Gravity A S King Meets Chris Crutcher In Boxing Journalist Sarah Deming S YA Novel About A Young Female Boxer Who Learns To Fight For What She WantsWhen Gravity Delgado Walks Into Cops N Kids, A No Frills Brooklyn Boxing Gym, And Starts Working With The Legendary Coach Thomas, She Joins A True Melting Pot Of Fighters There S The Flirtatious Lefty A Southpaw , Hard To Beat D Minus They Call Me D Minus Cause I M All You Need , Artistic Kimani Monster Browne, And A Host Of Others At The Gym, Gravity Finds The Unexpected The Father She S Never Had In Her Coach, Not One But Two Romantic Prospects, And, Most Importantly, A Love And Skill For Boxing If She Can Stay Focused, Despite Her Troubled Home Life, She Might Just Have A Shot At The OlympicsWith Each Blow, Each Jab, And Each Punch, Sarah Deming Draws Her Readers Into The Gritty And Inspiring World Of Gravity Delgado, A Jewish Dominican Teenager Growing Up In Brooklyn And Aspiring For Greatness I received this book from netgalley in exchange for my honest review I thought this book was pretty good, it reminded me of the movie Girlfight in a way, only less romancy Some of the book was kind of hard to get through which is why I rated it lower than 4 stars, it seemed like the part leading up to the fight was a little bit boring, the articles were skimmed over I wanted to have a little training action boxing stuff I wasn t thrilled with the relationship part of it, her jumping into one with the one guy, then being all blushy with another without anything happening with that one, but it made it seem a little real and a little less book perfect I think this book would be great for people who like sports type girl power books with a bit of street in it. I had a range of emotions when reading this book I had really high highs, anxiety and I was weepy in some parts I was hooked when I read the synopsis about a female boxer I was hooked from the first word Then the main character had the coolest name, Gravity Delgado I loved this girl I cannot say enough good things about her.Gravity had a sh ty life She was half Jewish and Dominican with a drug and alcohol, drug addicted and abusive mother Gravity s dad left without a word when she was 8 years old This girl was responsible for her little brother and she made sure he was taken care of, loved and safe I liked how she didn t dwell on the hand life dealt her and she had an extended family with her cousin and aunt but the gym was her real family.It was so refreshing to learn about the world of boxing and how female boxers have a harder road Gravity had a father daughter relationship with Coach Thomas That man kept her humble Gravity may have been a kick ass boxer but she was still a young girl who was naive and too trusting There were a few instances that I could tell a situation was not good for her and she suffered painful consequences as a result of a few of them She loved and had her first heartbreak I couldn t stand Lefty He was so wrong but I was shocked we didn t get a better resolution to that relationship but as in real life we have all had a douche bag guy or girl break our heart with no closure Her true love, in my opinion, was D Minus I liked that kid s swagger I could go for a book about him in the futureThere were two things I did not like First, I did not like the blog entry style used when the report Carmen Cruz wrote about the bouts They ruined the flow of the story When I wanted to know the winners of the fights we had to wade through posts for information Second, the book ended on a cliffhanger to me Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Book ReviewGravity by Sarah DemingPublishing date November 12, 2019Read courtesy of Netgalley.comI really enjoyed this book and look forward to recommending it to my high school students It will appeal to a wide range of readers because it crosses cultural, gender, and pastime boundaries.Deming did a nice job of giving characters personalities and motivations for ex., why a guy named Monster always wore pink The characters had distinct and interesting personalities Their interplay was purposeful and engaging Readers will want to continue to read to go through the characters ups and downs with them.Not knowing Spanish or NYC culture, I had to look up quite a few terms foods or the name of a game that I couldn t figure out from their context As a teen I probably wouldn t be as hung up, i.e anal, about looking up those words, but as a former English teacher current librarian, I had to I also didn t know some of the boxing terms yes, I looked them up, too even though they were a little easier to figure out On the other hand, Deming did well explaining the difference between a puncher and a boxer, which was important to some of the characterizations.Deming inserted off color but tame humor that teens at which teens might groan but secretly appreciate She also inserted a red herring in the story that really threw me off no spoiler, but it included a selfie I kept expecting this inclusion in the plot to have serious repercussions, but that never materialized It was probably left in the story to show how distracted Gravity was at that point, but that could have been accomplished in a different way, especially since nothing came of it There was also a gratuitous mention of Michael Phelps I ll assume to create the timeline and setting.Favorite line Regrets are like roaches Exterminate them before that multiply A missing piece for me is explaining how Gravity got the money to do all of her international traveling.Milk became a motif I have nothing to say about this yet.I ll also have to say that I ll recommend this book to students who can keep a fairly large number of characters straight In spite of often using nicknames and not given names, I still sometimes had difficulty with remembering which character had what role for this story. Once Gravity found her way to the Cops n Kids gym, a place with no address, she couldn t stop going There was a smell the gym of boys and sweat, and it gave her a real reason to hit something and hit it hard As Gravity got older, she got better at boxing, quickly becoming a young boxer to watch in the circuit She headed undefeated into meets that could lead her to the Olympics, but her home life was a mess Her mother was an abusive alcoholic who was best when she was ignoring Gravity and her little brother Her father had left, returned and then disappeared again Now Gravity had a way forward, a way to create a future for herself and her brother separate from