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Storm Blown Beautiful, Vivid Writing And A Power Packed Plot I Truly Loved It Lauren Tarshis, Bestselling Author Of The I SURVIVED Series Fans Of Lauren Tarshis S I SURVIVED Series Who Are Ready To Move On To Lengthier Selections Will Gravitate Toward This Title A Must Have For All Upper Elementary Middle Grade Libraries School Library Journal Starred Review Set Against The Backdrop Of Suspense And Fear In The Face Of Nature S Wrath, Courage Tells A Storm Centered Adventure, Filled With Action, Danger, And Life Lessons, About Two Kids Facing Than Just A Hurricane BooklistA Major Hurricane Is Raging Across The Southern United States, And Two Unsuspecting Kids Are About To Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime Perfect For Kids Who Love High Stakes Plots And Natural Disaster Movies, And Anyone Interested In Extreme Weather A Little Rain And Wind Don T Worry Alejo They Re Just Part Of Life At The Beach As His Padrino Says, As Long As There Are Birds In The Waves, It S Safe When People Start Evacuating, Though, Alejo Realizes Things Might Be Worse Than He Thought And They Are A Hurricane Is Headed Straight For Puerto RicoEmily S Brother, Elliot, Has Been Really Sick He Can T Go Outside Their New Orleans Home, So Emily Decides To Have An Adventure For Him She S On A Secret Mission To The Tiny Island Elliot Loves She S Not Expecting To Meet Up With An Injured Goose Or A Shy Turtle And Nothing Has Prepared Her For Megastorm Valerie Soon Alejo And Emily Will Be In Valerie S Deadly Path Who Will Survive Reminiscent Of High Stakes Blockbusters, The Intense, Time Stamped Scenes Switch Back And Forth Between Settings, Trying To Capture The Overwhelming Power Of The Natural World And The Futility Of Humanity S Attempts To Control It Kirkus So pumped for this book to finally be out in the world Where was a book like this when I was a middle grade reader because, wow, this was an adventure and a half Natural disasters have always fascinated me I think it was that if I knew about them, they were less scary Or, well, maybe the same amount of scary but I at least felt informed Either way, I would have loved reading Storm Blown as a young reader As it stands, I loved it a whole lot as an adult reader as well.Nick Courage pits a whole cast of characters against the might of Megastorm Valerie I could only watch in mixed parts horror and awe as the storm raged, and lives were put in the way of it I loved how Courage doesn t just show how storms of this magnitude affect people and their cities, but also how they affect animals in their wake as well It was also so refreshing to see people making realistic decisions because, as we all well know, people don t always evacuate when they re told to Those decisions, and the consequences that came along with them, were half of the draw of this book It s not hard to love characters when they feel like real people that you d honestly be worried about.As for the plot, well it flies by so quickly that there isn t time to blink Courage manages to ratchet up the tension, without making things too scary for the younger set of readers that might pick up this book That s not to say that there aren t times were things feel a bit dire The end of this book had me so tense that I thought I might fall of the bus seat I was sitting on However there s always a little inkling of hope Just enough to keep you rooting for the character, person or animal, and hope that they come through everything okay I teared up at the ending of this book y all, and I make no apologies for it.The science of storms is well mapped out in this book, for sure If you ve ever been interested at all in how megastorms develop, or the type of damage that they can cause, this is absolutely a story that you ll love It s nice to be reminded that the majesty of nature contains things that are infinitely beautiful, and also absolutely terrifying It s that balance between the two that makes living on our planet such an amazing experience.Read this Read it with your young reader and discuss it, read it by yourself, or read it with a book group Trust me, you won t be sorry This story is exciting, and also timely I think As our climate changes, and storms like this become normal, I think they need this kind of discussion I honestly hope to see from Nick Courage very soon. Storm Blown was an interesting natural disaster story and although I did find it interesting there was some things I was disappointed in as well.This is a story told in many different pov s with the main ones being Emily and Alejo the two pre teen kids who where in the storm The other pov s were that of a bird, the National Climatic Research Center, and Emily s dad There could have been some others but those are the main ones.It also takes place in two different places as we get to know Alejo who is from San Juan and is with his Padrino who works for a resort Alejo helps out for some extra spending money His Padrino was off work and went home to storm proof his home, but Alejo stayed behind to help with storm preparations It doesn t take long to learn that this isn t just a small storm but could