Day Zero (Day Zero Duology #1)

Day Zero (Day Zero Duology #1) If You Re Going Through Hellkeep GoingSeventeen Year Old Coder Jinx Marshall Grew Up Spending Weekends Drilling With Her Paranoid Dad For A Doomsday She S Sure Will Never Come She S An Expert On Self Heating Meal Rations, Krav Maga And Extracting Water From A Barrel Cactus Now That Her Parents Are Divorced, She S Ready To Relax Her Big Plans Include Making It To Level In Her Favorite MMORPG And Spending The Weekend With Her New Hunky Stepbrother, TobyBut All That Disaster Training Comes In Handy When An Explosion Traps Her In A Burning Building Stuck Leading Her Headstrong Stepsister, MacKenna, And Her Precocious Little Brother, Charles, To Safety, Jinx Gets Them Out Alive Only To Discover The Explosion Is Part Of A Pattern Of Violence Erupting All Over The Country Even Worse, Jinx S Dad Stands Accused Of Triggering The ChaosIn A Desperate Attempt To Evade Paramilitary Forces And Vigilantes, Jinx And Her Siblings Find Toby And Make A Break For Mexico With Seemingly The Whole World Working Against Them, They Ve Got To Get Along And Search For The Truth About The Attacks And About Each Other But If They Can Survive, Will There Be Anything Left Worth Surviving For WARNING THIS IS NOT A DRILL.I generally hate anything that even hints at involving politics, whether it be a political thriller, a political scandal story or even a romance involving any sort of politician Frankly it all bores me However I really liked this survival chase story coming on the heels of a politically based attack on the country s banks It sort of reminded me of the Terminator movies There was no evil Sentient machines trying to take over, but the main characters are running for their lives and being chased by a foe that can t seemed to be stopped.In this story the evil sentient machine was replaced by the new president of the United States, Ammon Carter The book takes place in the not too distant future and there are two political parties that exist One is called The Spark whose candidate was David Rosenthal, his campaign slogan was Everyone s for Rosenthal The Spark was all about everyone being equal The Spark has been in power for ten years and that party is all about taking from the rich and giving to the poor There are still rich people, but it seems that the party has done so much giving to the poor that the country is now in a New Depression and some people are disgruntled President Carter s party is called The Opposition and since Everyone s for Rosenthal , it is widely known that Ammon Carter and the Opposition cheated to get into power.Jinx Marshall is the main character She is a 17 year old girl from a broken home Her Dad Max Marshall was a genius that got obsessed with the end of the world as we know it and got really int survivalism He taught his family all sorts of survival skills, took his family along to survivalist conventions, simulations and gave them constant drills until Jinx s Mother couldn t take it any Her Mom is now married to the Head of Security at a large bank Jinx and her younger brother Charles live with them and her stepsister Mackenna The three are together when banks across the country are blown up They have to get back together with their family, including Mackenna s brother Toby who is at the University Jinx finds some code in a computer that has something to do with the attacks and they end up running from an agent of the Opposition who is singular in his mission to find them.There are so many twists and turns in this book, but it is a book I couldn t put down until I literally fell asleep reading The characters are awesome, Jinks was trained for the situation so she can handle weapons and can fight, but she is still a teenage girl so she just wants things to go back Charles is a kid with type 1 diabetes who will eat sweets whenever he can, he also has a fascination with growing things and is so cute at times when talking about gardening or species of plants Mackenna wants to be a journalist and was a huge supporter of Rosenthal The book was just very good It kept me guessing the entire time I had no clue who was good and who was bad The parents were keeping secrets from the kids and I was getting so frustrated but loving it also There wasn t really a cliffhanger, it was one of those things where you could technically consider it an and but also a new beginning I will definitely read Day One.Many thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin Teen for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This book turned out to be great It literally had me on the edge of my seat The main character is Jinx Marshall She s like any other typical teenager and enjoys her junk food and playing video games after school What makes her different is that she s the daughter of a genius her father who is a survivalist and has spent years preparing her for doomsday After an explosion puts her in danger along with a few members of her family, she s trapped in a burning building and all the survival skills her father taught her will finally get put to good use Jinx discovers that her father is said to be the cause of all of this, and now she s on the run with her siblings trying to survive, while simultaneously struggling to uncover the truth This book is twisty and I came close to reading it in one sitting The