Until December (Until Her/Him, #8)

Until December (Until Her/Him, #8) Gareth Black Is Drawn To December Mayson The Moment He Spots Her Across The Room At Her Cousin S Wedding When He Approaches The Beautiful Woman, She Captivates Him With Her Shyness And Wit, Making Him Crave HerWith A Pull So Strong It S Impossible To Ignore, December Knows There S Something Between Her And Gareth She Just Hopes They Re Capable Of Jumping The Hurdles Ahead Of Them Two Boys, An Ex, A Surprise That Will Change Everything, And A Disgruntled Co Worker, Guarantee These Two Will Have Their Work Cut Out For Them If They Are Going To Find Their Happily Ever After I am a fan of all Aurora Rose s Until Series and I am sure I will read each and every book she releases in them until she is donewhich I hope will be a long long time from now I myself almost feel like I am part of the Mayson familyit is very comforting actually This time it is December s turn and those of you who have read the previous book, already a bit about how she meets her BOOM.I really enjoyed reading this book, I finished it in one go It is definitely one of those feel good stories and I had a big smile on my face throughout reading it Of course, there were also times when I wanted to plant my kindle against the wall Some people really do need a high five in the facewith a chairThankfully Garreth made up for all that frustration What a delicious hunk of dad he is and his kids were the absolute sweetest I am one of those people who actually doesn t mind kids in their books, but even for those who are not a fanthese kids were the bomb

I also had a lovely time revisiting old friendsespecially November and Asher, since they were my very first read by this author, Until November They will always hold a special place I highly recommend this series and the original one An ARC was provided to in exchange for an honest review

