Rockaway Bride

Rockaway Bride A Rock Star Kidnaps A Runaway Bride Kidnapping The Bride Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.Her Fianc Stole My Fortune, So I Stole His Woman.Tit For Tat Or Tat For Tit However You Want To Look At It.The One Thing I Didn T Expect Willow Honeycutt, Preschool Teacher, Boy Band Super Fan, Is Completely Crazy.And Somehow She S Turned The Tables On Me.Now, She S Holding Me Hostage, And She Won T Let Me Go Until We Hit Every Item On Her Sparkly New, Completely Insane Bucket List.And That Last Item That Last Item Might Cost Me Than Any Fortune.It Very Well Might Cost Me My Heart Rockaway Bride Is A Romping Fun Romance Between A Down On His Luck Rock Star And A Boy Band Loving Preschool Teacher, Complete With A Road Trip, Handcuffs, And Fun With Nuns This Romantic Comedy Stands Alone With No Cheating Or Cliffhangers And Ends With A Rockin Awesome Happily Ever After. Rockaway Bride is by Pippa Grant This is my third book by Pippa and I have to say that she is fast becoming an obsession of mine This book was amazing It is hilarious but filled with so much heart You will most definitely laugh out loud a LOT Maybe even snort laugh But you will also sigh, swoon, perhaps even gasp What you will most definitely do is fall in love with these characters.If you ve read any of the other books, then you ve already met Willow Honeycutt who is part of the all girl band that plays locally for juice bars and such In the previous books, she was the quiet one, the good girl Her day job is a preschool teacher She was engaged to be married to Martin and always seemed fairly stressed with planning the wedding Her mother married the King of Stolland, a small Nordic country So the wedding was being held at the palace in Stolland Our story starts out the night before the wedding and Willow is having second thoughts Does she really love Martin Can she truly tie herself to this man forever Willow isn t much of a drinker and in Stolland, they drink mead which does crazy things to her so maybe that was her first mistake Dax Gallagher is lead singer for the band Half Cocked Heroes He is known for his gravelly voice, his tight hard body, his tattoos, and for his drinking,
Reread 11 1 18 Can t wait for Eloise s book, which is coming out soon 5 stars By now it s no secret that I love pretty much anything Pippa Grant puts out, and this was no different Still revolving around the same crew of lovable characters from her previous books, Rockaway Bride focuses on Willow the boy band covering all girl band singer and Dax, down on his luck rock star with a mean grudge against Willow s fiancee, Martin.His plan to get revenge Kidnap the literal princess until he gets what h
Does romance novel means that the lead characters have to be freakishly immature These two are adults ADULTS H had three divorces and h was in a 7 year relationship So surely they re past their mid 20 s Surely they are NOT 12 years old I swear Lizzie
3.5 starsI enjoyed this one, it was funny and so sweet Loved both MCs, the hero was the sweetest jerk, he has so much to endure by himself, but that didn t stop him from falling in love with the reckless, carefree Wil
Do you always talk this much No Maybe I don t actually know.But I do know I m beginning to suspect there s way to his story than just that his money s missing Because while Dax is rough around the edges, with all the tattoos and the divorces and the hot, heavy songs about sex, drugs, and rock n roll, he s also been way protective than he should be.With the donkey With Chrissy and Ricky to make sure they didn t pull anything With keeping me from falling out of the boat With being ridiculously picky about where I got my tattoo.This is not normal behavior for a man who s only in my life because his plan was to use me as ransom I think First kidnapping and all For both of us I stifle a giggle Twelve nuns, a rock star, and a runaway bride break down in the middle of nowhere is the start of a joke.Except it s also our reality right now.Dax is clearing his throat like he s also stifling some snickers.I ve probably said this before, but Pippa Grant has quickly become one of my absolute favorite authors So much so, in fact, that I will most likely go back through and buy all of these books, since I ve read them all on KU, once I m ready to re read them And I m positive I
It s a cute runaway bride screwball adventure comedy romance and exactly what I ve come to expect from this series Full or quickish review to come, haven t decided yet. Slightly on the fence when it comes to this book and what I should give it as a rating.So, I was excited by this book and the idea of curling up for a bit and just laughing and laughing, sadly that didn t happen The first chapter drew me in and had my interest and throughout the book there were moments where I found myself smiling and moments of some amusement But it wasn t to the level I was expecting hoping I wasn t absorbed, time did not become something I was unaware of.My most enjoyable parts of this book were scenes that involved Willow and or Dax engaging with secondary characters family friends Willow as a character is likeable but I felt there were times that the dialogue she had as a non swearing preschool teacher wasn t as funny as it wanted to be.What s pushed this from a 2.5 star rating to a tentative low 3 star rating are the following points 1 I enjoyed the first chapter and then again wh
What a fun, sexy, hilarious breath of fresh air to read Oh and HOT Pippa is so amazing at turning any situation and scene into a hilarious, laugh out loud moment There were so many times during this book that I had to sit my Kindle down to wipe the tears off my face from laughing so hard Willow is a prim and proper preschool teacher and stepdaughter to a king She is not spontaneous or wild, and you would never see her color outside the lines Dax is a famous rock star who is down on his luck Everything is falling apart, and he doesn t know how to make it right After one drunken night, he decides to kidnap Willow the night before her wedding as ransom.However, his plan turns in a cray whirlwind adventure of crazy strangers, wild antics, farm animals, nuns, and unbelievable circumstances Throughout the time, Dax and Willow begin to grow closer which surprises Dax He is very outgoing, but only those close to him know the real Dax H
Kacie, The books I read by Pippa Grant, the I appreciate her weird and quirky writing style And I mean weird and quirky in the best possible way Her stories are all wonderfully unique, and I truly love that This story is no different Willow is a preschool teacher, a singer in an all girl band, the step daughter of a king, and an all around good girl She plays life safe Until Dax Dax is a singer in a band called Half Cocked Heroes He is the text book bad boy rock star Nothing seems to be going right for him lately Until he kidnaps Willow Dax might have kidnapped her, but she took control and made it an adventure of a lifetime They weren t perfect by any means, but with Dax s grumpiness and Willow s free spirit, they complimented each other wel