become a hurricane and Alejo is worried about his Padrino so when nobody would help him he DRIVES a van in a STORM to go find his uncle.Then we have Emily who is in New Orleans and the storm hasn t quite got there yet She is kind of bummed because she can t see her brother because he just has surgery and can t have germs around him She decides to cheer him up by going to their favorite park and island to take pictures and show how brave she is on her own Here she meets a goose and a turtle who become her friends I guess I mean the goose follows her around but the turtle didn t have much choice but seemed to like to stay with her anyway.Some other things happen but ultimately she starts to sneeze which panics her mother and she decides to send her away to a friends house so she don t get germs on her brother Having a little pity party because her mother is treating her this way and it s all about her sick brother she decides to go off on her own with an almost dead phone Then she remembers she left her book in the park and goes to get it Now her friend has told her how there is a storm coming because they had to evacuate from the beach they were at so when it starts getting a bit stormy out you would think the girl would have sense to go home but NO She is mad at her mother and since she doesn t really think it s going to be a bad storm she stays where she is, but she doesn t know that the storm has been bumped up to a megastorm Elliot can t get ahold of his sister so he gets out of bed to go find her with fresh stitches in his stomach We know this has catastrophe written all over it.Eventually the two povs combine as the last part of the book is all in New Orleans where Alejo meets Emily and Elliot and the storm is really bad.Out of the two story povs I liked Alejo the most because I can see him being worried and going to look for his uncle, but he also does some pretty stupid things along the way Emily on the other hand I just thought she was a brat and that most of this wouldn t have happened if she would have just went home when it started to rain Besides thinking that the kids should never have done what they did and should have been smarter about things I also didn t like how it wrapped up I felt that I didn t get a safe and happy ending for everyone I was left wondering what happened to Alejo with his broken arm, we know that his Padrino is okay and that Alejo is with his mother but that is it Then there is Emily and Elliot and their parents What happened to Elliot He was in a bad way because he was sick to begin with so what happened What happened to the pilot or cameraman I thought there should have been a little than what I got at the end.Now that is me but I am sure kids will think this is a pretty cool adventure story about surviving a natural disaster I think it s also a good guide on what not to do when it storms and maybe parents can talk to their kids about what to do if your seperated and something like this happens So if you have young readers I think they would enjoy this book than I did. This review and many can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionA gripping, disaster filled adventure of epic proportions, this MG book will certainly blow you away What Fed My Addiction Realistic storm experiences In the author s note, you find that Nick Courage grew up in New Orleans, so he grew up with tropical storms and hurricanes That shows in the book The storm itself is so vivid, it almost feels like a character And the build from calm where many characters assumed the storm wasn t really even going to hit to mega hurricane was all laid out in such detail that it was easy to imagine being in the storm yourself Speaking of that build So Much Suspense I flew through this book in practically one sitting I did have to stop for dinner with the family There is never a moment of dullness in this book the tension builds and builds and builds until it hits a crazy crescendo at the end Gorgeous writing The writing in this book is by no means flowery, but every once in a while there was a description or a turn of phrase that sent a shiver of delight through me.The animals The animals in the book were a fun addition First of all, Emily ended up with a friendly turtle and duck that added comedic elements to the story, as well as some really sweet moments what kid doesn t love the idea of a snuggly wild duck Then we get a few short chapters from the perspective of a bird who s caught in the eye of the storm I thought these chapters were incredibly gripping and I felt so sorry for the poor bird Cross gender appeal This is the type of book that will easily appeal to both boys and girls It helps that the two MCs are a boy and a girl, but there are also elements of the story that will capture the imagination of both genders equally even those who tend to read along stereotypical lines the cuddly duck, driving a truck through a storm, etc.What Left Me Hungry for More Kids who make really poor choices and little help from adults until it s basically too late Okay, these are kids, so you have to cut them some slack, but all three of them Alejo, Emily and Elliot choose to jump into extreme danger, and