The Last

The LastFor Fans Of High Concept Thrillers Such As Annihilation And The Girl With All The Gifts, This Breathtaking Dystopian Psychological Thriller Follows An American Academic Stranded At A Swiss Hotel As The World Descends Into Nuclear War Along With Twenty Other Survivors Who Becomes Obsessed With Identifying A Murderer In Their Midst After The Body Of A Young Girl Is Discovered In One Of The Hotel S Water Tanks.Jon Thought He Had All The Time In The World To Respond To His Wife S Text Message I Miss You So Much I Feel Bad About How We Left It Love You But As He S Waiting In The Lobby Of The L Hotel Sixieme In Switzerland After An Academic Conference, Still Mulling Over How To Respond To His Wife, He Receives A String Of Horrifying Push Notifications Washington, DC Has Been Hit With A Nuclear Bomb, Then New York, Then London, And Finally Berlin That S All He Knows Before News Outlets And Social Media Goes Black And Before The Clouds On The Horizon Turn Orange.Now, Two Months Later, There Are Twenty Survivors Holed Up At The Hotel, A Place Already Tainted By Its Strange History Of Suicides And Murders Those Who Can T Bear To Stay Commit Suicide Or Wander Off Into The Woods Jon And The Others Try To Maintain Some Semblance Of Civilization But When The Water Pressure Disappears, And Jon And A Crew Of Survivors Investigate The Hotel S Water Tanks, They Are Shocked To Discover The Body Of A Young Girl.As Supplies Dwindle And Tensions Rise, Jon Becomes Obsessed With Investigating The Death Of The Little Girl As A Way To Cling To His Own Humanity Yet The Real Question Remains Can He Afford To Lose His Mind In This Hotel, Or Should He Take His Chances In The Outside World Jon Keller has travelled from his home in the US, and is staying in an isolated hotel set amongst the lush green forests of Switzerland whilst attending a work conference His morning begins as normal in the hotel s dining room, until news starts to filter in from around the world of nuclear attacks on major cities, indeed the whole of Scotland appears to have been obliterated As expected, people start to panic, with many abandoning the hotel and heading for the nearest airport and railway stations however, travel, and life in general will never be the same again for those who survive these attacks, and the quest to reach airports or other forms of transportation is futile Initially the first thing to be lost is communication, notably the internet, so after initial news reports, there is no information for quite some time.The story follows Jon s attempts to describe what happens to the twenty hotel guests who decided to stay Switzerland appears to have escaped direct attacks, but unless they leave the hotel, they ll never know to what extent they re safe or not He documents the daily events in the wake of the nuclear apocalypse, together with his investigation into the murder of a young girl who was discovered in the hotel s water tanks.This
This was a really unsettling read, especially because it felt so plausible based on current events That said, it was also a gripping, fast paced dystopian thriller with a side dish of murder mystery I don t want to say too much about this one yet, but I m really excited to see what other people think of The Last as they read review it While the plots are different, it gave me similar
I ve stepped outside of my genre comfort zone with The Last, and I m so glad that I took the chance it paid off This is a dark, deeply disturbing tale of one man s account of what he deems to be the end of the world due to nuclear war One that is extremely unsettling and anxiety inducing due to the fact that it is completely possible This one actually took me longer than normal to read, I had to keep putting it down because I kept saying what if.Jon is an American historian who finds himself at a secluded Swiss hotel for a writing conference when nuclear war breaks out This is his story, told from his point of view, as he tries to record everything that happens for documentation purposes From complete blackout of the internet and news, to attempting to find food in order to survive you will find y
A realistic type of dystopian novel, chilling, intriguing, and altogether believable Set in a Swiss forest in an isolated hotel, Jon, a historian attending a conference, is caught up when the world goes BOOM Nuclear war has broken out, most of the world s major cities are lost, communication is scratchy and transport non existent Jon takes it on himself to record what has happened, from his point of view, and we are reading his journal.The fear, the hardships, a sense of grieving are all well recorded Not knowing whether his loved ones have survived, never mind if he will see them again, really starts to hit home for Jon And with winter coming on, food scarce, plus the real possibility of radiation poisoning, the survivors start getting cabin fever and turning on themselves and each other And in the background at all times is the thought of the murdered girl fo
I was all set to close the book cough on 2018 I had finished up the Peter Grant series in a very satisfactory way, was finishing up a couple other books, and was hoping to actually complete reviews for the books read, all in the same year I know, I know Foolish Then I saw Robert s review and the words apocalypse and mystery instantly jumped out You could not have tempted me with dark chocolate sea salt caramels And wouldn t you know it Last was just as satisfying, a great mix of emotions and flavors.It starts off quickly no building of suspense, wondering when the end of the world will happen, letting our hapless characters wander around as we all get our bearings It has happened Jon, the narrator, begins the story three days after the news breaks An American tucked away in Switzerland for a conference, and he and his colleagues have been routed to a somewhat isolated hotel I hesitate to say much suffice to say that it unfolds quickly and seems very plausible It combines the best of the apocalypse a qu
