The Wedding from Hell (The Wedding From Hell, #1-3; Firefighters, #0.5-0.7)

The Wedding from Hell (The Wedding From Hell, #1-3; Firefighters, #0.5-0.7) New York Times Bestselling Author JR Ward S The Wedding From Hell Is An Exclusive Three Part Bind Up Prequel To Her Upcoming Standalone Suspense Novel Consumed And Takes Us Back To Where It All Started Between Arson Investigator Anne Ashburn And Bad Boy Firefighter Danny Maguire The Wedding From Hell Is A Sexy Standalone Novel That Sets Up C Onsumed S Storyline, Leaving Fans Hungry For And Dying To Snatch It Up Being a reader who loved Consumed, I found this extensive prologue unecessary It starts the character development process and sets the tone for relationship dynamics and firefighter work ethic, but if you ve already read Consumed you ll likely find this pretty pointless.100% for readers who are considering starting this series Basically, if this prologue interests you in any way, you ll likely enjoy the book. The Rehearsal DinnerBesides writing about sexy vampires, J.R Ward apparently can also write about sexy fire fighters.I loved the beginning of Anne and Danny s story The ReceptionSecond snippet for the Wedding from hell that nobody cares about andfor the love story between Danny and Anne that most probably everyone will care about at the fire station when they learn about it He wanted her naked Now.He wanted in her Now.He wanted everything from her.Now.Anne was not ready to give everything to Danny for the correct reasons maybe , but she was willing to give and take something from him.Excerpt of ConsumedExcerpt of Consumed three first chapters and everything is on fire We die together, then.I couldn t believe how many things can possibly happen in 34 pages Drama, angst, tension and full on adventure 5 Stars Together, just delicious 5 stars Love this baby 3 This was a quick and fun read I really liked Anne and Danny and their connection It was quite exciting and teasing, I love it I m looking forward to Consumed. 3 stars Contemporary Rated 4.30 Stars Audio Review I guess I should have read the summary before starting this because if I had known what it was I would have waited for the 1st book in the series With that said, I love the idea of this series and I know it s going to be great This prequel is very different and kind of a build up for whats to come but I have to say HUGE CLIFFHANGER like it just cuts off mid sentence I ll be impatiently waiting for Consumed and hoping its a full size book.The narration really wasn t for me, they weren t bad narrators, they just didn t fit in my opinion and they didn t pull me into the story characters the way most narrators do I ve listened to these two many times an it s not them, just casting I think. This is a prelude to Danny and Anne s book Consumed They are both firefighters and they are both groomsman for Moose s wedding, complete with bridezilla Danny has wanted Anne since the first day she walked in the station the problem is Danny has a hound dog reputation and Anne thinks he s the king of one night stands Danny decides to make the push to convince Anne to give them a chance and the heat is sizzlingReading this story reminded me why I love J.R Ward books The depth of feeling is so real and pulls you into their story, I really felt all of the desire and angst This short is a great sneak peek, you ll want to have Consumed nearby so you can see the rest of their story.More of my reviews can be found at I listened to this prequel novella like short story because I loved Consumed so much It wasn t really necessary but I thought why not Basically, we get to see in action the events that led to Danny and Anne first sleeping together, which is alluded to at the beginning of Consumed.It was okay and the parts with Danny and Anne together were hot, I just wanted less with the helping a prostitute and her pimp, less of the philandering Deandra, and basically if you haven t read Consumed don t bother with this.

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  • The Wedding from Hell (The Wedding From Hell, #1-3; Firefighters, #0.5-0.7)
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  • 11 September 2018
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