That Second Chance (Getting Lucky, #1)

That Second Chance (Getting Lucky, #1) USA Today Bestselling Author Meghan Quinn Delivers A Smart And Cheeky Romance About Love S Power To Lift Hearts And Curses It Was Supposed To Be An Innocent Night, Celebrating My Brother S Birthday Nothing Was Supposed To Go Wrong We D Vowed To Be On Our Best Behavior After All.But It Only Took One Rowdy Night With My Brothers To Flip My World Upside Down One Unlucky Encounter Saddled Us With A Family Curse And The Promise Of Doomed Relationships I Laughed It Off Immediately Yeah, Right, I Thought A Love Curse Ha Boy, Was I Wrong.Word Spreads Quickly In A Town Like Mine Rumors About That Night Soon Made Us The Most Eligible Yet Untouchable Bachelors In Port Snow, Maine As A Subject Of Endless Gossip And Speculation, I Could Kiss My Dating Life Goodbye.It Would Have Stayed That Way If Ren Winters, The New Girl In Town, Hadn T Crashed Into My Life Brave, Beautiful, And Smart Her Vivacious Thirst For A Fresh Start Has Given Me Hope That Maybe, Just Maybe, I Can Have One Too.Everyone Wishes For That Second Chance But Could This Really Be Mine FIVE STARS Netgalley ARC Everything seems real, alive, just like the feeling in my heart, pounding, reminding me that no matter how often I deny it, the woman in my arms has a profound effect on me Like I ve come back to life after a long stint in purgatory.With each book I read by Meghan Quinn, I become in awe of her writing talent She truly has a gift THAT SECOND CHANCE was simply perfect I loved the Hero, the Heroine, their friends family, and the beautiful picturesque backdrop of Port Snow, Maine I was consumed by the plot from the start The story is super angsty, but still had little moments of Meghan Quinn s signature humor thrown in that was just the icing on the cake We are reunited with the main characters from Two Wedding Crashers , Rylee and Beck since the story takes place in the town these two call home Griffin is the oldest of four brothers, and these boys are the hottest bachelors in town, but none of the single women of Port Snow will risk getting involved with them Word has spread throughout the town that they ve got a love curse placed on them all by a vindictive palm reader Almost every member of the Knightly family thinks the curse is rubbish, except for Griffin He suffered a tragic loss not too long after the curse was placed and he s sworn off love to protect his heart.Ren is a sweet and delightful woman who has lived a somewhat sheltered
This author has definitely become one of my favorites ever Well done, Meghan Quinn I absolutely adored this book, can not wait for Your writing talent to me is just flawless You capture not just my attention with your books, you always grab my heart too Whats better than losin
NOW AVAILABLE One click here THAT SECOND CHANCEPort Snow, Maine is not only known for its charming small town feel and it s infamous, melt in your mouth lobster bisque, but for the heart stopping and ridiculously gorgeous Knightly brothers Griffin, Rogan, Reid, and Brig But word traveling through the grapevine is all four of them are completely and utterly untouchable.Two years ago, the Knightly brothers took a trip to New Orleans to celebrate the youngest brother, Brig, turning twenty one During one of their drunken walks back to their hotel, they not so gracefully stumbled over an older woman, holding up a sign to read palms Feeling bad about breaking her palm reading table, Brig decides to see what his future holds and hands the lady a twenty dollar bill.Not believing a word the lady is saying, they drunkenly mock her and call the entire palm reading a hoax Furious with the boys, she casts a curse over them, her gaze landing directly on Griffin the oldest brother, as she spoke L
4 Moose me stars All I m asking for is one moment, this one instance, when I can forget about the past, forget about the curse, and live the life I wish I could have If this wasn t a very pleasant surprise It wasn t the first time that I ve read a book by Meghan Quinn, and i really, really enjoyed it as much as the others This was a very promising start to a lovely series and I can not wait for the rest of the Knightley brothers s stories I m so excited This book had a little from everything inside Romance, family, tough moments, funny moments, sexy moments It was awesome The urge is strong, The consequences even stronger I m caught between a rock and a hard place Everything started a couple of years ago, when the Knightley brothers four in the number went a trip in New Orleans and in an awkard drunken moment, they were cursedThey were cursed with broken loveA curse that they didn t take very seriouslyBut for Griffin that curse became very real, very soon From this day on, your love will be broken It isn t until your minds have matured that the weight of this curse will forever be cured At the present, Griffin Knightley is a hermit who is filling his days with lots of work He is a volunteer fireman, he is working in his parents s gift shop and his limited free time, he is filling it with helping wherever he is neededLove has no place any in hi
