A Golden Fury

A Golden Fury Is It Science Or Magic Power Or PossessionWith Europe In The Throes Of Revolution, A Teenage Alchemist Is On The Verge Of A Discovery That Will Change The Course Of History But The Cost May Be Her Own Mind Uncorrected Bound Manuscript provided by the publisher. Listen, it pains me to write this review because Samantha Cohoe and I are declared enemies and there s a duel on the horizon because no one should be allowed to write this well.Thea s voice grabbed me from page 1 and held me in its lacy gloved vice grip until we went crashing into the conclusion together How Cohoe managed to tell a story that had an excellent voice AND set the historical stage of the story at the same time is the Philosopher s Stone of writing some of us are constantly struggling for.Thea is an adept an assistant although maybe don t call her that to her face to her mother, a famous alchemist in France on the eve of the French Revolution Alchemy is a dangerous science for reasons than the volatility of their craft, but Thea s mother is on the verge of a breakthrough She has discovered the formula for the holy grail of alchemy the Philosopher s Stone But she s gone mad and shut Thea out of their laboratory, sending her off instead to England to a father she s never met Thea decides to create her own Philosopher s Stone and use it to cure her mother s madness and prove herself worthy of the title of alchemist But much as Marie Antoinette thought they were all just going to eat cake together, Thea doesn t know all the treachery that lies in wait for her I spent the majority of the story not knowing who to trust and biting my nails when people showed their true natures to Thea I just wanted so badly for things to go well for my girl But sometimes we ve got to go through hell to find ourselves.Do yourselves a favor and get this one on preorder, because this is the kind of historical that will satisfy any kind of reader It s beautifully staged but not heavy and dry, with an engrossing plot and a complex main character that will have you sending your manicure bill to the publisher by the end of it. 30 11 19Europe 18th century Alchemy Me 7 October 2019This book will be released in October 2020 I don t know if this is something that I would enjoy, but I added it to my TBR unreleased shelf if I would want to read it later I mean, I have a lot of time to decide It publishes in a year See ya then. Solid plot, solid characters, and stressful, stressful stakes Loved it and can t wait to purchase a copy for myself I got the uncorrected bound manuscript from a Goodreads Giveaway I found very few typos grammar struggles for an uncorrected version bravo I deeply enjoyed this dark and sometimes gruesome story Thea is an amazing heroine The writing is crisp and lyrical I loved all of the detailed and nuanced characters It s not a topic or a time period I ve spent a lot of time in but that made it especially fresh and engaging. OH BOY, this was great and so much than what I was expecting it to be I have a weakness for historical fantasies, it s long been documented, so I knew I was going to love this one The extent of which, though, took me by surprise Even though this isn t being released for another yet , it s never too early to add it to your list A GOLDEN FURY is a book for all the ambitious girls who hunger with ferocity and refuse to dim their light. This was not as I expected I thought well, I was afraid I wouldn t like it at first, but it surprised me Thea surprised me I loved her character a lot I might write something up later, when I have time If I have time, but for now Four stars I have a few questions for the end, especially regarding one god awful character But otherwise, this was definitely a good debut. Set in 1792, A GOLDEN FURY is a book on the cusp of revolution in its European setting, in its heroine s tumultuous life, and in the strange and dangerous world of alchemy, where the ultimate prize may cost the ultimate price This transcendent debut is not one to be missed I loved it It was engaging and entertaining all throughout, and I especially loved seeing the character growth as I continued the book I could hardly put it down

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • A Golden Fury
  • Samantha Cohoe
  • 01 September 2019
  • 9781250220400