Salvation Day

Salvation Day A Lethal Virus Is Awoken On An Abandoned Spaceship In This Incredibly Fast Paced, Claustrophobic ThrillerThey Thought The Ship Would Be Their SalvationZahra Knew Every Detail Of The Plan House Of Wisdom, A Massive Exploration Vessel, Had Been Abandoned By The Government Of Earth A Decade Earlier, When A Deadly Virus Broke Out And Killed Everyone On Board In A Matter Of Hours But Now It Could Belong To Her People If They Were Bold Enough To Take It All They Needed To Do Was Kidnap Jaswinder Bhattacharya The Sole Survivor Of The Tragedy, And The Last Person Whose Genetic Signature Would Allow Entry To The SpaceshipBut What Zahra And Her Crew Could Not Know Was What Waited For Them On The Ship A Terrifying Secret Buried By The Government A Threat To All Of Humanity That Lay Sleeping Alongside The Orbiting DeadAnd Then They Woke It Up Many thanks to Berkely for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest reviewInstead of writing a full review, I m going to make gif review because my depression and OCD are being b tchy SoooOn the first page When I met the characters When they entered the spaceship When sh t started happening Like seriously, every night I read this before bed, it was hard to fall asleep because of was buzzing with the thrill of a food book When all was revealed That s all I have to be honest, I m truly ashamed of how awful this review is and I feel near tears There is nothing frustrating than not being able to do what I love because of mental illness As always, all I can do is push though I apologize and thank you guys for your understanding Goodreads Blog Twitch Pinterest Buy this book Reddit Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.I m going to be completely honest here I was ambivalent about this one when I accepted the ARC I put off reading it, fiddlefarted around, avoiding it But I m so glad I finally picked it up Once I got sucked in, I couldn t put it down I read huge chunks every sitting It s an almost horror sci fi thriller novel, set in space, on an abandoned spacecraft haunted in a science fiction technical kinda way The pacing is fast, but not so fast that it blows past the story You get depth and developed characters, but it never sits down or goes so slow that you get bored.I won t say about the plot, because spoilers, but I definitely recommend this book to readers of sci fi space thrillers who like a little bit of potential horror mixed in It wasn t really horror, but horror adjacent, as I never found any of it SCARY But it was on the cusp of being something terrifying, so that added stress really set a darker, higher stakes tone for the book.Overall, I really liked it 4 stars 4 of 5 star at The BiblioSanctum reading the description for Salvation Day, I thought I had a good idea of what I was in for a futuristic sci fi horror, with an outbreak scenario, maybe even possibly some crossover into zombie territory I think I was picturing something like Dead Space in my mind Well, what the book actually turned out to be was something quite different, though the story still ended up being a thrilling and cinematic experience.Around a decade ago, the space exploration vessel House of Wisdom became abandoned after a deadly infectious virus was released on board, killing everyone on the ship The sole survivor was a boy, Jaswinder Bhattacharya, the son of a very prominent family in the political and scientific community Subsequently adopted by his aunt, Jas spent the next ten years pretending he could not remember what happened on the House of Wisdom and has tried to keep a low profile ever since Meanwhile, the spaceship, which has become massive tomb, is left drifting in space guarded by drone missiles that would destroy anything that dared approach.Now older, Jas is about to embark on his first journey back into space since the incident, along with a small group of his friends and fellow students But unbeknownst to him, he is the key to a plan hatched up by a cult who want to use his genetic signature to bypass the security measures guarding House of Wisdom, which they mean to transform into a new home for their people Zahra is one of the members of this cult, acting upon the orders of their leader Adam She and her team were supposed to hijack Jas shuttle and kidnap the young man, forcing him to help them access the ship No one was supposed to get hurt, or at least that was Zahra s original understanding But not long after they took over of the shuttle, everything started going wrong Not surprisingly, when they reach the House of Wisdom, they also find bodies However, what Zahra finds disturbing is not the presence of the dead, but the way that they died, which does not appear consistent with what was reported by the government She and her team had been inoculated against the virus that supposedly killed everyone, but the threat they are faced with is something else entirely.The story is told via two main perspectives Zahra and Jas Kali Wallace does a fantastic job balancing their POVs, giving readers enough background into her characters lives so we can sympathize with them and understand what drives them Despite them being very different and having conflicting motives, I felt connected to both protagonists It s hard to say whose chapters I enjoyed following , as I thought their lives were equally fascinating to read about