I Invited Her In

I Invited Her In PDF I Invited Her In Adele Parks Freeboooks.com A Gripping Story Of Friendship And Betrayal From International Best Selling Author Adele Parks I Invited Her In And She Took Everything When Mel Hears From A Long Lost Friend In Need Of Help, She Doesn T Hesitate To Invite Her To Stay Mel And Abi Were Best Friends Back In The Day, Sharing The Highs And Lows Of Student Life, Until Mel S Unplanned Pregnancy Made Her Drop Out Of Her Studies.Now, Seventeen Years Later, Mel And Abi S Lives Couldn T Be Different Mel Is Happily Married, Having Raised Her Son On Her Own Before Meeting Her Husband, Ben Now They Share Gorgeous Girls And Have A Chaotic But Happy Family Home, With Three Children.Abi, Meanwhile, Followed Her Lover To LA For A Glamorous Life Of Parties, Celebrity And Indulgence Everything Was Perfect, Until She Discovered Her Partner Had Been Cheating On Her Seventeen Years Wasted, And Nothing To Show For It So What Abi Needs Now Is A True Friend To Lean On, To Share Her Grief Over A Glass Of Wine, And To Have Some Time To Heal And What Better Place Than Mel S House, With Her Lovely Kids, And Supportive Husband This Dark, Unsettling Tale Of The Reunion Of Long Lost Friends Is Thoroughly Gripping Exploration Of Wanting What You Can T Have, Jealousy And Revenge From Sunday Times Bestseller Adele Parks. My reviews can also be seen at had this novel on my list of upcoming books that I really wanted to read so when I won a copy through Goodreads, I was excited Imagine the worst thing a friend could ever do This is worse Those two lines had me quite intrigued Mel is a happily married mother of three Before she met her husband Ben, it was just her and her son, Liam against the world Then she married Ben and they had two children together.One day Mel is scrolling through her email when a familiar name catches her eye stopping her in her tracks The email s subject line says It s been too long The message is from her old University friend, Abigail Curtiz Mel remembers how supportive Abi had been when Mel got pregnant with Liam But they haven t seen each other in over 17 years.After a moment s hesitation, she opens the message.Eventually, she will regret opening that email It turns out Abi is getting divorced and is coming home to London for a visit She asks Mel if she would like to meet for a drink Mel is unsure about meeting Abi It s been so long and they ve led very different lives But then she impulsively invites Abi to come to see her and meet her family She s pretty sure Abi won t accept the
5 stars I LOVED this book Mel and Abi were best friends in university until Mel dropped out due to an unplanned pregnancy, ending their inseparable friendship and all communication between the girls Seventeen years later, Abi, now a well known TV personality, shows up on Mel s doorstep seeking friendship and support after leaving her wealthy and powerful husband Mel invites Abi to stay in her family home as long as she needs This is a tale of love, loyalty, family, revenge, secrets and lies Brimming with suspense and intrigue, this novel had me glued to the pages from start to finish The characters were fantastic some of the most memorable characters I have read about in a very long time loved them The witty humour and snark scattered throughout the story had me shocked and laughing My connection to the writing was immediate and intense The pace and flow of the book was flawless I enjoyed each of the multiple characters perspectives and thought the transitions between each were smooth and fluent There were a few fantastic twists in this story I had suspected a couple of the twists which is shocking for me as I m not usually a good book detective , yet my enjoyment wasn t negatively impacted at all by my accurate predictions This was my first novel by Adele Parks and as you can tell, I was very impressed and am a big fan I look forward to reading of her work This was a Trave
Hmmm well where do I start with I Invited Her In With having read MANY thrillers it takes a lot to impress this girl right here I have read some amazing thrillers this genre but unfortunately this one fell super flat for me The premise sounded promising with inviting a long lost girlfriend into your home and her taking everything But, I was hoping that the author would take a fun spin with this on that tagline In my opinion, these stories have to have twists, edginess, and keeping you on your toes and then leave you picking up your jaw due to that bang of an ending This book had ZERO of this For starters, the story was WAY too long and dragged on I keep seeing this pattern of having authors write these long ass books and the story just doesn t hold up I don t get it Are they thinking the longer the length the better the story Well. that definitely isn t the case you either have the charm or you don t.The story was predictable and I knew what happened before it happened I think the author could have taken such a thrilling ride with this one and she missed the mark completely on this one The characters were too cliche and come on Abi You need to add some umph to this character if the story was supposed to play out as it did After I f
Revenge doesn t have an expiration date Abi and Mel were the best of friends years ago, in school together, and completely inseparable until Mel got pregnant and dropped out It s now over 15 years later, and the pair are living vastly different lives when they reconnect Mel is happily married to Ben, and they have two children together Abi, on the other hand, had been living in LA with her high profile long term boyfriend only to find out he had been cheating on her all this time So, Abi needs a friend and seeks comfort through Mel and is invited into their home to heal Things then turn dark and unexpected, illustrating jealousy and revenge amongst friends has no expiration date I Invited Her In had several twists I didn t expect I loved hearing from all the different characters it kept my interest piqued If you ve ever had
