I Wish You All the Best

I Wish You All the Best When Ben De Backer Comes Out To Their Parents As Nonbinary, They Re Thrown Out Of Their House And Forced To Move In With Their Estranged Older Sister, Hannah, And Her Husband, Thomas, Whom Ben Has Never Even Met Struggling With An Anxiety Disorder Compounded By Their Parents Rejection, They Come Out Only To Hannah, Thomas, And Their Therapist And Try To Keep A Low Profile In A New School.But Ben S Attempts To Survive The Last Half Of Senior Year Unnoticed Are Thwarted When Nathan Allan, A Funny And Charismatic Student, Decides To Take Ben Under His Wing As Ben And Nathan S Friendship Grows, Their Feelings For Each Other Begin To Change, And What Started As A Disastrous Turn Of Events Looks Like It Might Just Be A Chance To Start A Happier New Life.At Turns Heartbreaking And Joyous, I Wish You All The Best Is Both A Celebration Of Life, Friendship, And Love, And A Shining Example Of Hope In The Face Of Adversity. The beginning of I Wish You All the Best jarred me It kicked up a riot of emotions each word a lash, wrenching out your breath and dealing blows to your insides Benjamin De Backer, buoyant with hopes of swift acceptance, is planning on coming out as non binary to their parents The reader is spared the immediate fallout but the imagination conjures up enough horrors What we see is Benjamin s life as if held aloft by their own hand, and in an instant, it spun away from them Benjamin, barefoot, feeling like a stray helium balloon drifting on the currents as they walked to a payphone to call an estranged sister they haven t seen, or spoken to, in a decade.Hope roots faintly in Benjamin s heart when their sister and her husband welcome them to their home But every hour some new bruise was upon Benjamin, some new ache, always weary, always burdened The ground beneath them has never felt precarious, and their life has become a cold sinking tangle of fear and anger and doubt Their parents rejection scratched at them, and they were wearying under the burden of constantly coming out to everyone, and then dreading their reaction Benjamin seeme
Don t ignore the problems Learn from them But also don t knock what you get right Every success deserves a celebration Oh the feeling of mile high expectations actually being fulfilled pure bliss I have waited so long for this book to be released and it checks every single box A wonderful, emotional, important and romantic read I Wish You All the Best tells the story of Ben, who is nonbinary, who prefers the pronouns they them, who, after coming out to their parents, is kicked out of the house and has to take refuge at their sister s, whom they haven t seen in 10 years At their new school, they meet Nathan, a captivating boy who may or may not be the cutest human the world has ever seen chances are high, though But Ben struggles with anxiety, panic attacks and depression This definitely translated onto the pages of the book I often felt hopeless, was frustrated with the absence of feelings, with Ben not being able to say anything but Yeah , with the plot not going anywhere because the world stops moving when anxiety overwhelms you At least that s what I felt like reading it Luckily, Ben slowly open
Well I wrote this book, so my review is probably biased Either way this is the book of my heart, I never thought people would believe in this story, but I ve never been happier to be so, so, so wrong This book may be the closest I get to writin
A soft, sweet, and incredibly important story about a non binary teen finding their voice This book is going to be so important to so many people. I am finally going to be able to read Mason s book CAN YOU BELIEVE Update after reading December 3rd, 2018 4.5 5This book has not been undersold in the least It is heartfelt, loving, difficult, and wond
This was suUuUuUuUuch a great read I learned so much and also just fell head over heels for these characters What an important book TW misgendering, homophobia, anxiety, depression whatever happens, I wish you all the best, Ben De Backer THIS WAS EVERYTHING This is such a groundbreaking YA book following a non binary teen that is genuinely going to change lives It was sadder than I expected, with of a family focus rather than romance, but I really loved what it was doing and how it covered so much in such a short time Ben was a great main character, I liked that their reactions seemed realistic for the situation, and I felt they were a character that existed rather than was necessarily designed to be liked or a tea
Yes, yes, YES I loved this book so much Ben De Backer has finally decided it s time they come out to their parents as nonbinary While Ben knows their parents, particularly their father, are difficult and have strong religious beliefs, in the end Ben thinks that their parents should be okay with their coming out Ben is their child after all, right Ben couldn t have been wrong Their parents kick Ben out of the house and with nowhere to turn, not even shoes on their feet, Ben turns to their estranged sister, Hannah, who left home 10 years ago and never looked back.Although it takes a moment for Hannah and her husband, Thomas, to understand what nonbinary even means, there s no question that they will take Ben into their home Hannah feels so much guilt about leaving Ben behind with their parents all those years ago, and Ben only knew she was married via social media But Hannah is determined to help Ben deal with the stress of accepting their identity coupled with their parents rejection Like, what do you do when your parents kick you out of your house When your entire life is upheaved, all because you wanted to come out, to be respected and
This is the kind of story that could change your life.