And once Zahra and Jas realized that they would be better off working together to survive, that s when the character development and relationship dynamics grew even intriguing.As I said before, the way the story is presented is also very cinematic, and there were certain scenes that made me feel like I was watching a movie Periodically, bits and pieces of conversation and reports from the House of Wisdom passengers last moments are also injected into the narrative, heightening the tensions and spooky atmosphere aboard the derelict ship In addition, the world building helps set Salvation Day apart from other sci fi offerings that feature similar themes The politics of this world are complex, involving a complete restructuring of the society following an apocalyptic event Spawned in the aftermath of the collapse are a number of different government factions, resistance organizations, displaced refugees and other outsider groups like cults and extremist movements All these opposing forces have created uncertain conditions and unique challenges in people s lives.Then there are the pressing, immediate threats facing our characters once they make it aboard the House of Wisdom Hidden agendas, betrayals, and secrets help keep the plot engaging, as if the dangers around them and the possibility of being infected with a deadly parasite weren t enough I honestly didn t expect much from this book beyond the virus angle, but as the story gradually expanded in scope, I was drawn into a plot that was way nuanced than I had originally thought, and I ended up being quite satisfied with the crux and conclusion.At the end of the day, I would recommend Salvation Day if you enjoy sci fi thrillers with a touch of horror, and I thought Kali Wallace did an especially good job at the creating an atmosphere of suspense and claustrophobia Glad I took the chance on this one. You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight.This was such a high energy, eerie adventure through space Our main characters, Zahra and Jaswinder, had incredibly differing motivations for everything that happened, and it was easy to relate to both of their stances, though as the reader, it s clear to see that Zahra is being manipulated Zahra is a member of what basically amounts to a cult which operates under the guise of helping saving don t they all Jas has absolutely no plans to throw himself into any sort of conflict, but when your ship is taken hostage well, we do what we must to survive.And that is the crux of it these people are all trying to survive, but there is so much that they don t know Obviously a good portion of the book is devoted to uncovering the myriad of things that have been shoved under the rug, things that neither character was ever aware of And ultimately, there are a lot of questions about who they can and can t trust.It s such an action packed book it would make an incredible movie, by the way, someone should get on that that you definitely won t be bored as you try to figure out what our main characters will discover next The entire vibe of the book really nails an eerie, creepy ambiance that fits perfectly with the world the author created My one qualm was that I didn t feel as much of a connection with the characters as I would have liked too The side characters especially felt a bit disposable But overall, the plot and the unfurling secrets and discoveries were intense enough to keep me well entertained Bottom Line Definitely a plot driven novel, the action and mystery kept me on the edge of my seat. After purchasing my tickets for Comicon, I got an email Would I be interested in a free book, and would I agree to come to a Book Club meeting at the con Ummm, would I like to breathe oxygen Heck yeah I waited, patiently, and two weeks before con, it arrived A happy little package with this book and some assorted materials I was deep in the middle of a PKD nominee, but I cracked this open and looked up again four hours later So, readable Definitely.While this book deals with two opposing groups, it boils down to two main characters, united by a tragedy from their childhood the mysterious and bad deaths of a space craft full of people The ship, abandoned and untouched, now a mass grave and always a mystery, soon becomes To some, it s hope To others, it s terror At first I felt there were a LOT of similarities to the first Expanse book, to say why would be spoilers And while I think there were definitely influences, the plot and characters moved beyond and became fully its own story We have the female lead terrorist someone bucking the system just trying to find freedom for her people broken daughter trying to clear her father s name And the male brilliant hero trying to save HIS people traumatized son trying to find answers the only person who knows what truly happened up there They both ended up by the time it was done And extra special points for them NOT hooking up This is not a YA book, for sure.I liked the blending of horror and science fiction, and the characters for the most part seemed very fleshed out in their actions and motivations The only part that seemed a miss was the portrayal of the cult leader 1 TRIGGERED from my very conservative upbringing, there s no way any sane person would buy that megalomaniac crap, right 2 by the time we meet him, sh t is going down and we get a very maniacal one