characters were well developed and I was totally invested in these kids from start to finish Despite the politics which I normally try to avoid , this turned out to be an enjoyable thriller that was never predictable There were some far fetched parts in the book, but it didn t bother me that much I have no doubt I ll be reading books by this author in the future and can t wait to see what happens next.4 I won this book in a giveaway and would like to thank the author and publisher for sharing it with me This is my own, honest review of the book. Day Zero by Kelly deVos is the first book of the young adult apocalyptic thriller Day Zero Duology The duology is set in a future version of our world when political parties have divided folks One side known as the Spark had taken over and tried to make everyone in the world equal, dividing supplies and goods among all citizens This however had created a depression in society so you also have the Opposition who are opposed to the Spark s methods.Jinx Marshall is anything but an average teen no matter how much she wants to be and would love to just bury herself in her video games Jinx s father though is famous, and that is not necessarily a good thing as a lot think her father is crazy being an overly zealous doomsday prepper.After her parents divorce Jinx thought she was going to be that normal teen however one day when out with her stepsister and younger brother she has to rely on those survival skills her father had taught her when a bomb explodes in the building next to them Once they hear the news that these explosions are world wide and her father is being blamed Jinx and her siblings end up on the run.Day Zero is one of those young adult novels that take an apocalyptic world and once the story is established the author hits the fast forward button and proceeds into the action and adventure Sure, even the idea of kids being chased and needing to save the world is far fetched and in turn a lot of the action but it s still a fun read watching it all happen With some twists along the way this of course ends a bit up in the air leading into the second book of the duology.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit You guys may know that I m not the biggest fan of YA literature accurately, it s just not a go to genre of mine But, I was really intrigued by this one when HarperCollins asked me to read it I have to say, this is a phenomenal, roller coaster of a ride The twists and turns are endless and you WANT to root for these kids well, teens It goes for a dystopian esque sort of feel, while still being very contemporary and modern day In fact, the political infrastructure of this novel is very sophisticated for YA, and this book has some good moments of social commentary I ve never read Kelly deVos work before, but I was thrilled to be a small part of the process for Day Zero, and I HIGHLY recommend it to lovers of YA FOLLOW ME HERE Art Deco Agency Book Blog Twitter Instagram Art Deco Publishing Agency Raised to survive, no matter what, trained to defend herself for Doomsday, Jinx Marshall is ready for something but what happened is almost too science fiction suspense for her to believe, and it started with an explosion her father is blamed for creating.As the world crumbles all around her, Jinx must lead her siblings on a deadly journey to safety, weaving their way through the clutches of military might, the vigilante opposition and the minefield of deceit from those she should trust the most.Hang on for a terrifying and twisted tale of oppression, lies, double crosses and survival against all odds, as Kelly deVos takes us into a world where no one can be trusted in DAY ZERO Perfect for young adults who want some larger than life characters, some moments of quirky humor, and proof that teens can be almost totally invincible in an action packed tale Jinx is a pretty good teen heroine, her younger brother is an adorable Brainiac and her step family seems pretty stereo typical, but the intrigue and political machinations are pretty calculating.A great read that never takes a straight path to resolution Well written reading for all ages I received a complimentary ARC edition from Inkyard Press This is my honest and voluntary review.Series Day Zero Duology Book 1Publisher Inkyard Press Original edition November 12, 2019 Publication Date November 12, 2019Genre YA Post apocalypticPrint Length 432 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow This book is a good read I m not into the political portion of it but that s great that 17 year old girls characters have strong feelings for it I sure enjoyed the humor in this story though It s interesting how Jinx s mom expect her ex husband to help out her new husband Who in this day and age would do that especially when she s the one who left Jinx s brother has to watch out for his blood sugar all the time so I like that Jinx is a great sister to care for him Their dad s prep is unbelievable The insulin medicine for example, how long has it been there All of the high tech and survival tactics are great, an adrenaline rush reading their actions and adventures evading captures This book is told in the first person point of view following Susan aka Jinx, 17 who likes computer codings just like her dad Though her dad, a computer professor who not only focus on hacking but also