Every Stolen Breath

Every Stolen Breath The Swarm Is Unrecognizable, Untraceable, And Unpredictable Random Attacks On The Streets Of Chicago By A Mob Of Crazed Teens That Leaves Death In Its Wake It S Been Two Years Since The Last Attack, But Lia Finch Has Found Clues That Reveal The Swarm Is Ready To Claim A New VictimLia Is The Only One Still Pursuing Her Father S Killers, Two Years After Attorney Steven Finch S Murder By The Swarm Devastated And Desperate For Answers, Lia Will Do Anything To Uncover The Reasons Behind His Death And To Stop Someone Else From Being Struck Down But Due To Debilitating Asthma And PTSD That Leaves Her With A Tenuous Hold On Reality, Lia Is The Last Person To Mount A Crusade On Her OwnAfter A Close Encounter With The Swarm Puts Lia On Their Radar, She Teams Up With A Teen Hacker, A Reporter, And A Mysterious Stranger Who Knows Firsthand How The Mob Works Together, They Work To Uncover The Master Puppeteer Behind The Group Though If Lia And Her Network Don T Stop The Person Pulling The Strings And Fast Lia May End Up The Next Target This is heart throbbing, riveting, fast paced, incredible, mind bending, surprisingly smart written, one of my favorite debuts of 2019 I m so happy to announce we have new amazing author in the literary town Let s give a big applause for Kimberly Gabriel This is not about generosity that I m giving FIVE STARS because this book definitely deserved every each one of them Smart characterizations, thrilling twists, nail biter action scenes wrapped up a soft romance and meaningful ending Metaphoric referral touch about Lia s asthma to connect with its title is a great choice The plot is about Lia s heart breaking and thrilling journey to find her father s killer Everyone can be suspect, there is no one she can trust to open her heart for her secret mission Cullen, mayor s son is arrogant asshole but he seemed like he wanted to help her Ryan, her father s partner in crime is also another dubious, shady character You want to believe in him but your guts tell you the opposite And we have slapping contest winner A despicable journalist who insists she is on her side and helped her father before.It s one sit read, devoured half of it when I was nursing only first glass of my Chablis My husband made grocery shopping without his glasses and bought the wrong bottle but his mistake was my big win Yay Gripping, chilling read with a smart and badass heroine who defeats the authorities with her wits and bravery I loved it so much Thank you NetGalley, Blink to share this wonderful book s ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review and special thanks to Kimberly Gabriel I cannot wait to read her future works Brava Every Stolen Breath by Kimberly Gabriel is a young adult thriller that is based on real events that took place in Chicago in 2011 Chicago really isn t the only city with random acts of violence either as the idea behind this reminded me of news stories about gang initiations too so the entire book has a realistic creepy what if this happens vibe.Lia Finch is the teenage daughter of one of the victims to a group only known as the Swarm This organized group of teenagers is wanted for several murders in the city after having come together as a group in public areas swarming in on one victim and attacking until they die.The police are no closer to solving the murders and tracking down the Swarm than they were a couple of years ago when the attacks began so Lia has been determined to get justice for her father When Lia figures out how the group communicates she finds herself right in the middle of the most recent attack.There is something about realistic fiction that just pulls me into a story even , perhaps just the added fear of this could be anyone Every Stolen Breath had that extra curiosity about it within an action packed fictional thriller However, there are little details in here that I just didn t feel were overly believable lowering my rating to 3 1 2 stars.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit Favorite Quotes Then she hung up before I could think of an articulate rebuttal, leaving me sitting there, mouth gaping like some taxidermized fish It s the side effect of attending a pretentious private school, where people treat Everybody s Business like it s a class they can ace and add to their transcripts.I can t help but wonder if I m caught in some sick and twisted Alice in Wonderland dream where my world has turned upside down and nothing is as it seems.Strength isn t defined by who can hit the hardest in a fight, but by who s still standing at the end.My Review I rarely read YA and to be honest, I purposely avoid it, but I m thrilled I had the foresight to make an exception for Kimberly Gabriel s brilliantly plotted debut I couldn t seem to resist the intriguing synopsis and a colorful book cover that required a full stop and several minutes to thoroughly examine Ms Gabriel s storylines were diabolically clever and fiendishly crafted while populated with uniquely compelling and intriguing characters of all ages and levels of mistrust and suspicion I was immediately sucked into Lia s mono focused and quivering vortex of distrust and dramatic catastrophic thinking This mesmerizing tale was written from the first person POV of an angsty sixteen year old asthmatic who proved to be rather unstable with significant features of PTSD including panic attacks, auditory and visual hallucinations, paranoia, delusions, and crippling anxiety and self consciousness She was also stubbornly persistent, grief driven, highly resourceful, and had the arrogance of youth in her toolkit With cunning and deftly written twists and turns, Ms Gabriel has made a stunning and flawless debut As I was making my way through this tautly penned and complex tale, I had a striking epiphany of why I tend to eschew this genre while simultaneously realizing this book was well worth the disheartening and stark reminders of the painful sense of powerlessness and nettling subjugation and disregard experienced as a teenager with two XX chromosomes While I vastly enjoyed her work, I still haven t decided whether I should thank the author for the personal insight or swear a pox on her instead. Kimberly Gabriel s debut was tense and riveting An addictive YA thriller based on true events Two years ago Lia s father was killed by a swarm of wild organized teenagers and he was not the only victim of the swarm since The