Light Up The Night (Searing Saviors #1)

Light Up The Night (Searing Saviors #1) Reckless That S What They Call Me I Rush Into Burning Building To Save Lives, And I Wish It Was For A Just Cause It S Not It S To Prove That I M Worthy Of Love A Messed Up Knee, And My Dreams Of Being In The NFL Are Gone I M Fearless When It Comes To Fighting Back Death That S Not What F Cks Me Up It S Living That Gets Me The Last Thing I Need In My Life Is A Woman, No Matter How Bad I Want One And Yet, This One Has Me Pacing The Floor The Single Mom Who Owns My Crew S Favorite Restaurant Is Sweet, Loving, And Hot As Hell It S Not That Easy, Though She S Lost Too Much In Her Life To Give Out Free Chances To Men Like Me But I M Not Asking For A Chance I M Taking It Every Good Girl Deserves A Bad Boy Weston 1 starI realize the main characters have changed, but there is too much acceptance of casual sex in this, even by the main characters, though in the past I just don t like that I can t care about characters who don t value sex or see it as the intimate act is A lot of past partners is gross, to me, and it s something I like in a book at all. FREE on on iBooks today 2 7 2019 Blurb Reckless That s what they call me.I rush into burning building to save lives, and I wish it was for a just cause.It s not It s to prove that I m worthy of love.A messed up knee, and my dreams of being in the NFL are gone.I m fearless when it comes to fighting back death That s not what f cks me up.It s living that gets me.The last thing I need in my life is a woman, no matter how bad I want one.And yet, this one has me pacing the floor.The single mom who owns my crew s favorite restaurant is sweet, loving, and hot as hell.It s not that easy, though She s lost too much in her life to give out free chances to men like me.But I m not asking for a chance.I m taking it. The book description is written in first person the book isn t and the I m not asking, I m taking implies a much forceful aggressive hero which Hayden is not in fact, Mel controls the relationship the entire way, and is also the sexual initiator WAY too much minutia of the character s lives she with her daughter and he fishing with his buddy boring The 5yo never threw a single tantrum, got cranky, or didn t do as she was told The couple didn t come together until 42% and then it was first kiss and sex on a table in the restaurant frankly, it wasn t romantic.The characters issues death of her husband he with his father never felt compelling or crippling in fact, for a supposedly strong, independent man, the way Hayden let his father walk all over him was disappointing The only slightly interesting scenes were the firefighting ones, and even those were questionable to me he wouldn t end up in the hospital with smoke inhalation TWICE if he s wearing an oxygen mask which he was It felt contrived, to amp up the heroine s fear of losing someone again Certainly there could have been other ways for him to be injured. Where there s Smoke there should be a FireWhere s the Beefcake Too much talk and not enough action The beginning of this book is painfully slow going, like a bad chick flick It has the characters just sitting or standing around gossiping and generally just BSing There are pages and pages of heavy duty descriptions of the Glade restaurant that Melissa owns on the beach, and the firehouse and fire trucks where Hayden works The two characters finally meet almost 20% of The way through the book , and Melissa shuts down the tall, handsome, and ripped Hayden s request for a date DAMN Well, Hayden still has 80% to put the full body slam on Mel He doesn t want to be single forever.Yes, there is some anti firefighter angst in the book, and some angst about the job being too dangerous But there is a happy ending, eventually.The main problem with the book is that it gets all wrapped up in the details, at the expense of a potentially great story. Hayden Miller had it all, a promising career in the NFL until a knee injury forced him to rethink his future, which is when he turns to the fire academy, now he s one of the Search and Rescue team members, risking it all to save the lives of people who need his help Melissa O Bannon, or Mel, is a single mother who owns a small restaurant called The Glade in their mostly tourist town called Searing After one fire, the guys go into town to eat at Mel s restaurant where Hayden notices the attractive owner for the first time and asks her out on a date after paying their bill Though she says no, Hayden is determined to get her to go out with him, so he comes around which leads to one night of passion in the restaurant kitchen Mel isn t really interested in dating since she is still grieving the loss of her husband, but after her one night with Hayden, she can t get the sexy firefighter off her mind Though she slowly begins to develop feelings for Hayden, can she really date a man who often puts himself in the line of danger Will Mel give in and let Hayden be the man to help her heal her broken heart I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book. Hayden and Mel were made for each other He s a firefighter and is lonely She is a single mum with a daughter, Kaylee, and runs her restaurant where the firefighters love to eat It is there that she meets Hayden They have both been hurt before and she just doesn t want to get involved with a man in a dangerous occupation But can they deny the heat and passion between them Can they both grasp life and take a chance on finding happiness and love with one another I love the way that Weston Parker builds up his characters and storylines so that I feel as if I m actually seeing it unfold between the pages on my kindle He creates these wonderful 3 dimensional people who are so realistic and so likeable When things heat up between these two you re going to need to switch on your fan ac as there is STEAM HEAT I received a reader s copy of this book and voluntarily leave my honest opinion of it here.His stories just get better with each new one published Superb DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED A Hot Five Star Read This hot, 5 star read about Hayden, a hot, handsome firefighter and Melissa Mel a petite, widowed mother of a sweet little girl Mel s devoted her life to her daughter and the diner she owns to keep her busy since she s still dealing with the sudden death of her husband three years ago I absolutely loved the main characters and especially Mel s daughter, Kylee The book was well developed and gripped my interest as Mel is smitten with the hunky firefighter and can t help but feel her angst as she ponders whether she can deal with another loss if he should succumb to the dangers of his job It s his devotion to Mel and little Kylee that yanked at my heart strings The sexual chemistry between Hayden and Mel could surely start a fire, so I thankfully there are plenty of firemen around but rather than put out the fires some of them just fan the flames I loved this book and hope there will be of this team of sexy firefighters The attraction between Mel and Hayden is so hot from the first time they connect, it about sets the pages on fire Holy cow Weston knows what its like to be a firefighter and I loved the camaraderie of the team, how easily they tease each other but they still have each other s back when it comes to the job The relationship between Hayden and his father was so frustrating until finally Hayden couldn t take any I think having Mel in his life gave him the courage to stand up to him.I love having a truly male perspective in Weston s stories guys can be guys but in the end, as long as they respect women and treat them properly, that s what counts And of course it is hot and steamy, which Weston knows how to do very well Whew Another Great Book Hayden is from Searing and is a local hero He played football in his high school days and on his way to the NFL until he blew out his knee Since he couldn t play ball any he decided to join the fire academy and make something of himself Melissa is widowed singled mom who happens to own the hottest restaurant in Searing called Glade One day after a fire the guys decide to go to Glade for dinner and Hayden pays for everyone Hayden asks Mel out and she turns him down The next day a few of the firemen go to the elementary school for the students where he meets Kaylee Mel s daughter she ends end up getting hurt and he treats her ouchies Mel comes to the school to pick her up and offers him a free dinner for being so good with Kaylee Does he accept the offer Do they give in to their attraction or keep fighting it OUT OF THIS WORLD Talk about one hot, sizzling, page turning bombshell that grabs your attention from the start Action packed, white hot, steamy, smooth flowing, nailbiting adventure that takes your breath away All the twists and turns, along with a few glitches here and there make for one intriguing tale The characters and their personalities are so realistic they balance out as they play off one another brilliantly Weston kept the suspense and danger high as we sit on a razors edge through all the trials and tribulations they face Throw in a bit of humor, drama and a sizzling chemistry and I m gone The scenes were graphic and pulled this little jewel together beautifully Weston did an excellent job bringing this read to life flawlessly Thanks Weston for sharing this awesome read with read us.