The Blacksmith Queen (The Scarred Earth Saga, #1)

The Blacksmith Queen (The Scarred Earth Saga, #1) When A Prophesy Brings War To The Land Of The Black Hills, Keeley Smythe Must Join Forces With A Clan Of Mountain Warriors Who Are Really Centaurs In A Thrilling New Fantasy Romance Series From New York Times Bestselling Author GA Aiken The Old King Is Dead With The Demise Of The Old King, There S A Prophesy That A Queen Will Ascend To The Throne Of The Black Hills Bad News For The King S Sons, Who Are Prepared To Defend Their Birthright Against All Comers But For Blacksmith Keeley Smythe, War Is Great For Business Until It Looks Like The Chosen Queen Will Be Beatrix, Her Younger Sister Now It S All Keeley Can Do To Protect Her Family From The Enraged Royals Luckily, Keeley Doesn T Have To Fight Alone Because Thundering To Her Aid Comes A Clan Of Kilt Wearing Mountain Warriors Called The Amichai Not The Most Socially Adept Group, But Soldiers Have Never Bothered Keeley, And Rough, Gruff Caid, Actually Seems To Respect Her A Good Thing Because The Fierce Warrior Will Be By Her Side For A Much Longer Ride Than Any Prophesy Ever Envisioned OMG OMG OMG OMG a new series by the queen of crazy shifters I m counting the days4.5 starsThe Blacksmith Queen is the FIRST book in a brand new series And I was elated when I realized that EVERYTHING I loved about the Dragon Kin series is incorporated into this new series.The awesome and rambunctious characters The over the top family dynamic that makes me crack up The action And the strong women that really are the center of it all Everything I love and adore about this author s books was there The guys that can t stop but fall in love with these women, including their crazy antics this book had it ALL and I was in heaven I m so damn happy that the author started this new series I have no idea what the next book is about, I hope it s still about Keely and Caid because their journey, at least Keely s, has barley started BUT I also can see so many future books about the other characters, especially the women.The cast was amazing, very similar to Dragon Kin which will delight the fans.There are still many secrets to uncover, and I mean not only plots but also backstories of many of the characters The author built an incredibly entertaining and promising cast around Keely, and the possibilities are endless.Even better, the world of the Scarred Earth Saga plays in the same world as Dragon Kin, and I m a bit excited about a possible cameo.I thought Keely and Annwyl had a wee bit in common, which delighted me even Like I said this book made me very happy.So, long story short, if you love fantasy, strong but also at times crazy heroines, witty dialogues, and lots of action, you ll enjoy this story for sure You ll get sucked into a fabulous and rambunctious fantasy tale with centaurs, dragons, dwarves and elves It s bloody and gory at times, but boy it s also entertaining from beginning to end.________________________________ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.For book recommendations, follow me on Instagram________________________________ ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI hate using the word disappointment for a book I don t know why but this was a disappointment One thing that matters a lot to me about a book is the dialogues The dialogues were just not good I mean honestly they kind of felt childish considering the MC is above 20 I m not even sure what her age is tbh I really wanted to like this but unfortunately I did not. Shelly Laurenston where have you been all my life You gave me a story I could REALLY sink my teeth into The Blacksmith Queen is full of non stop action mixed in with colorful characters, witty banter, obnoxious silly fun, hilarious hijinks, and plenty of OTT moments to leave me quite entertained I love when I try a new to me author and instantly become a fan This story had swords clashing, magical elements, centaurs, dwarves, elves, and a mighty hammer The women were fearless and the men WEREN T intimidated or acting like fools In fact, female independence was not only encouraged, it was NORMAL I even got to watch two of these wonderful characters fall in love amidst the constant battles, the infighting, the betrayals, the danger, and the quest for peace.If this is what I can expect from this author, I ve definitely been missing out If you love strong characters, an emotional and moving story, along with a fast paced, suspenseful and bloody plot as much as I do, you DO NOT want to pass on this book It s got it all and I m beyond excited to get my hands on the next installment Blog FB Twitter IG Tumblr Pinterest BookBub This was totally my jam What a fun book I just recently learned that G.A Aiken is another penname for Shelly Laurenston, so I was thrilled to dive into this book It had everything I know this author provides Her specialty in that quirky sense of humor she has, as well as an entertaining cast of characters and storyline.You are getting quite the variety of characters in this book Just in book one there were witches, Centaurs, Dwarves, dragons, elves, demon