Death of Darkness (Immortal Guardians, #9)

Death of Darkness (Immortal Guardians, #9) Seth Has Led The Immortal Guardians For Thousands Of Years With Them Fighting By His Side, He Has Protected Humans From Psychotic Vampires, Defeated Corrupt Mercenary Armies, Defended Military Bases Under Attack, And But The Latest Enemy To Rise Against The Immortal Guardians Has Proven To Be A Formidable One, Wielding Almost As Much Power As Seth His Goal Is Simple He Wants To Watch The World Burn And He Will Use Every Means At His Disposal To Accomplish It Seth And His Immortal Guardians Have Succeeded Thus Far In Staving Off Armageddon Despite Heartbreaking Losses But They Have Never Before Faced Such Danger Seth Has Only One Wish To Protect His Immortal Guardians Family And Ensure The Continuation Of Humanity By Defeating His Foe But Then Leah Walks Into His Life And Sparks A New DesireLeah Somerson Has Suffered Losses Of Her Own It Has Taken Her A Long Time To Rebuild Her Life And Find Some Semblance Of Peace Then One Night A Tall, Dark, Powerful Immortal With What Appears To Be The Weight Of The World On His Shoulders Stumbles Into Her Shop, And Everything Changes Peace And Contentment Are No Longer Enough Now She Wants She Wants To Find Happiness She Wants To Erase The Darkness In Seth S Eyes And Replace It With Love And Laughter She Knows He S Different In Ways That Make Most Fear Him Even Some Of His Immortal Brethren Keep A Careful Distance But Leah Will Not Nor Will She Shy Away When Danger Strikes OMG I m freaking out Finally Seth s story Huge 5 Stars I loved everything about this book It was perfection I ve been anxiously awaiting Seth s story with a lot of excitement and a bit of trepidation Seth iswellSeth His story would be tricky to write but Dianne Duvall did an amazing job navigating land minds and giving him the love story he deserved Well done Ms Duvall I ve had a great time reading listening to your Immortal Guardians series. I really LOVED this story I have waited for Seth to find his love since meeting him in Book 1 Darkness Dawns and this story didn t disappoint You can read my full review on my WordPress blog, Flora s MusingsSo, what did I like about it I really love Ms Duvall s writing style and find her books very easy to read but impossible to put down Lol she writes intelligent, engaging stories with a collection of well written characters, set against an imaginative world that cleverly mixes fantasy and reality, making it so easy to submerse oneself completely in her books The pace of her stories is usually fast, full of action and contains a couple of plot lines which run alongside the main romantic story arc, but fear not lovely readers, she manages to pack this all in without making you feel overwhelmed, bewildered or lost Existing fans of this series have been eagerly awaiting this book since the series began in 2011 Death of Darkness was worth the wait I enjoy books where the characters are not purely good or evil but a multifaceted mix of positive and negative traits and thankfully all of the characters within the Immortal Guardians world have been created like this The fact that the characters within these pages have been written with personalities that we can see in the real world around us even though the majority of them are mythical, paranormal beings adds that level of believability to this fantasy tale for me.If you ve read my reviews before, then you ll know that I connect to a story when the main female character is intelligent, resilient, self reliant and has plenty of gumption I wasn t disappointed here Leah was perfect She has oodles of gumption with a fantastic sense of humour that had me COL Chuckling Out Loud numerous times Of course, as the leader of the Immortal Guardians we had already met him in the previous books but I loved spending a day in Seth s big shoes and finding out about the man behind the name legend.The mystery and thriller aspects of this tale kept me guessing, the action kept me on the edge of my seat, the romance between Seth and Leah warmed my heart, the banter kept me giggling and the passion set my tummy a tingling oh my So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it Nope even though some of the violent scene sent my emotions spinning, there s nothing about this book that I didn t absolutely love Although I should warn you, Ms Duvall has already confirmed that this is not the last book in the Immortal Guardians series and as such she has left a wee teaser, cliffhanger esque ending, but rest assured, dear readers it s not a perilous life or death situation thank heavens as you know how I HATE those So, basically what I m saying isI loved Death of Darkness couldn t stop reading it It had everything that I look for in a 5 star book intelligent writing style that s easy to read, main characters with depth of personality that I can believe in, depth of character in the supporting cast, believable background story setting and a balanced mix of relationship and or romance to action scenes and sex scenes I was left breathless, wondering where on earth Ms Duvall would take us next in this addictive series Due to the graphic nature of the violence and sex scenes, I would only recommend this book to adults who are not offended by content of this sort who enjoy strong alpha heroes and independent capable heroines, tense and often traumatic and brutal confrontations and hot lust romance scenes Thank you to Dianne Duvall and her PR team for sending me an ARC Receiving this book for free hasn t influenced my review at all I have pre ordered the Kindle and Audible versions from and will be adding my thoughts on the narration at a later date The story we ve all be waiting for is finally here I was utterly enthralled with what Duvall s imaginings penned vividly