her mother All she had to do was win, and she worked hard and wanted it badly But nothing comes easily, especially in boxing.I must admit that I m not usually a fan of sports novels, but Deming s novel of Gravity and her battles to make it out of poverty and abuse caught me and held me in its sweaty arms Deming herself has personal knowledge of boxing as a New York City Golden Gloves champion and boxing journalist She takes that knowledge and allows readers to see beyond the physicality and violence of boxing into the art and skill of the sport Her writing is fast paced and the bouts themselves are readable, understandable, and sometimes bloody.Gravity is a fantastic heroine, someone who is resilient and strong both in her heart and her body She is confident but not overly so, someone that readers will relate to and understand deeply as she is shown so clearly and vividly in this novel Gravity is also someone who loves deeply, including family and her coach This novel doesn t shrink away from sex either, nicely never shaming the participants either.A gripping, feminist sports novel that will grab readers and not let them go Appropriate for ages 15 18. Can I just please say I LOVE Gravity Doomsday Delgado When I first started reading Gravity by Sarah Deming, I was concerned that the book was miscategorized when we first meet Gravity, she is twelve I was thinking this book should be a middle grade But the author ages her quickly, and the sixteen year old Gravity is the main character in the book.Gravity is half Dominican, half Jewish Hebrew represent , lives with her alcoholic mother and younger brother Ty, but has an auntie and cousin on her father s side that help her out when she needs Gravity wants to box, and she finds a home at the Cops N Kids gym, working under a famed boxer Her coach is hard on her but she rises in the ranks, being one of two girls training at her gym Gravity s goal is Olympic gold.In her quest to achieve her dream, she makes friends and enemies and learns a lot about life, love, boxing, fairness, and herself I loved how her thing was chanting the shema before each fight, bringing her Jewish faith with her into the ring.Deming clearly knows her stuff, and I was nodding along when Gravity went to compete in China and observes that the Chinese LOVE Americans, especially Americans of color I took a teacher trip to China seven years ago and remember fondly the clamoring of Chinese people wanting photos with all of us, but especially my African American colleagues Deming uses her knowledge of boxing to really draw the audience into Gravity s experience.This book will make you laugh, and will make you cry Kudos, Ms Deming, for bringing Doomsday Delgado into this world. I was very excited to read Gravity A female boxer Sign me up However, I was quickly brought down to earth as I read this book, as there were things I really liked about the book, but other things that made me want to tap out.I really enjoyed the concept of Gravity, with Gravity being a female boxer, and I was hoping that there would be a lot of details about boxing and that world I think this was captured to a degree, but it was very odd to me that a girl with no money from a broken home would have enough money to be traveling around the world especially as a teenager who would probably need permissions to go With as awful as her parents were, I m surprised that none of her extended family was trying to help her out Gravity really needed to be emancipated or get a new legal guardian.I know that the author was trying to make the environment gritty and real but I don t know if that really was captured in a way that felt real I also wasn t crazy about the news articles sprinkled throughout I think those were distracting and took me out of the story too much.I did enjoy Gravity s journey from being a green boxer to being in the Olympics, even though it felt like she moved up the ranks really fast I think I d have preferred less of her personal life and boxing I did enjoy how she learned some important lessons towards the end, about life, and about winning and losing Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 Stars Gravity is determined to better her life and her little brother s no matter what she has to do she has learned the hard way that her mother isn t reliable in anyway When she enters Cops n Kids boxing gym she doesn t quite know what she is looking for, except an out from her home life What she quickly learns is that she loves boxing and that she is quite good at it Her gym becomes her family a gruff but loving coach becomes the father figure she is missing and pretty soon Gravity will find herself falling for two very different boys and boxers Deming has written a very sharp novel that explores how one girl who has been told no all her life throws herself into bettering her situation no matter the cost Gravity is a character that doesn t take no for an answer and makes sure to forge her own path Thanks to Random House for the ARC Public library copyI knew this author was familiar I think she did the 2007 Iris, Messenger There were a lot of things to like in this novel the gritty, urban setting, a girl in a sport popular with boys, a hardscrabble life The fact that the author herself boxes and coaches young boxers is fantastic and adds a great feel of reality to the book This is, however, YA based just on the length and size of print, and I am struggling to figure out which of my students might pick this up I am glad I read it, and would definitely purchase for a high school library, but think I will pass for my middle school. Well written almost true tale following a young girl fighter from her twelve year old first visit to a boxing gym in NYC to her Olympic debut I found the subject matter of this book fascinating, but couldn t quite fall in love with the novel itself It felt to me as if the author sacrificed some tension by trying to follow the real life story a bit too closely While this resulted in an honest feel to the book, it seemed to me as if it dragged the story down a bit.But a good read, and if you are interested in the world of amateur boxing, this is a must read. This novel made me appreciate boxing for the first time Gravity s story is one of hardship, determination, sex, and boxing The sex scenes are very well done as the author captures the vulnerable girl s need for love The training for fights was well described by the author who boxed herself And I plan to make to make coconut rice after learning about it here.