wolves and I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg in this series.The Blacksmith Queen is pretty brutal and bloody, what with a war for the Kingdom going on but I have to admit, a lot of that battling was humorous because of the way this author writes This is not a standalone series but doesn t end on a huge cliffhanger, of a stop to breathe moment I had a lot of fun reading book one and I can t wait for the rest of the series FELT LIKE A CARICATURE OF A FANTASY NOVEL AND A BAD ONE AT THATActual rating 1.5 I read a lot of fantasy It was the genre that first made me fall in love with reading So I might be a bit biased This book seemed to make a joke of the fantasy genre and that really bothered me I am all for trying something new and expanding the genres in innovative ways But this one just piled bad on top of bad.THE THINGS I DISLIKED Dialogue About 85% of this book was dialogue There were no passages that weren t dialogue driven First of all, that leads to a lot on confusion because actions, surroundings and settings aren t described properly Secondly, it just feels static and monotone World building Partly because of the dialogue driven plot, the universe of this book was so poorly explained and built that I hard a terrible time trying to get into it There is no background story, no explanation of anything, just a cluster of strange fantasy elements with no attachment to anything Might just be the worst world building I have ever encountered.Swearing Now, I am not against swearing I swear myself But the amount of swearing in this book was simply off putting to me And felt really unnecessary ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review FOLLOW MY BLOG FOR MORE BOOK GOODNESS Is that Cinder vibes I m getting 15 6 19Loving the premise of this A prophesy that a queen will ascend to the throne, fierce warriors that are really Centaurs, a badass female blacksmith protecting her family and an excerpt that makes me wanna read What else could I want Oh yeah, this book in my library,right this minute 3.5 Stars.I have read this authors dragon books and enjoyed them a lot so had high hopes for this new fantasy series and was pleasantly optimistic.This was set in the same fantasy world but also completely separate so no need to have read that series before.So this was told from multiple POV s and was set amid a civil war and power struggle by the son s for the human throne after the death of there father the previous king.This is, in my opinion, is not really a love story it s predominantly a fantasy with some romantic elements and it is very slow burn at that.This didn t really bother me but just thought I would put it out there so your aware.So this is all about a prophecy made by the witches of a future queen.Keely Smyth a blacksmith and the oldest of 12 is the older sister of this prophesied monarch and there is no way shes allowing her younger sibling to leave her family without her going along for added protection.I adored Keeley and her larger than life personality, she loves all creatures including her demon wolf friends, is honest and straightforward, a complete chatterbox with a heart of pure gold who will do anything for her family.Alongside members of her family, Keeley is also assisted by Amichai Centaurs who have come down from there home to protect the future Queen.Caid of the Scarred Earth Clan was such a lovable bad tempered grouch he also took a shine to Keeley along with members of his family these warrior Centaurs join her rag tag group as they help deal with all sorts of creatures and plenty of magical mayhem along the way.This had it all Centaurs, Witches, Elves, Dwarfs and dragons this really was a rich fantasy hotpot.This had great characters plenty of humour and really was an intriguing start.Be aware this also contains a lot of language and vivid violence throughout.This is the first book in the series and though this doesn t end on a cliffhanger the story hasn t yet reached a conclusion.So yeh I didn t rate this quite as highly as the dragon series I still enjoyed it I mean Centaurs hello how could I not I voluntary reviewed a copy The Blacksmith Queen The Scarred Earth Saga, 1.Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttps beckiebookworm The SitchThis tale begins when the old King dies, his family immediately splitting into different factions, killing each other and anyone unfortunate enough to be close to them in the quest to become the next ruler However, a prophecy foretells the rule of a new Queen A commoner Someone who s going to be facing some big, big, deadly problems.Anyhoodle, Keeley, our blacksmith heroine, is a caretaker by nature Her parents depend on her to help them on their farm, run the family forge a tradition that runs through her mother s side of the family for generations and to raise the family yes, all twelve siblings and counting She s all about her family and protecting them, bickering with some of them, but in the end, family is all to her Her journey centers this tale and what happens when that prophecy decrees that her sister