and beautifully bringing Seth s story to life It wasn t quite what I expected, but it provided so much Through out the Immortal Guardian series I ve guessed and have gotten hints from Dianne Duvall about Seth and his origins She s kept us always pondering the mysteries of Seth while keeping us hanging on to every word that we could gather from snippets leading to deeper insight Well, Duvall masterfully reveals everything you ve ever wanted to know and But, somehow left us the perfect amount of new mysteries to leave us still begging for .Leah Somerson was a complete surprise I don t think you could have found a supportive partner to equal Seth s awesomeness I loved how every single person had Seth s back in wanting him to find happiness I honestly could go on and on The fear that I might give something away leaves me to stop here and say that you truly MUST experience it for yourself.If you haven t guessed, I loved Death of Darkness It was a story of hope, love, friendship and family A story that will stick with you, keeping you pondering the what will come next scenarios I know I won t even come close to what it will be, but the one thing is for sure, if Duvall writes it, it is going to be something AMAZING I received this ARC copy of Death of Darkness from Author s Taproom This is my honest and voluntary review Death of Darkness is set for publication August 20, 2019. I tried I really did I ve been trying to finish this book for 4 days And that s a lot of days for me because i usually finish a book within the day You know when you highly anticipate a book about a hero after reading and reading how bad ass he is throughout the whole 8 books in the series and then when you finally get his book and you feel it was a let down That it s just meh This could be totally be just me that I m finding it so boring I liked the heroines in the previous books they were badasses but this one felt forced She was like I know how to take opponents downs and I can shoot to kill but it felt fake I just couldn t connect with him or her I couldn t ignore the inconsistencies either Like how tall Seth really was And one minute they were in David s house and the next in her apartment did they teleport there But I don t think so since she didn t know he was a vampire god only knows how many inconsistencies are there because I decided to call it quits after 30%.This book is way too long too Like 300 pages extra of nothing Maybe I ll finish it one day but for now I ll put it on hold Safety Hero has been celibate for thousands of years after the death of his wife and kids Heroine has been celibate for 10 years also after the death of her husband and kid I doubt there s OW drama since in this series hasn t been any OW drama. Ok so I m apparently in the minority, but I was very underwhelmed Leah wasok She seemed nice enough But all she did was act weird and say dumb stuff The love story made no sense because why did it happen They met and then they were in love Then they had sex And that s basically all they did Also, who watches Stranger Things on DVD Most of the time Leah spoke I just wanted to be like please stop talking She rarely added anything to the conversation and honestly she didn t DO anything For a 600 page book, that was really really frustrating Also, we get it, Adira is adorable and wonderful and all things great This book could def use another edit or two as well, the names were so consistently wrong that it was frustrating and really broke from the story, trying to figure out who was who Leah was misnamed Ami, Lisette, and Susan multiple times I will prob read the next book and I did like the previous but I m really disappointed in this one. AAAAAND WE RE LIVE If I could give this book 10 Stars I would It is full of surprises and jaw dropping moments It moves fast I never thought I would like a middle age women for Seth s love interest and wife Don t let Leah Somerson 46 years of age trip you up There was a method to the madness What you think is going to happen doesn t happen There is one shock after another, David, Cliff, Baby Adira and Michael, The Watchers, and the Others who they really are Best of all Grishom finally gets his due But boy does he wreck havoc on Seth and his Immortal Guardians first I refuse to give anything away but this might be the best written story I have read in years I could not put it down Its far then a romance love story BRAVO Dianne Duvall I am on pins and needles waiting for the next book. Dianne Duvall never disappoints We wanted an earth shaking novel for our most beloved character and she has certainly delivered on all the action, suspense and romance we have come to expect.Check out our Character Interview with Seth.Spoiler warning, if you are not up to date with the series This review also will be referring to happenings in this book Seth has been the leader of the Immortal Guardians for centuries He lost his human wife and children a millennia ago and has since made a new family with his beloved Immortals And like any father figure, Seth takes on all the responsibility for their safety and happiness onto himself.As we have seen since Night Unbound, the danger to Seth s family grows with each new attack, each having been orchestrated by Gershom, who a being as powerful as Seth and one with a unknown vendetta against Seth A vendetta he is willing to throw the world into an apocalypse for if it will bring pain to Seth Gershom is determined to destroy Seth and is willing to destroy his Immortal family to do it Each time Seth fails to capture Gershom, the pressure is weighing heavy and heavier on Seth s shoulders We have seen that lack of sleep is affecting his judgment, his performance, and his overall happiness Anytime we see Seth in recent books, he is somber and almost bleak from his own