I love how December gets her boom Garett is amazing I loved his dedication to his family, maturity, and his pursuit of December December is one of the quieter sisters but Garett gives her the space and motivation to come out of her shell in the best ways The plot and pacing were good They follow that distinct ARR style I ve come to love The characters showed growth and had distinct personalities The secondary characters were used effectively.I can t wait to read what s next Complimentary copy received and voluntarily reviewed. NOW LIVE US UKEnter Giveaway HERE.December and Gareth gave me all the feels Their relationship was seriously so adorable and I loved how easily they jumped into each other s lives For the most part their story was a pretty easy and angst free read, which I thought really worked for them We had a lot of time to focus on them as a couple and got to see all of the emotions from that, and I thought it was great There was still a little bit of angst thrown in, though, so it wasn t all just fluff Gareth was the perfect Alpha hero with a little extra swoon worthiness when we got to see him being a great dad I loved how he brought out a little bit of December s bad girl side that she mostly kept hidden She s definitely not as outspoken as some of the other Mayson s but in this book we got to discover that she also isn t as much of the good girl that you might have thought she was from the previous books I definitely recommend reading this bookk and will also say that it could probably be read as a standalone since there aren t a ton of Mayson s that make appearances Though, I also recommend reading the other books as well just because they re so good ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Spoilers aheadOk so this author is one that even my keypad recognizes I check on her releases so frequently it s a shame Right soooo..This one started off pretty slow and I didn t think I d like the H at all but maybe about 20% in I got the usual ARR yumminessSingle dadJ P hero Little mini Alpha kiddosEx drama but H definitely wasn t interestedI did find for someone in his financial situation he should ve been careful with birth control, I mean he s thinking of her knocked up when he s juggling 2 jobs just to provide for the 2 kids he already had That was a bit irresponsible.I didn t think the H h had enough page space dedicated to them becoming a couple or maybe I m just greedy and wanted I didn t enjoy this one as much as Cobi s books but most times this author s books hits the spot so I m counting this one as a win.Love the epilogue Single dad of two teens Gareth Black is drawn to December Mayson from the moment he sees her, and December nicknamed Ember by Gareth feels the same intense attraction, but her sister calling dibs leads to her sneaking out on Gareth, luckily once apologies are made and there s a bit of tension the two get together.I liked December s interactions with Gareth s boys, I just wish we had scenes where we saw her bond relationship with Gareth develop Depth and layering were needed.There is some drama from Gareth s ex but nothing that puts a spanner in December and Gareth s relationship I enjoyed the epilogue A nice light fluffy read, but it s not one that will stay with me, or one I see myself fiercely hankering to re read Potential Triggers view spoiler Attempted shooting by an ex teacher at the elementary school hide spoiler 5 If you run or if you fall, I d catch you StarsThe best of BOOMS in single parent romance PERFECTION Heartwarmingly sweet, body sizzlingly scorching and soul touchingly realistic, Until December grips you in the most addictive of ways in an emotional journey where, doing justice to its origins OG Mayson , family is what matters most and the core of our beings I couldn t have adored this brand new family of Gareth, December and his boys I fell in love right along with them Mayson phenomenon at its purest Everything about her and this moment is my undoing What will you do if I run Chase Ms Reynolds characters always spoke to the deepest part of myself, but never any as much as December I was and am her Such incredible world building in this Until universe, but even masterful character creation I rarely relate with a heroine as much as I did with every trait of December s And Gareth Holy mother of single dads Not only him, but also his boys, completely stole my heart right along with hers I m a Mayson, Gareth Black I know I m not adventurous or very outgoing, but I m still a Mayson His brows draw together, and I lift my hand to rub away the lines etched between them Family, love, devotion, and determination are what I grew up seeing all around me I know what s important I know why it s important And I understand that sometimes, even when it s scary, you have to do everything within your power to protect it I love you I can never get enough of this Mayson and all the Until characters, main or secondary It s such an incurable joy to dive back into this world, and ARR always leaves me simultaneously warm and fuzzy in a happy bubble, but also craving immediately my next Until fix Indeed I m already dying for the next victim of the Mayson BOOM 3 3 3 3 3 You don t even realize that the roots you ve planted have become something to cling to in a storm, a safe place to go to when the winds start to pick up ARC kindly provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions for an honest review For full review with Release Blitz, check out my Blog post,http gisspotreviews.com index.php 2 Anytime ARR writes another book in this series, it honestly feels like coming home I don t think I will ever be sick of this series After reading a snippet of this at the end of Until Colbi I was stalking her for info for when this would release When I read about this having a single dad I knew I was a goner I don t even know when I fell in love with this book Maybe with Gareth s relationship with his kids or when I found that December was a reader I couldn t tell you I just know that my heart was stolen and this book was way too short We all know that I love single dad romance Seeing December bonding and eventually love Gareth s sons stole my heart I loved Max and Mitchell and the relationship they formed with December was the best part of the best part of this book Seeing how easily the relationship between December and Gareth really added years to my life After they got over the hiccup in the beginning, they easily fit into each other s lives They had steam, chemistry, and the cutnesss that keeps you rooting for them Of course, since it s ARR, we do have some issues that our couple has to go through So if you re familiar with her books then you will feel right at home If you are a fan of this author and series then pick this up If you aren t, then pick it up and fall in love anyway I received an ARC for an honest review.Blog Instagram Twitter Until December was Aurora Rose Reynold s eighth book in her Until Her Until Him series.December and Gareth met at a Mayson Wedding They clicked immediately but had a few obstacles to get over before they could fully acknowledge their chemistry It was a fun book with a little drama but not much One of the greatest parts was watching the relationship with Gareth s sons develop with December Reynold s made them a vital part of the story, adding depth and complexity to the storyline.All in all, it was a quick and enjoyable read I m not sure where Reynolds will take us next, but April should be soon Either way, I m all in. .Um.This is how December answers every questions..Um This is how a TEACHER answers every questions..Um.This is how a strong indipendente woman answers every questions.Um well um what can I um say um about this um annoying book It was, um stupid, um too much ow drama with um absolutely no reasons.I m wondering um why is so um hard to give a female character um a back bone It s difficult to read with all this ums right Fuck it I m out.