Beatrix is to be the next Queen As you can imagine, there s a whole bunch of people and other creatures not happy with this and it becomes very clear when the killing starts While fighting, Keeley meets an envoy of Amichai, kilt wearing centaur shifters, including Caid, a warrior who s tasked with protecting the potential future Queen Keeley and the Amichai, along with her sister Beatrix, set out to meet with the Witches of Amhuinn, the ones responsible for the prophecy Along the way, alliances are tested, betrayals are inevitable, everyone s in danger, snarky banter abounds and a very little bit of romance happens.The GoodG.A Aiken, aka Shelly Laurenston, aka my favorite author, has certain hallmarks to her writing Her stories center around relationships, some romantic, some familial, all with a mix of biting humor and deep affection, even when those relationship insist on testing you I adore her action sequences, because she s great at setting the scene and she doesn t hold back with the violence when necessary Her heroines are typically strong, take charge, occasionally vicious, always smart, and best of all, willing to go ovaries to the wall to do what they have to do Her heroes have their own strengths, appreciate a heroine who s equal or greater and are not diminished in the least if they are occasionally the ones who need saving Both fight for themselves and for what they believe in, and there s usually some shifting involved, like lions, tigers, bears, dragons, or in this case, centaurs So, I appreciate the way her mind works, the way she structures her stories, and her humor is very much in line with mine Let me tell you, with the start of this new series, I wasn t disappointed.The verse that she s created here is set adjacent to her Dragon Kin series, but it is absolutely not necessary to read that series to enjoy this Her worldbuilding unfolds in an interesting way, bringing the reader into this story by beginning with a minor character s POV It gives a bird s eye view of the big players in this saga, and sets up the overarching storyline, if that makes sense blinks If not, let s roll with it I loved getting to know Keeley and her motley crew of kin, as well as the herd of Amichai Their interactions made me laugh, made me like them, made me invest in them, and by extension, in this story Plus, I just enjoy road trip romances, since the potential mix of adventure and romance in close quarters is so high Speaking of.The Bad ish and Everything in BetweenThis is all about personal preference I m a self professed romance junkie It s the thing that lures me in and keeps me hooked to a series The romance in this story is NOT the focal point, but incidental If you are looking for a strong romance element to the story, this may not be for you Personally, the story itself is intriguing enough to keep me interested, but the lack of romance is the only thing that I wish I had of Now, I loathe cliffhangers, it is no secret, but I do not mind an unfinished type of ending in a fantasy series, which is what this is I was happy with the way things end, because it s not a sharp cliffhanger that would make me throw my kindle It gave me a sense of resolution for this chapter of the story and left me wanting That s all I ask for.Yes, I loved this I really enjoyed the fantasy elements, the humor and the strong action in this story The dash of romance was nice, even if I wanted of it While I feel there is an ending of sorts, it is clearly only the beginning of this series and I can tell you now, I m all in for this bumpy ride If you like fantasy series, you may enjoy this I definitely did ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review For reviews, visit 4 1 2 fantastical stars The Blacksmith Queen delivers a new fantasy series, complete with a kick ass heroine and a full slate of supporting characters, including a love interest that is perfect for her, a crazy family and some freaky, demonic wolves.Keeley is an unlikely choice to be Queen but apparently she s destined for it Not only that, the people need her to be Queen since all of the royals preceding her have been evil and self centered and the current Queen is the worst yet To accomplish this, Keeley has to recruit an army and other supporters so she is launched on an adventure which leads to non stop action Along with the world building and introduction of characters, there was always something happening It was pure entertainment Seriously, what could you want This book is full of magic, mystery, betrayal, centaurs, dragons, dwarves, elves, witches and so much I enjoyed every mystical minute of it To make it even fun, there is some humor thrown in which alleviates the impact of the blood and gore of battle I can t wait to see what this series brings next I hope there is on tap for Queen Keeley and Caid as I love how their relationship has developed and it will be interesting to see how that works out with her trying to become Queen over the entire kingdom Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Publishing for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.