attack Lia has suffered from PTSD that only aggravates her asthma and anxiety Lia might be physically weak, but she is strong in spirit and determined to find out who killed her father two years ago Suspicious of everybody, but in need of help who can she trust A reporter A former swarm member Or fellow classmates WOW was not expecting this book to be so remarkable Fast paced, action packed, and completely absorbing from first page to last Lia was a fantastic character and completely Drew me into the story I was right there with her trying to figure out who the guilty parties were and who she could trust There is a bit of a romance in this book, but it definitely took the backseat to the Mystery I can t even imagine being killed by a swarm of angry teenagers so scary and what made it scarier is that this actually happened in Chicago in 2011 I am glad to see that there are and young adult mystery thriller s being released, but I have to say this book is perfect for readers of all ages A wild ride that will keep you guessing until the bitter end Looking forward to what is next from Miss Gabriel.This book in emojis From the moment I picked up Gabriel s debut YA thriller, I was completely immersed When I wasn t reading it, I was thinking about it I was absolutely hooked from the get go needing to know what would happen next With its fast paced plot and cast of complicated, well developed characters, it s become a new favorite one of the best books I ve read in a long time Well worth the read Every Stolen Breath will have you on the edge of your seat I was lucky enough to receive an ARC for Every Stolen Breath and I dove right in The story s fast, energetic, and keeps the reader turning pages with its sharp prose and chapter ending cliffhangers Gabriel brilliantly matches the pace of her main character s faulty breath with her sentence structure, proving a deft sense of how to subtly affect a read while also keeping the action on the page driving the story forward As the protagonist gets breathless, so do we Sentences shorten Paragraphs condense Action leaps forward So often when I read, I find my inner editor wanting to slash irrelevant or repetitive content, but nothing s wasted here Though I m a big fan of love stories, in this particular case, the romance took a back seat for me, and I think intentionally so This is a story about a girl driven to uncover truth That s the engine, and one I think readers will thoroughly enjoy following There are just enough characters to build a suspect list while the story never gets bogged down with too many names to sort out We always have visuals to anchor to and yet not a page goes by without something happening.As a long time Chicago ite, I also loved seeing the city play such a huge role in the story It s not just background It s a character all its own ESB is a great read for lovers of suspense and political intrigue A strong willed but flawed heroine A hint of romance A corrupt but compelling city And a constant uncertainty about who s an ally and who s an antagonist Great stuff Look forward to seeing what Gabriel writes next Every Stolen Breath literally stole my breath away From the first chapter there is nonstop action, danger, and mystery Teens and adults alike will devour this book What I loved 1 If you couldn t already tell, I loved the title which hints at the heart stopping pace of the plot but also symbolizes Lia s asthma From the time she was a premie baby, she has stolen every breath to be here 2 The swarm a group of teens that beats people to death They surround their prey like a swarm of bees It s such a unique and fascinatingly violent idea But who is behind them And why Are there kills thoughtless or is there a pattern 3 I loved Lia s tech savvy friend Adam who helps her discover clues on the web.4 The mystery guy who saves Lia s life by nearly killing her and who is a part of the swarm.5 Chicago serves as a beautiful and scary setting for this modern story.6 Lia s dad was murdered by the swarm and no matter how much they threaten her, she won t give up until they re brought to justice Caution, only pick up this book if you have time to read it all be cause you won t want to put it down. Set in modern day Chicago, Every Stolen Breath is a fast paced, YA thriller that readers are going to love Lia, a teenager with asthma, PTSD, and anxiety, has been desperately trying to expose her father s killers for two years Her father was attacked and murdered by the Swarm, an organized mob of crazy teens, famous for their brutal killings in high profile areas, such as Navy Pier.Lia cannot uncover the truth about her father s death by herself While trying to overcome her own disabilities, she must trust in the skills and stories of others a former Swarm member, a reporter who loves drama and TV cameras, and two loyal school friends with social media smarts who will help her even if it means danger for them Lia is convinced that she knows how her father died, but there are secrets to be revealed, and there are many people who attempt to halt her efforts many who want to silence her forever No one is safe from the secrets.This novel by Kimberly Gabriel, a Chicago native, is now published Add it to your reading list today. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC of Every Stolen Breath This debut novel was a complete surprise It s fast paced and grips you from the very first chapter and doesn t relent until the final scenes Gabriel s writing style is tight and clean, with no filler and no wasted words, and nothing getting in the way between you and the action But the story is not only tense and exciting It is filled with dynamic and diverse characters that leap off the page especially Lia, who had me biting my nails halfway through the first chapter The plot swerves and veers unpredictably and will keep you guessing until the very end This story does indeed have everything boundless tension, originality and a ton of heart. This book is one of those books that you just can t stop reading I was so excited to keep reading it because I needed to figure out what would happen to Lia The plot twists are so creative and fit the book perfectly While I was reading this book, I forgot about everything that was happening around me and instead felt like I was Lia This storyline is so unique and engaging There was never a part of the book where I skimmed the page instead of actually reading it, which is extremely rare for me.