dimensional character which made me wonder how he got so many people to follow him.Anyway, it ended up being a lot better than I anticipated, and listening to everyone discuss at the Book Club was super fun Also fun The bag of swag I got at the end, woot In compliance with FTC guidelines I received this book free from a Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review The content of this review is not influenced by that fact The feelings expressed are solely mine I sincerely appreciate the chance to read and review this book.It pains me to give this book a 2.5 star rating 2 recorded but when measuring my thoughts against recent 3 star reads it doesn t match up I really wanted to like this book and be lost in this future world It just didn t happen The writing was not the issue entirely Somewhere though it just went of course for me I think the book was entirely too long for the story the author tried to tell She probably could have wrapped it up in under 200 pages There was too much filler and unfortunately that filler was not overly interesting or vital to the story I also had no feelings whatsoever for any of the characters, good of bad They were just there, nothing else I also disliked the constant use of f bombs throughout and coming from every character and for any reason I m certainly no prude and have been known to swear like a sailor in the very, very rare occasion when circumstances warrant However, the use in this book felt off and not authentic Bottom line it did nothing to add to building characters or plot forwarding so it was a detractor at best and a total turn off of the story at worst 2 2.5 4.04 Ahoy there me mateys I have been meaning to read some of Kali Wallace s work for quite some time but always seem to forget to do so Then I was reminded of this book s existence from Mogsy thebibliosanctum s awesome reviewMogsy thebibliosanctum s awesome review which led me to this fun read She said the way the story is presented is also very cinematic, and there were certain scenes that made me feel like I was watching a movie Periodically, bits and pieces of conversation and reports from the House of Wisdom passengers last moments are also injected into the narrative, heightening the tensions and spooky atmosphere aboard the derelict ship In addition, the world building helps set Salvation Day apart from other sci fi offerings that feature similar themes.Aye, ye heard it correctly, an abandoned derelict ship filled with dead bodies in space This read was certainly spooky The book starts with a group from a fringe colony taking a passenger vessel hostage with the goal of stealing a massive abandoned generation ship The generation ship s crew was previously killed in a viral outbreak where there was only one survivor But when the kidnappers get to the ship, the dead bodies cause of death doesn t seem to match the official story.Of course that be all ye get from me because of spoilers The story is told from the perspective of two people, the original virus survivor, Jas, and one of the kidnappers, Zahara I actually thought the back and forth between the two helped add to the suspense and mystery of the plot With each shift, the reader is given new pieces of the current puzzle and also insight into the past And there is no romance here Hooray The world building is what sets this apart from other sci fi tales The story is nuanced with conflicting politics from multiple factions, problems with intrapersonal relationships, and atmospheric ship details This was a quick read that I devoured in one sitting The couple chapters of what happened politically at the very end weren t completely to me taste but overall this was a fantastic read that I highly recommend Arrrr Check out me other reviews at For those who like to journey into the future to the stars and beyond, Kali Wallace has a science fiction tale filled with mystery, intrigue and the possible final demise of humanity, SALVATION DAY.After almost completely destroying Earth s ability to maintain life, ships were sent out to explore other avenues of survival, but one exploration vessel became a tomb for its inhabitants, killed by a deadly virus, now condemned to space as so much flotsam Now one group will discover the truth about that virus and learn the secrets buried by the government For some it will bring redemption, for others it will bring death, but no one ever said the truth was always pretty High octane action, emotionally charged characters and a mission never meant to succeed, who will survive the House of Wisdom s horrors I do love a good science fiction drama, one that unveils some of the possibilities in the future and the seemingly endless ability of humanity for destruction and deceit in the face of complete annihilation I also love heroes who will do the right thing at any cost.I received a complimentary ARC edition from Berkley Publisher Berkley July 9, 2019 Publication Date July 9, 2019Genre Sci fi ThrillerPrint Length 320 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow received an ARC for the Penguin Reader Panel at ECCC 2019 I could see that this book could be really good to a certain kind of reader It s really not in my wheelhouse, so I enjoyed it, but don t think it s anything amazing Positives The plot of this book was enjoyable with lots of twists and turns Very satisfying resolution Fast paced I