, I hurt for the mental and physical pain Ria struggled to deal with alone While Ria worries about her deteriorating health, her connection to Kova is still unbreakable and hotter than ever These two are a self destruction waiting to happen, but they definitely scorch the pages with their heat Now I m just waiting patiently ok I m trying to for Dismount to be released Please don t make me cry too hard, Lucia