Only Mostly Devastated

Only Mostly DevastatedSimon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda Meets Clueless, Inspired By Grease.When Ollie Meets His Dream Guy, Will, Over Summer Break, He Thinks He S Found His Happily Ever After But Once Summer S Ended, Will Stops Texting Him Back, And Ollie Finds Himself One Prince Short Of A Fairytale Ending To Complicate The Fairytale Further, A Family Emergency Sees Ollie Uprooted And Enrolled At A New School Across The Country Will S School Where Ollie Finds That The Sweet, Affectionate And Comfortably Queer Guy He Knew From Summer Isn T The Same One Attending Collinswood High This Will Is A Class Clown, Closeted And, To Be Honest, A Bit Of A Jerk.Ollie Has No Intention Of Pining After A Guy Who Clearly Isn T Ready For A Relationship But As Will Starts Coincidentally Popping Up In Every Area Of Ollie S Life, From Music Class To The Lunch Table, Ollie Finds His Resolve Weakening.The Last Time He Gave Will His Heart, Will Handed It Back To Him Trampled And Battered Ollie Would Have To Be An Idiot To Trust Him With It Again.Right Right. SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA MEETS CLUELESS, INSPIRED BY GREASEI expect to be only mostly devastated or else I am complaining to the manager for false advertisement SUMMER LOVING, BUT GAY Greese inspired queer romcom pitched as Simon Vs meets Clueless SOPHIE GONZALES TELL ME MORE, TELL ME MORE For every ignored text For every time someone said I love you , only to forget it the next day For every night spent lying awake thinking about someone, but mostly wondering if maybe they re thinking about you too.I wrote this book for all of them Because sometimes if you cry for long enough, you start to see the funny side of it all, and I so prefer laughing to crying Also, this book is queer af And if you re here, there s a good chance you re looking for a book that s queer af otherwise, woops, you made a left turn back there when you were supposed to go right It happens to all of us Here are some other books that are queer af written by authors who are also queer af Add them, read them, boost them Because the only way to get queer books out there is to support the ones that already exist That s how capitalism works, boys, gals and nonbinary pals lets do something fun If you know an amazing, traditionally published to be traditi
are you kidding me with this plot but, importantly, are you kidding me with that release date need it now Promise me we ll find a way to see each other again I can t promise that Then lie Please I had a feeling going in I was going to enjoy this With Grease, Simon and Clueless as comps, how could I not What I wasn t prepared for was how smart it was going to be, how often I was going to literally snort at the jokes, how much I would cry Most of all, how freaking relatable everything was The premise is familiar and Grease like Ollie meets Will over summer vacation and falls head over heels When his family decide to stay in North Carolina to look after his sick aunt, Ollie finds himself at the same school as Will, only to find that, here, Will is popular, rude and one of the jocks Oh, and closeted Ollie is adopted by a group of girls, and I think they might be the crowning achievement of this story As much as I love the romance between Ollie and Will and I ll get to that later , the girls are freaking wonderful You have Lara, who s white, bisexual and bitchy in a way that s reminiscent of Rizzo But unlike Rizzo, she s called on her shit over and over again I think in the end that s why I thought her bitchiness worked I don t mind gray characters, as long as they re not allowed to get away with it But she s also a lot than that No spoilers, but by the end of the book Lara was my favorite character Character growth, baby A lot of it Probably one of the bes
I need this so badly I could cry. synopsis pitched as simon vs the homo sapiens agenda me say no . 2.5 starsas an actual bisexual woman who s been a victim of fatphobic bullying her entire life and suffers from pcos, i m genuinely upset at some of the shoddy representation in this book review to come i m still fuming about some of the rep, so we ll see representation gay mc, bi li, bi side character, plus
I m only mostly devastated that this book comes out in 2020 and we still haven t invented time machines.Look, a book loving bitch is impatient so I m just gonna go crawl in my cave now and y all can wake me up in 2020 when this book is released this looks like the gay romcom of the century and i m very here for it