3.75 Stars rounded up Let s talk about HEART PALPITATIONS The ones that feel like they are going to BURST right out of your chest almost like the Alien from that movie with Ripley upon starting The Last by Hanna Jameson and seeing the words Nuclear Bomb and Nuclear Apocalypse well, my heart started beating so hard, I felt like it was going to explode Those are not words I want to see in my lifetime Thankfully this novel is fictional That said, what started out as a dystopian novel about an apocalypse, quickly became something else entirely A mystery about a murdered young girl whose body is found in a tank Surprise, surprise Jon is an American at a Conference at the L Hotel Sixieme in Switzerland when DC and the rest of the world is attacked Jon loses the ability to contact his wife Nadia and their two children, Marion and Ruth His days are spent chronicling what happens. then they find her The little girl and he begins hunting for answers Can he trust those he s with And let s not forget that he s in the middle of an Apocalypse Oh yeah, that The Last begs so many questions How does one survive an apocalypse Is this the end What would you do Run Kill or be killed This was a buddy read with
NOW AVAILABLE i was offered an e ARC of this book and encouraged to go in blind i read the synopsis, obviously, to make sure it was within my admittedly very broad reading tastes, and from that, i gathered that it was a locked room mystery with a twist a young girl s body is found on the premises of a swiss hotel that is still standing in the aftermath of a nuclear war that has destroyed most of the world, leaving twenty people struggling to make sense of this altered global landscape and now also a murrrrderrrrrr the blurbs name dropped Stephen King, Agatha Christie, The Girl With All the Gifts, Annihilation, calling it nightmarish, a dystopian psychological thriller, haunting a combination that made me think this was going to be Clue The Shining The Road, and that s a big old ball of YES PLEASE for those blurbs accurately convey the tone and content of this book weeeeellllll again, i was encouraged to go in blind, and i don t want to make decisions for anyone else, but mother nature gave us spoiler tags, so imma use them not to talk about any actual plot spoilers,
4.5 stars Jon Keller is attending an academic conference at the L Hotel Sixieme in Switzerland on the day the bombs fall Nuclear war has broken out and cities all over the world have been decimated Through early news alerts he learns hundreds of thousands of people have been killed.Jon s wife and two children are home in San Francisco but he can t really worry about that now, he needs to focus on keeping himself alive Jon and twenty other survivors hunker down in the relative safety of the hotel and that s truly where our story begins.A historian by trade, Jon takes it upon himself to begin writing the account of the survivors and that is how the narrative is told For me, this worked so well as a way to tell this story I loved the feel of it and how we were able to learn not just what was going on currently but also a bit of the survivor s back stories, as well as some of the history of the hotel itself.While opening up the top of some water tanks in an effort to start catching rain water, they find the body of a dead girl It is clear she ended up in the tank by nefarious circumstances and Jon becomes obsessed with finding out who killed her He starts a legit investigation and that is how he focuses most of his energy.Tensions are running high and the survivors begin to form alliances and develop a social system unto themselves When supplies begin to dwindle and winter is approaching
Hanna Jameson s dystopian, apocalyptic mystery novel embodies our worst fears and nightmares with the current US political situation It begins with the shocking details of nuclear war with weapons exploding in cities around the world, including Washington, Munich, London and Scotland This is a story of the impact and terrifying repercussions that follow for the survivors and a locked room murder mystery set in a remote and isolated hotel in Switzerland American historian, Jon Keller, is in a troubled marriage with Nadia that is heading towards separation, and has two daughters Jon has travelled to Switzerland for a convention when the news breaks about the disturbing global events taking place, with many people leaving for the airport and rail stations However, their journeys are pointless as transport links comes to a standstill and there is a communications blackout, with no internet access Amidst the panic, fear, paranoia, madness and mayhem, 20 strangers are left in the big hotel, a diverse mix of guests and staff, including the man with leadership qualities, Dylan, the hotel manager, Aussie barman, Nathan, a medical doctor, and an American history student that Jon finds himself getting close to Water problems lead to the discovery of the body of a young woman in the water tank Plagued by guilt for ignoring Nadia s last message, Jon finds salvation in investing his energies
History is only the sum of its people and, as far as I know, we could be the last ones Historian Jon Keller was attending a conference at a hotel, L Hotel Sixieme, in Switzerland when nuclear bombs weapons hit various cities around the world Jon thought he had time to respond to his wife s text message, he was mulling over what to say and regrets how things were left between them Now he fears that his wife and daughters may be dead and what is worse is that he may never know While some left the hotel immediately upon hearing the news of the attacks, Jon remained with approximately twenty other survivors They are cut off from the outside world and with no internet or electricity, they have no news about survivors, what areas are safe, the amount of damage done, etc Are they the only survivors, or are there others Is it safe to leave the hotel or is it safer to stay How long must they stay Will anyone come looking for them Who dropped the bombs How long can the survive at the hotel When will their supplies run out When the body of a young girl is found, Jon decides to investigate fearing there may be a murderer at the hotel Jon also takes it upon himself, to documen

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