actually got through this really quickly, which is hard for me lately The writing is very cinematic This is the kind of book that would make a great movie Negatives I felt like the plot drove the characters No one seemed to be making their own decisions but just being driven to them.The characters were pretty flat Everyone had one motivating idea.A little randomly preachy at the end.I wanted world building I didn t get a good picture of what the councils were until the very end of the book The secrets were so fragile that they couldn t stand up to having the reader have information.The title I m not sure it s justified I mean they stopped the menace, but Salvation implies something very permanent and lasting. Find this review at Forever Lost in Literature At this point, it doesn t seem like I ll ever tire of reading space thrillers, and Salvation Day proved to be yet another thrilling one that kept me hooked throughout Salvation Day is a fast paced adventure in space following a disparate group of people with a variety of different motivations at play The concept of violent, lethal virus existing on a spaceship and becoming a huge threat is not the most original one to exist among thrillers in space, but Wallace combines it with a unique hostage situation that changes things up enough to keep this book fresh.The book alternates POVs between Zahra, leader of the crew attempting to take over the House of Wisdom, and Jaswinder, or Jas, survivor of the tragedy that led to the House of Wisdom being abandoned and also whom Zahra also plans to kidnap Sound confusing yet Don t worry, things eventually make senseright before they take some unexpected twists and turns to make sure you never know what to expect Wallace did a great job with developing characters that have in depth background and a plausible explanation for what has led them to the points they are in the present day in this novel Something that I really liked was that the characters had a lot of morally grey aspects to them, as our good guys aren t necessarily all that good, and the bad guys aren t always that bad, either I thought she did a great job of realistically portraying how people s backgrounds and circumstances lead them to do things and be influenced in ways they wouldn t necessarily be otherwise There is a good amount of character in this study despite the major focus being on the suspenseful aspect of the plot.The world building in Salvation Day has both strong and weak points, though overall I found it steady enough to convey a believable world and current situation There were a few specific areas that Wallace developed really well, such as the location of the House of Wisdom and other relevant space ships ports used or mentioned in the story which really cemented the current physical world However, outside of the settings in which the majority of the story takes place, there were only brief mentions of other areas of the world that left me feeling not quite as clear about the state of the world as I could have been Wallace does mention, for instance, how space exploration has become a crucial investment for the world, but I would have loved to explore about how it happened and what exactly caused it This is mentioned briefly, but it felt a bit insufficient as well Despite this, I didn t have any major issues with understanding the present state of events in the novel, and because of that I had no problem enjoying this book fully.As I mentioned, Salvation Day is a book that runs through its events at a breakneck speed, though not too fast to keep up, and it seems as though most of the events of the book happen within one or maybe two days total I enjoyed this quick pace because it helped keep my attention and the intensity of the plot high, but this timeline is also where I had one of my minor issues, as it was never explicitly said how long things were taking or what the time frame was Even if it did only take place in one day, I felt confused because there was also never any mention of anyone need food, water, or even a restroom break, despite being stranded onboard an abandoned spaceship This wasn t a huge problem because I m sure everyone involved was stressed and not really thinking about necessities, but it definitely still made me wonder why people didn t seem to have any regular bodily functions to deal with Maybe something was mentioned in passing that I missed, but this is just one of those inconsistencies in books that can frustrate me There were a few other inconsistencies like this throughout, especially in regards to the virus, but nothing that drastically pulled me out of the story and instead only left me questioning a few things.Salvation Day isn t afraid to pull punches and readily explores the motivations and consequences of people trapped in dire, unexpected circumstances of survival It has moments where you might be able to guess what happens, but the overall picture is entirely unpredictable and kept twisting in places I wasn t expecting it to There are constantly secrets to uncover and new parts of the characters and world s history to explore.Overall, I ve given Salvation Day 3.75 stars I had a few minor quibbles here and there, but in the end I sped through this book and had a great time doing it I can t wait to see what Kali Wallace writes next

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