Check out all of my reviews at www.avonnalovesgenres.comTHAT SECOND CHANCE Getting Lucky Book 1 by Meghan Quinn is a new contemporary romance set in quaint, small town Port Snow, Maine This is the first book, hopefully of four, featuring the Knightly brothers and their search for true love after being cursed by a fortune teller in NOLA.Ren Winters is lucky to be alive After surviving a chain reaction crash on an L.A freeway and a year of recovery, she is ready to move on with her life and out from under the constant excessive worry from her mother She accepts a new job teaching algebra clear across the country in a small town in Maine A moose vs car encounter on her first day is not what she was expecting, but it puts her right where she needs to be, in the arms of a handsome volunteer firefighter.Griffin Knightly has always been the responsible oldest brother of the four Knightly brothers They are four of the hottest bachelors in town, but small town gossip has left them untouchable Coming home with a curs
NOW AVAILABLE One click here thatsecondchance Small Town Romance Four brothers One wayward moose And a love cursePort Snow, Maine is not only known for its charming small town feel and it s infamous, melt in your mouth lobster bisque, but for the heart stopping and ridiculously gorgeous Knightly brothers Griffin, Rogan, Reid, and Brig But word traveling through the grapevine is all four of them are completely and utterly untouchable See what happens after one rowdy nigh
I absolutely freakin loved this first book in the new series about small town Maine s Knightly brothers It reminded me a bit of a sexed up and a bit humerous version of Robyn Carr s Virgin River series I loved getting to know each of the four gorgeous brothers and can t wait to read each of their stories Briefly, this one is about Griffin who is the future owner of his family s confectionery shop He s also a volunteer fire fighter, and that s how he meets the pretty, quirky, adorable Algebra teacher named Ren Ren has moved across country to start a new, independent life away from a well meaning, helicopter parent , but minutes after arriving in her new town has a car accident, and is rescued by Griffin Sparks fly, Ren ends up are renting a house owned by another Knightly brother just down the street from Griffin, and the two of them become friends Griffin would like , but he is terrified of falling for Ren because of a curse placed on his brothers by a palm reader years ago Yes, you read that corre
So many good things in this book I love when a story is set in a small town, especially one in Maine The author described this touristy town so well that I want to live there and I want to get to know each and every member of this town Another bonus was that the hero had 3 brothers and a sister who all butted into his life constantly They were a fun addition to this book and I can t wait until we get a book on each of the brothers Our main couple, Ren and Griffin were adorable together As you read in the blurb, there is a curse associated with Griffin and his brothers Because of this, most of the book is about these two dancing around a friendship that they both want to take to the next level Griffin is gun shy and he has a good reason for it I m not usually one who likes it if a character keeps the other at a distance but it s a very s
NOW LIVE A quirky math teacher s encounter with a moose and consequently the town s most untouchable hottie turns her move from L.A to Port Snow in her best life decision ever That Second Chance is an enjoyable escape, full of warmth, charm and wit in which we meet Griffin Knightly, fudge shop owner, yummy volunteer firefighter and cursed widower who saves the vivacious Ren Winters on her first day in town from a kamikaze moose But even though they are perfect for each other and all of Griffin s endearing yet meddlesome family is pushing him towards her, he needs to overcome his past loss and get rid of his broken love curse before he can look forward to That Second Chance he s wished for Griffin and Ren are fantastic together, their attraction palpable Ren is quirky and really fun to read and I loved getting to know Griffin through his friends and family and the deep relationship he shares with them and the town he very obviously cares for With her effervescent charisma and endearing characters, Meghan Quinn constantly produces feel good, lighthearted love stories you ll want to devour Another solid read from Meghan Quinn.This one appears to be a first one in a series about four brothers finding love and breaking a curse, a broken love curse, that was cast upon them some time back.This book ends by giving us a glimpse of what is to come next and it looks promising.