Beware the Darkness (Guardians Of Eternity, #14)

Beware the Darkness (Guardians Of Eternity, #14) The Enemy May Have Changed, But The Battle Between Good And Evil Burns Hotter Than Ever In This Scintillating New Installment In Alexandra Ivy S Guardians Of Eternity Series There Is Only One Thing Precious To Vampire Tarak Than His Newfound Freedom After Five Centuries Of Captivity, And That S The Promise Of Revenge At Last, He Can Destroy Riven, The Merman Who Has Drained His Power In Order To Make Himself King But At The Very Moment When Justice Is A Fang S Breadth Away, Tarak S Quest Is Complicated By The Beautiful Mermaid Princess Who Kept Him Sane And Fed During His Ordeal Waverly Hoped That Once Tarak Escaped, He D Return To His Own Kind And Enjoy The Rest Of His Immortal Life She Also Hoped She Might One Day Stop Dreaming About The Darkly Handsome Vampire Instead, Tarak S Return Draws Waverly Into An Unlikely Alliance And A Passion That Eclipses All Her Fantasies Hatred For Riven Has Sustained Tarak This Long But Only Waverly S Love Can Give Him The Strength To Claim Eternity With Her This author has penned an exciting, addictive paranormal series that is above all else fun Yes I know there are obstacles to overcome so that these Vampires can get their happy ever after but I just adore that no matter how long between books I m always pulled right back into this world Tarak escaped his imprisonment at the end of the last book Darkness Returns and this starts right after as he s loose and searching for a way to get his revenge.I had no idea what to expect going in but thoroughly enjoyed meeting new species If you wonder how this author can include Mermaids who can get one over on one as powerful as Tarak then prepare to have your expectations met and actually exceeded Tarak survived his long imprisonment only because Waverly was commanded by Riven, her King to feed him but he has no idea that they share a common hatred of Riven Tarak is tracking Inga, the Ogress who helped keep him imprisoned but has no idea the Mer Warriors are hunting him but when they arrive he s than ready to bring it on The author has done an excellent job of transforming the angry, tortured soul that Tarak is and turning him into someone who can embrace and accept that Waverly and indeed others he thinks betrayed him actually care about him The romance between the couple whilst not instant hurray is knee buckling and worked oh so well Of course the bad guy gets his comeuppance and you won t believe exactly who starts that chain of events What I can say is Levet is back as his glorious, bumbling, magical and opinionated self Plus my favourite Styxx, is here as he struggles to maintain his Kingly dignity but fails repeatedly and that always makes me smile.Fans of the series will enjoy this book and I suspect be as eager for as I am This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair Alexandra Ivy had me at Levet, but I ve got to admit the pairing between Tarak, a vampire who has been imprisoned for 5 centuries, and Waverly, a mer royal who had to feed his thirst during his imprisonment, made for some great reading.You, as the reader, are thrust into a marvelous world where vampires, weres, mer people, ogres and, maybe last on my list but not least, gargoyles become real Real characters that you route for, laugh with and yes, even some you can t wait for them to be squashed from existence That is the ultimately what keeps me coming back time and time again Ivy s ability to connect the reader with her worlds, characters and wonderfully original imaginings I received this ARC copy of Beware the Darkness from Kensington Books Lyrical Press This is my honest and voluntary review Beware the Darkness is set for publication Aug 20, 2019.My Rating 4 StarsSeries Guardians of Eternity Book 14 Paperback 188 pagesPublisher Lyrical Press August 20, 2019 ISBN 10 1516108469ISBN 13 978 1516108466Genre Paranormal Romance Noble Tarak has awakened from his imprisonment and he is ready to decimate those who enslaved him But he also has a strange attachment to the angelic female who fed him over the centuries, staving off the madness that should have consumed him.Waverly is a member of the Mer Royal family She has been forced to obey her ruler, who ousted her father She made sure the vampire survived, but now she feels an affinity towards him.Levet the gargoyle and a certain female part ogre also appear, which really amps up the comedy in the book They are such a mismatched pair Superb reading and a great way to switch off the world 3.5 starsBeware the Darkness is book 14 in the Guardians of Eternity series and while I enjoyed it I did have some issues Tarak has been held prisoner for 500 hundred years He was released at the end of the last book and is focused on revenge Waverly is the mermaid princess who feed him throughout his time as prisoner I loved their connection and although they have known each other for so long there was still so much to learn Now for my issues, the beginning was really slow and boring, I didn t like how Tarak and Waverly s story was split between Levet and Inga While I loved the fact that Inga learned the truth and honestly the revelation made me cry, I didn t like how their story just ended without any resolution I still have no idea what happened to Levet and where did he go Also since Chiron spent so long looking for Tarak I would have loved seeing them reunite As I said it was another enjoyable addition to this series but I feel like there were a lot of loose ends ARC Provided by NetGalley I began reading Guardians of Eternity back in 2014 I