they make decisions that seem downright crazy sometimes And only Alejo even attempts in any small way to ask an adult for help but instead of trusting people he actually knows and asking them what to do, he only talks to a random cameraman, a stranger Emily and Elliott s mom isn t super helpful or supportive, but still Elliot is very sick, post op cancer, and he makes some very not good decisions to read about that, check out the review on my blog and click on the spoiler tag for a mild spoiler.Turns into a big budget disaster movie in the end I loved the action and suspense, but in the end, I ll confess that it all got a little over the top for my personal tastes and turned completely unbelievable It reminded me of a Hollywood disaster movie you don t watch those for realism but for the thrills Still, while this wasn t my personal preference, those movies are huge for a reason, and kids will certainly find themselves turning the pages This is a fantastically exciting read that kids won t be able to put down Disclosure I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own Interest Level 3 6Imagine you live at the beach and a tropical storm is coming your way Do you worry Not if you are Alejo He lives in Puerto Rico and has spent his whole life living right beside the shore His padrino works at a luxurious resort and when forecasts of a tropical storm come their way, no one worries They take their customary precautions and then turn it into a party What no one realizes is that Tropical Storm Valerie will soon turn into Hurricane Valerie and then Megastorm Valerie Alejo s padrino leaves the resort to go board up their home, leaving Alejo at the resort As Alejo begins to realize the severity of the storm, he has to find a way to get home to warn his padrino He borrows a weather channel van even though he isn t even old enough to have a driver s license and manages his way through the blinding wind and rain to get to his padrino When he gets home no one is in sight and he finds a note from his padrino that he has gone to higher ground As the water is rising will Alejo be able to get to safety Now imagine that you live about 1,600 miles away in New Orleans, LA Should you worry about this storm Emily hears the reports on the television but the sun is out so there so why should she worry She has bigger things to worry about, like the fact that her brother has been diagnosed with cancer and is quarantined in his room Her dad is working about 40 miles out in the ocean on an oil rig and her mom is too tired to even know she exists With her brother being so sick she has lost her best friend and she feels completely alone She decides to have an adventure and send pictures back to her brother so she goes a place that she has always been too afraid to go a small island surrounded by the park and the zoo She wades through the murky water and befriends an injured goose and a shy turtle When her phone goes dead, no one can get in touch with her and Megastorm Valerie is bearing down on Louisiana Elliot, her brother, sneaks out to find her Will Emily s dad make it back to help save his family Will Elliot find Emily, and even if he does, will he live through the adventure And with all of this going on, how will Alejo, Emily, and Elliot s lives intersect during Megastorm Valerie Read this edge of your seat 2019 book I don t say holy cow about a book very often, but this is an exception Holy Cow This book will grab your breath from the beginning and will hold it until the last page Nick Courage weaves a tale of intense action, nail bitting suspense, and twist and turns that will leave you reeling He is a masterful storyteller and the way twists and intertwines the lives of these kids is astonishing Do not miss this one Follow me Blog Blazer Tales Laurie s Library Place laurieslibrary laurieevans27 Laurie Purser E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusEmily lives in New Orleans with her mother and older brother, Elliot, who has been very sick Her father works on offshore oil rigs Emily is not happy that the most exciting thing about her summer is going to be reading My Side of the Mountain, because her mother is being overprotective of her brother and doesn t want Emily to have any fun Alejo lives in Puerto Rico, where he helps his padrino godfather do yardwork at a fancy hotel His mother lives in New York City but hasn t been able to send for him yet Both children make poor choices when Megastorm Valerie starts to head toward both of their homes Emily is concerned with some of the wild life in Audubon Park, and at some point even brings a turtle home with her She misses hanging out with her brother and is angry at her mother, so when her mother is worried that Emily has a cold that could compromise Elliot s health, she s happy that her mother sends her off to stay with a friend who has just left town She hangs out in the park, sleeping in trees, and doesn t answer her mother s phone calls Alejo is working at the hotel, and when the staff is told to evacuate, he stays behind, since he doesn t know where his padrino is He even goes back to their apartment as the storm comes closer, and ignores the