Shelter for Quinn (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes #13)

Shelter for Quinn (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes #13) Freak Witch Ugly Abomination Having Grown Up With A Port Wine Birthmark On Her Face And Neck, Quinn Dixon S Heard Them All Her Own Mother Couldn T Bear To Touch Her, Let Alone Strangers Years Of Stares And Insults From Everyone From Classmates To Foster Families Have Made Her Understandably Reluctant To Trust So When John Comes Along, Of Course He Couldn T Be Interested In Than A Brief Affair He Ll Get Sick Of All The Gawking And Whispers Soon Enough And Leave Her Just Like Everyone Else.John Driftwood Trettle Was Captivated By Quinn The Moment They Met After Months Of Skirting Around Their Attraction, One Pivotal Evening Finds John Seizing The Reins And Refusing To Be Denied A Chance To Prove He S Worthy Of Quinn S Time, Her Trust, And Her Love To Show Her He Ll Have Her Back, Always, And Defend Her Against Anyone Cruel Or Stupid Enough To Hurt His Woman.But He Can T Protect Against An Unknown Threat Even If It Wears A Familiar Face Shelter For Quinn Is The 13th Book In The Badge Of Honor Texas Heroes Series Each Book Is A Stand Alone, With No Cliffhanger Endings. Quinn Dixon is an amazing woman who few people ever really see All they see is the port wine birthmark on her check and neck They never take time to see the real person Oh sure they call her names like witch and freak or they steer clear of her saying she has the mark of the devil Her life hasn t been easy but she has learned to ignore most of the taunts and ignorant people who she comes in contact with.Driftwood as he is know to he fellow firefighters, his real name is John Trettle met Quinn through Chief a fellow firefighter From the first meeting he as only seen the real beauty in Quinn He stands up for her when he hears others put her down He is kind, caring, compassionate, and protective Everything a woman could want but Quinn has been avoiding him He has to work hard to let her know that she can trust him, that he sees her for who she is.This is a great addition to a series of alpha males and woman with flaws In Quinn s case her birthmark has been the bane of her existence and she hides from the world preferring to be by herself She faces ridicule on a daily basis but lately is gotten worse There is an unknown enemy that is a threat to her and Driftwood will do everything he can to keep her safe with the help of his law enforcement friends There are some twists and turns in here and some misco
5 StarsWhat a fantastic story with amazing characters As can be found in all of Ms Stoker s stories, our heroine, Quinn, is strong, smart, and independent but struggling with a personal issue For Quinn that issue isn t able to be hidden, it is a port wine birthmark on her face and neck What follows is a sometimes heart wrenching, but often admirable, sweet and sexy path to find her happily eve
This story was yet another must read for me.I couldn t wait to get my hands on it and was NOT disappointed one bit Susan Stoker not only wrote an interesting story like usual , but this story was also informative I learned some information about port wine birthmarks that I didn t know before.This story kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire story I couldn t put it down.I also listened to it on audio, and Stella Bloom did an awe
Awesome women and the men that love and support themAnother amazing book by Susan Stoker I m so glad that Driftwood got his woman been roaring for this book and so happy to see this happy ending Marie s Tempting Reads ARC Review Shelter For Quinn felt like a warm blanket on a winter s daywarm, comforting and completely welcome This newest Badge Of Honor story is a bit different than previous books More timid, like a contemporary Except for the end and then BANG we get a heck of adrenaline pumping situation that had me wowed Susan Stoker gets me with her words, characters and plots every time I thoroughly enjoyed Shelter For Quinn just a smidgen though The story made me melt and made me warm and happy I LOOOOOOVED the way John Driftwood treated Quinn He is sincerely dreamy and sweet and
I know, I know it s fiction but seriously Susan Stoker has such a way of writing confronting and compelling romances.What type of Mother gives up her child at birth because of a birthmark wow I know Quinn is better off without her I shudder to think what her life would have been like living with a mother who thought she was marked by the devil just wow.Everyone face is just that their face and no matter what you look like people just shouldn t judge on looks alone, it s funny how people can deem some
Amazing storyI relate to having a birthmark on such a personal level Once again Susan Stoker takes on a topic that some may find difficult This book is about lifelong bullying, how it has affected Quinn, and also about the people that perpetrate this sort of thing.I ve loved Quinn since we met her in Sophie s book, the fact that she hides her port wine birthmark has tugged at my heartstrings from that moment.John aka Driftwood has been trying to get Quinn to go out with him since he first met her He sees her for who she is, a beautiful person inside and out Her green eyes remind him of emeralds so he calls her Emmy As this book opens, John has declared them dating and has taken Quinn to his place to recuperate from the girl s night out.While Quinn has agreed to this, she is surprised to find herself in John s home in bed alone with him on the floor next to the bed I love John.From a creepy neighbor to adjusting to a man who defends her at ev
A Winner Driftwood and Quinn s story was really good The plot was very intense I felt I was at the edge of my seat Driftwood had been attracted to Quinn for a very long time and one night at their local hangout, he decides it s time for Quinn to be his girlfriend Quinn has always been self conscious about her port wine birthmark She deals with states and ride comments almost every single day It takes its toll on her She is attracted to the gorgeous firefighter, but he would never want anything to do
Holy WOW This story is amazing Quinn Driftwood John have been dancing around each other through the series, and at the end of the previous story, John finally had enough of the avoidance declared his intentions Quinn was A OK with that, but just because they re now TOGETHER doesn t mean all her insecurities just vanished.I love how this is written, how Quinn s so confident in some areas and needs John s encouragement in others I love the friendships that have been developing b