have always stated that it is one of my all time favorite paranormal reads and this story just affirms that In this one we meet the mer folk and the fraud king that holds the throne He has imprisoned Tarak a clan leader and is using his powers to hold the throne Tarak escapes and his only focus is to kill the one who held him prisoner He meets Princess Waverly the mermaid who was in charge of feeding him to keep him alive With her help, they devise a plan to rid Riven of the throne We meet old friends in this story my favorite Styx, Anasso of Vampires and of course of Levet the crazy little Gargoyle This story take a twist when Inga half mermaid and half orgre becomes aware the she is of royal mermaid blood This is a great addition to the Guardians series and can t wait till Ms Ivy releases another Advanced Reader Copy provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. Beware the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy is book 14 in the Guardians of Eternity This is the story of Tarak and Waverly I have read the previous book which helped me to fully enjoy this one but with that said I did feel you could make this a standalone book if you wish to do so Tarak was taken kept a prisoner for hundreds of years During that time, Waverly a mermaid princess who feed him and kept him from totally going insane Now he is free and wish to get his revenge on the one that enslaved him Waverly and Tarak are now dealing with their feelings that they have grown through the years and how they can move forward but with this revenge make that impossible Enjoyed their story. I honestly hadn t realised how much I missed this series and Ms Ivy s incredible writing style until I read Darkness Returns With that story, I was once again thrown into the complex and dangerous world of the paranormal and all the things that go bump in the night Beware the Darkness, picks up where Darkness Returns left off, and follows Tarak s pursuit of revenge and justice for his centuries of captivity But this isn t just another Vampire story readers are introduced to species of the paranormal world and the ongoing fight for supremacy in their volatile and ego driven culture I initially wasn t sure how I felt about the inclusion of Mere beings in this genre, but Ms Ivy s introduction of these beings was done seamlessly.Tarak and Waverly are fabulous characters who have endured a forced companionship over the years, with their comparable hatred of Riven and Waverly s compassion and guilt over Tarak s suffering, being the eventual catalyst for their explosive romantic connection Great world building, a fast paced and exciting plot and a passion that has had centuries to simmer and burn These are all the reasons this is a must read for anyone who has loved this series and Ms Ivy s writing I can t wait for So happy this series was brought back If you have not read the previous book this one will not make a lot of sense For adults 18.I truly loved this book and wish the next one was already here I liked all the characters except the one whom you re not supposed to like The Hh were great people with wonderful personalities especially the h Always looking out for others Now Tarak was hell bent on revenge but I can t blame him but he was a bit distracted at first and fought off his instinct about his mate but this wouldn t be a Alexandra Ivy book if he didn t figure things out and get his mate Now for the bad person and no I won t say their name here read to find outlol He was the biggest mystery How did he get his power and why did he need a vampire imprisoned This is the what you have to listen carefully to figure out Now we still have a few others who are very important to the story Did you read the last book Good Remember mean convincing Inga Remember what made her so mean Well now you just have to read to find out what it takes to get her not to be so mean I ll tell you this We have one HEA and one HFN but who and why.All in all another great book from the Guardians of Eternity series. I am so pleased with the twist of direction the author has brought to this series The vampire world seemingly had run it s course but thenBAM We learn about this group of exiled Vamps Of course the King and his minions are still somewhat involved But these are fresh characters and fresh adventures I mean, Mer people, ogres, witches, vampires and of course that love to hate gargoyle, Levet Tarak has an interesting past Newly released from his prison, he seeks revenge But the woman befriending him and giving him sustenance for 500 years has also earned a right to be listened to Waverly tries to turn Tarak away from destroying the Mer King Together they set out on quest for truth and justice Great world building Loved learning of the different creatures and their customs I m looking forward to stories in this series Complimentary copy provided via Netgalley for an honest review. This is Tarak s story which picks up from the previous book Tarak has been ensnared by an evil Merman, Riven, for the last 500 years Tarak s prison is destroyed and Tarak escapes Tarak has net his mate, Waverly, but was unable to believe it as he was so bent on revenge Filled with betrayal, suspense, our Anasso Styx, an Ogress wronged, our laugh out loud gargoyle Levet, make for a great story Tarak and Waverly.get their HEA I did find the ending a bit rushed, but all in all, a great story There are some hints about Inga and Levet, and maybe we will read about them being a mated pair I can only hope I do so love Levet Lol 4 stars I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book provided by NetGalley