The Backstagers Vol. 3

The Backstagers Vol. 3 All The World S A Stage But What Happens Behind The Curtain Is Pure Magic Literally The Backstagers Are Back In Stage Blacks, For A Festive Collection Of Valentine S Day And Halloween Stories Join Jory And The Rest Of The Backstagers As They Wrestle With Anti Valentine Crusades, Totally Creepy Phantoms NOT Of The Opera , And The Everpresent Magic Of The Backstage World In This Romantically Spooky Third Volume Of The Hit Series Reuniting The Prism Award Winning Team Of Writer James Tynion IV Detective Comics, Justice League And Artist Rian Sygh, Along With A Variety Of Fan Favorite Artists Including Brittney Williams Goldie Vance , Caitlin Rose Boyle Jonesy , Katy Farina Steven Universe , And , These Holiday Tales Will Fill Your Heart With Love, Spooky Spectres, And Chocolate Lotsand Lotsof Chocolate. 1 i wish it continued the story, but the holiday specials were so cute i don t care Assorted shorts from two holiday specials and a summer sampler Only the first tale rises beyond a one joke story and buying the individual issues is cheaper Very disappointing. Not quite up to the same level of wonderhood that the other volumes are, but it was still quite enjoyable and entertaining. I know it s a collection of shorts, and I know it s been forever since I read the last ones, but this was overly disjointed and not very well grounded. There s a couple of really good stories here, but it s mostly fluff Largely cute fluff, but fluff nonetheless. The next The Backstagers is here and this time we got two new stories, Halloween and Valentines Day are here I was superdupermega excited about this one, I just adore this series, I love the characters well, most of them , and I am always eager for stories about this group To see what kind of shenanigans they get up to next and if that backstage stuff is making an appearance again.First up Valentines Day 3 stars It started off so well with my favourite couple making cute eyes at each other and having a sweet time But then Beckett showed up and there went the fun I was just annoyed to no end with Beckett I get that he is jealous but does he need to ruin a fun day for everyone just because he hates the holiday I always get tired of those type of people who hate Valentines Day because they don t have someone to love somebody who loves them and then ruin it for everyone else or complain all the time I really don t understand why, I haven t had someone in my life all my life, yet I loved Valentines Day when I was single, sure I was a bit sad at times when people around me got love letters and such, but I just ate plenty of chocolate, watched ro
I love the Backstagers series The first two volumes were fresh and fun and cutesy without being overly sappy and annoying This volume didn t read as fun for me.I know It s my own fault I checked this out from the library after seeing the cover and squealing BACKSTAGERS to myself without reading the synopsis This is a collection of Valentines Day and Halloween themed short stories within the universe of Backstagers, but it doesn t really advance the plot set forth in the first two volumes What I really loved about the first two volumes of Backstagers was the mystery that seeped through the series, and though there are traces of that here, it s not a central characteristic.All our favorite characters are back and we get some of the supernatural fun we like, but with the stories being so short some at 2 or 3 pages it s hard to get invested in anything Don t get me wrong everything is still fun It s just not what I was expecting and it was hard for me
Collecting some Halloween and Valentine s Day stories, these little Backstager vignettes are fun and easy, like the rest of the series.The meat of the volume are the two lead stories by the usual Backstagers creators, James Tynion IV and Rian Singh these seem to have the most relevance to the characters and the biggest moral lesson to learn as a result of them,
The third volume of The Backstagers is an anthology of short stories from The Backstagers Halloween and Valentine s Day Like the first two volumes, it s an adorable, all age friendly, non binary, racially diverse, queer friendly comic about theater tech high school students.You don t need to have read the first two volumes to enjoy this, as this would work as an intro to the series just as much as volume on

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  • The Backstagers Vol. 3
  • James Tynion IV
  • 13 November 2018
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