A dark domestic thriller packed with madness and manipulation I invited her in and she took everythingThis was a brilliantly crafted character study Adele Parks has skillfully constructed A story about the ultimate betrayal This is not a story full of twists and turns nor is it supposed to be It is a story about master manipulation and the motivations behind it A Book about one woman s rage and need for revenge and the destruction she leaves in her wake.Melanie and Abi were the best of friends at University, but when Melanie becomes unexpectedly pregnant and leaves university they slowly drift apart they both lead very different lives Melanie is now the mother of three and married to a loving man Ben Abi has moved to the US and become a celebrity, leading a life of fame and glamour When Melanie receives an email out of the blue from Abi informing her that she s coming home Melanie does not hesitate to invite her to stay at her home At first Melanie is so excited to have her old BFF back in her life, but soon she discovers Abi s malicious intent Wow Abi was one twisted manipulative angry bitch Seriously there is no other word to describe her, she was crazy evil Poor Melanie was left trying to figure out why she was doing this to her and picking up the pieces of her life a
I Invited Her In And She Took Everything Mel Harrison hasn t seen her old University pal Abi in years So when she gets in touch by email out of the blue Mel decides to invite Abi for a visit she is excited to catch up with her and relive their old uni days Mel had to drop out of uni in her second year due to an unplanned pregnancy while Abi has gone on to be a successful tv presenter in the US.Mel is now married to Ben.Ben is kind and understanding he met Mel as a single mum to Liam married her. took on the role of Dad to Liam and now Mel and Ben have a busy life with two girls of their own Mel has a job in a shop and life although a little humdrum is good until that email arrives.Life is not so good at present for Abi Her husband has cheated on her She has no children due to his choice but Abi knows the very person who does have all that and she s about to embark on a course of action to take EVERYTHING.then some I Invited Her In is told entirely from Mel s POV with occasional chapters focusing on other characters It does take a little whi
They lost touch, she invited her in, shows off her perfect life and she wreaks chaos on their lives I Invite Her In is a chilling, twisty emotionally dark story that explores love, betrayal and the illusion and jealousy of happiness The story starts off a bit slow as we get to know our main characters friends from the past Melanie and Abi as they do some female bonding They now live very different lives and when successful Abi s life is turned upside down she reaches out to Melanie and she invites her into her home The suspense and tension built as Abi s presence causes friction in the family We started to see cracks develop in their relationship and things start to heat up to a shocking discovery that left me yelling at some characters Things started to get heated between me and the characters and I was texting Lindsay with what I wanted to do to the characters I started turning those pages as fast as I could to find out how this story comes together in the end Thank you to Edelwei
A story of manipulation, jealously and payback After 17 long years Abi contacts her friend from college Melanie in hopes of catching up Abi has been living a life of glamour and luxury in the states and wants to come back to Melanie s small town and visit Being the good host that she is, Melanie and her family invite Abi into their home with open arms The problem is now how do they get her to leave The family is thrown into a state of disorganization as Abi s arrival seems to captivate and manipulate all of Melanie s time Mel has always been in a state of infatuation with Abi s popularity in college and 17 years distance has apparently not changed that In fact she seems even in awe with her and her star status Never mind that Abi did not even bother to attend their wedding.I found the majority of this book to move at a slower pace and found myself getting somewhat frustrated True in the end it picked up and gave us some twists but some were rather predictable I found myself wanting to yell at both Mel and her husband Ben to get her out of their house as Abi continued to take advantage of them Abi was such an unlikable characte
I received a free e copy of I Invited Her In by Adele Parks from NetGalley for my honest review.Mel and Abi are best friends that share everything Mel ends up getting pregnant from a one night stand and then everything changes Mel drops out of school and then Mel and Abi drift apart, living very different lives Seventeen years later Mel is married to Ben and has a wonderful son Liam and two beautiful girls Abi and Imogen Abi is married to Rob and they have everything they can dream of, living a life of luxury Until one day, when Abi finds her husband in bed with his PA Abi s life is falling apart Mel receives an email from her old friend Abi and learns that she and Rob have split up and she is coming back home Mel invited Abi into her home to help her and be there for her while she heels Everything seems to be great Best friends, reunited, being there for one an
Favorite Quotes Some people whispered that she was pretentious they resented the fact that she only enjoyed listening to music on vinyl and was fussy about the strength of coffee beans she refused to drink beer, sticking exclusively to French red wine she rarely ate She was, by far, the most interesting person I d ever met You ll still get the fairy tale, Abi said with her usual cool confidence I mean Snow White had seven little fellas hanging off her apron and she still netted a prince Her body leaned into his when he walked into a room, like a compass pointing north.He s lucky if I pluck my eyebrows I just find life busy and tricky enough without having to inflict extra pain on myself for an aesthetic that precisely one person is going to benefit from I mean, I d never ask him to put hot wax on his best bits Ben has never complained about my lack of grooming in that area it s not as though he needs help finding his target.I m not the sort of shape that s considered typically desirable I only stop traffic if I press the button and the lights change.I throw the phone at the hall wall It makes a satisfying dent I can t believe I once painted that especially for her arr