self flagellation, and with only the rare smile and those are mostly for his adopted daughter and granddaughter, Ami and Adira.When Seth meets Leah, we see for the first time a real spark of joy in Seth and it is amazing The joy he feels when he is around her is like a drug to him It s like throwing a light switch the way she lights him up As soon as he sees her, you can feel all his self torture drain away and for those precious moments when he is focused only on her, Seth finally knows happiness Seth, and the audience, are so swept away by the happiness she brings out in him, that we all suffer this oppressive dread and anger when his phone rings bringing him crashing back to reality.Of course, the workaholic in Seth tries to deny himself the pleasure of time with Leah I thought at first that it was simply that Seth doesn t know how to relax after centuries of jumping to protect the Immortals in need but the you read you see that Seth doesn t believe he deserves to step away from his duty and he feels guilty for taking even a moment of quiet pleasure for himself.I loved that once his people started to realize Seth s growing feelings for Leah and how he was denying himself the time to be with her, David, Aiden, Zach and even former other Jared are all stepping in to take care of Seth s growing Immortal family and field the phone calls and emergencies that drain so much of his time and energy so that Seth would have no excuse to spend time with her Even Chris Reardon and the network are doing what they can to protect Leah and keep her safe so Seth can be happy They are all forcing Seth to have a life outside of just being their leader Even little Adira kept taking Seth and Leah s hands and joining them, making them hold hands whenever she was around They believe Adira has precog abilities so it may simply be that she knew they would fall in love but it was adorable nonetheless.I have to admit that when I first read the description of Seth s book, I feared that the story plot would fall into my most hated paranormal story plot where the deceased spouse is reincarnated and our hero doesn t understand why he is so drawn to this new woman until he realizes that she s his dead wife and then they must be together I HATE THAT STORY LINE But if it turned out that way, I had been determined to try to enjoy Seth s story regardless But of course, I should have known that Dianne would not disappoint me and drag us down that rabbit hole.I was soooo happy when it turns out that even someone as old as Seth, who has been mourning and celibate for a millennia, can meet someone new and learn to love again.I loved that Dianne didn t make Leah immune to telepathy, like Ethan Seth simply didn t read her thoughts It was a matter of respect He didn t want to do that to her and he refused to invade her privacy He even warned off all of the telepaths that if they read her mind, they would face his wrath David does read her mind at the beginning but only to make sure she is not mind controlled by Gershom since Ami and Adira frequent her store.Another amazing thing is that Dianne chose Leah to be human Yes, I said human Leah isn t a gifted one There are many reasons for that, especially since we will finally get some of the answers about who Seth, Zach and the others are and about where gifted ones come from All those things that she found a logical reason not to divulge in Night Unbound While everyone is shocked that Leah is human, Seth does not shake his fist at fate and lament that Leah would grow old and die Remember his first wife was human as well He still falls in love with Leah knowing that their time together would be limited and he even brought her to meet a human immortal couple so she would understand what the future held for them While Seth can extend her life with his healing, she would not be immortal But since neither Leah nor Seth is infected with the virus, I am wondering if there might be babies to join Adira and little Michael in future novels.I also loved that Leah is not a girl She is a mature 46 year old woman She has a confidence that we wouldn t find in a 25 year old heroine And her age is one of the reasons it takes so long for them to get beyond friendship Leah doesn t want to be Seth s cougar girlfriend, since she believed him to be in his late twenties or thirties, at best Seth doesn t object since he fears an attack by Gershom if he knew how much Leah mattered to Seth She understands his grief because she lost her husband and child and she understands why he feels he has to shoulder the whole burden on himself but she also stands up to him and doesn t allow him to do it Seth loved that she never felt intimidated by his size or the power that radiates from him.This book is soooo good, I had to immediately read it again.Thankfully, I had read several notes from Dianne that Seth s book is not the end of the Immortal Guardian series as the ending has a let s everyone get together and celebrate vibe like you might get at the end of a trilogy Dianne, and we as a fandom, are having too much fun with these characters to walk away from them so soon.This is still my favorite series and I can t gush enough about it Seth and Leah s story is another triumphant addition Everyone who likes Urban Fantasy and paranormal romance should be loving Dianne Duvall s Immortal Guardians.Received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review See at I was so disappointed in this coupling I ve been in love with Seth since book one and I hated Leah It drives me crazy with the low self esteem the female characters always have This insta love made no sense For the age of the characters The immaturity was a let down Leah wasn t worthy of Seth The writing was so cliche This isn t Dianne Duvall s best work I was really let down.