neighborhood women who are evacuating Luckily, a reporter whose van he stole comes to his rescue in a helicopter Alejo ends up in New Orleans, near where Emily is staying Her father has driven through the storm, having been evacuated from the oil rig, and her mother is frantic that she can t find Emily, and that Elliot is also missing, having gone to look for his sister A weather service crew is in the process of evacuating, and tries to reunite Emily and her parents, but it s touch and go Eventually, everyone makes it to safety, but it is a harrowing trip to get there Strengths There have not been a lot of storm survival books lately after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, there were a few, mostly involving dogs, but those are now all historical fiction This was interesting, because there were lots of weather details about the storm mixed in with lots of action and survival While survival books aren t wildly popular in my library, there is always a need for new ones The storm depicted is a fictional one, but the details are reflective of weather events students see in the news all the time Weaknesses I did not like either Emily or Alejo, since their foolish, selfish actions put so many people in danger I also could have done without the chapters from the birds point of view, but those are both purely personal preferences What I really think I will definitely purchase this title to hand this to readers of Smith s Storm Runners or Messner s Eye of the Storm The cover is fantastic, and the this has a timeless feel that will give it a long shelf life. If you re looking for an exciting action adventure novel to keep your child entertained this summer, look no further STORM BLOWN is a survival story featuring several different people kids and adults, although the tale is mostly told by kids whose lives converge because of a devastating mega storm Their stories are chock full of action, risk, and danger as they fight to live through the storm of the century The kids are tough, brave, and loyal to each other and their families They re admirable characters who are easy to root for Overall, STORM BLOWN is a great read for both kids and adults It s clean, exciting, action packed, and interesting Even reluctant readers will find this one to their liking. Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC of this book.Great book This was fast paced with lots of action Upper elementary kids at my school will really enjoy this and be unable to put it down It will be good for reluctant readers as well Looking forward to purchasing for my library. Non stop action told from a variety of perspectives even animals in different locations during a Megastormhighly recommended This story really took my breath awayand reading the Author s Note at book s end, totally explains why Aside from the author s writing talent which is obvious to this reader , it seems they too have been in the path of these natural disasters dreading its approach, hoping for the path to change, wishing to be missed and yet not wishing it on anyone else all at the same time For me, it went hand in hand with being able to aptly describe not only what was happening, but the feelings behind itand from multiple angles no less As heart wrenching as it was, I adored following the story from the multiple sets of eyes we were given With Alejo, we were able to see not only from a child s point of view, but from an islanders point of viewa distinct difference as they don t have the luxury of running to another state per se to escape the big bad weather phenomena Emily allowed us a peek into the lives of those that live in areas built up because they are gorgeous and profitable, and yet will always ultimately belong to Mother Nature Then we had Emily s brother Elliot, living a life sheltered thanks to his failing health, but unable to truly break free of those holds as he s still recovering his strength Then there s the grandparents, parents, NCWC professionals, and a few random people woven into the story fabricall utilized to round out the story because the way it s viewed, the way it s processed, the way it affects you, all depends on your perspective Speaking of whichThere were three characters you DIDN T expect to hear from, but I was most pleased to see included in the role of narratorthe animal cast That s right Now, we re not talking about singing pigs, or dancing monkeys, but rather a petrel seabird , a turtle, and a goose What Did you forget that these natural disasters affect the wildlife too Well, they certainly doand while it may seem like escape would be hard for a turtle, but easy for a bird, think again Honestly, I think this portion of the story was just as tear inducing as the rest, but I appreciated its inclusion nonetheless.I highly recommend this book to the target audience and beyond It gives a well rounded look at a truly terrifying situation with encouragement for how we can help prevent this type of fiction becoming reality But, if I could ask the author one thing though, I know just what it would be WHAT ABOUT THE GOOSE ARC received for review opinions are my own

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