doomsday He preps his family on what to do when the world ends Her mom got fed up of the paranoia and got remarried Jinx s stepsister is MacKenna, 17, who is opposite of prepared The political troubles are hot on the news and attacks started to happen All of a sudden, Jinx finds herself, her brother, stepsister, and stepbrother having to utilize her dad s end of the world rule book for survival Day Zero is well written and a fast paced read In reality, when end of world happens, the last thing I expect is for the parents to run off to save themselves and expect a 17 year old daughter to take care of her 8 year old brother, constantly checking his blood sugar while on the run But yeah, Jinx is definitely a multi talented teen who can pretty much do anything, even work with gunshot wound I like that Charles, 8 is smart with his interest in plants I do like those twists, especially when comes to trusting people Pretty sucks to be in MacKenna s shoes because she has to go along with whatever Jinx says since she doesn t have prep knowledge and Jinx s mom dad only communicate to Jinx I like how step family is portrayed in this book as getting along, well than not.xoxo,Jasmine at for details Kelly de Vos has written a fast paced, action packed, compelling dystopian thriller It is sometime in the future and Susan better known as Jinx is walking home from school with her siblings, Charles and Makenna When they stop at a local market to pick up some snacks on the way home all heck breaks loose The adjacent imposing Bank building is blowing up and the kids are in the path of the destruction Fortunately Jinx was raised by a doomsday survivalist, so she knows just what to do What follows is a thrilling game of cat and mouse filled with action, suspense, secrets, and lies The story is tense and riveting with some political overtones The book was definitely a little far fetched at some points, but this did not bother me in the least My heart was pounding, my palms were sweating, I was all in A book like this with teenagers saving the world can go terribly wrong,, but fortunately this book was an exceptional gem The main reason for this I think was the characters, they were also well developed and authentic Jinx was a typical teenager with all the insecurities and angst that go along with it She just knew how to hack a computer, handle a gun, and survive on next to nothing Makenna her stepsister was her perfect counterbalance, I thought these two had such a realistic typical relationship Little brother Charles stole the show, he was so adorable and his love of plants was endearing I appreciate it that the adults were involved in the story, but very rarely overshadowed the teens The story ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, but nothing too major However I am definitely eagerly awaiting the next book in this duology This book in emojis Big thanks to Ink Yard Press for my copy of this book Jinx is just a typical teenager She just wants to go home from school, play video games, and indulge in soda and junk food But unfortunately, Jinx is also the daughter of high profile Max Marshall, a computer genius and doomsday prepper A lot of her childhood has been spent running survival drills in the case of a catastrophic event What starts out as a normal school day turns out to be the end of the world as they know it, as Jinx and her siblings try to navigate the dangerous political rhetorics, bombings, betrayals, and a Terminator like government official who will not die, and will not stop his mission to capture Jinx I really like dystopian fiction, and I thought the politics were interesting, if not a little confusing I also really liked many of the characters, particularly Jinx, her younger brother, Charles, and stepsister, MacKenna Jinx s father also turned out to be a really interesting character, too There were also some great twists at the end of the novel, making the second book a compulsory need I did have issues with how tied in Jinx s family was with the highest level of officials It was explained that Jinx s father was instrumental in Ammon Carter s rise to presidency But some of the other events no specifics, so I don t spoil anything seemed almost too convenient, especially for a family not living in DC, with no prior ties to politics Was it so implausible I didn t enjoy reading this book No, definitely not But it was a stumbling block.Thanks so much to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC. Source Publisher Genre Young Adult, Post apocalyptic Rating 3.5 Thoughts Day Zero is the first installment in author Kelly deVos s Day Zero Duology 17 year old Susan Jinx Marshall is the daughter of Dr Maxwell Marshall aka Dr Doomsday who wrote the book called Doomsday Guide to Ultimate Survival Jinx and her brother Charles grew up spending weekends drilling with their paranoid father for a doomsday she s sure will never come She s an expert on self heating meal rations, Krav Maga and extracting water from a barrel cactus Now that her parents are divorced, she s ready to relax Full Review Gizmos Reviews

[Ebook] Day Zero (Day Zero Duology #1)  By Kelly deVos –
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  • Day Zero (Day Zero Duology #1)
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  • 08 January 2019
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