Hope and Other Punchlines

Hope and Other Punchlines Sometimes Looking To The Past Helps You Find Your Future.Abbi Hope Goldstein Is Like Every Other Teenager, With A Few Smallish Exceptions Her Famous Alter Ego, Baby Hope, Is The Subject Of Internet Memes, She Has Asthma, And Sometimes People Spontaneously Burst Into Tears When They Recognize Her Abbi Has Lived Almost Her Entire Life In The Shadow Of The Terrorist Attacks Of September 11 On That Fateful Day, She Was Captured In What Became An Iconic Photograph In The Picture, Abbi Aka Baby Hope Wears A Birthday Crown And Grasps A Red Balloon Just Behind Her, The South Tower Of The World Trade Center Is Collapsing.Now, Fifteen Years Later, Abbi Is Desperate For Anonymity And Decides To Spend The Summer Before Her Seventeenth Birthday Incognito As A Counselor At Knights Day Camp Two Towns Away She S Psyched For Eight Weeks In The Company Of Four Year Olds, None Of Whom Have Ever Heard Of Baby Hope.Too Bad Noah Stern, Whose Own World Was Irrevocably Shattered On That Terrible Day, Has A Similar Summer Plan Noah Believes His Meeting Baby Hope Is Fate Abbi Is Sure It S A Disaster Soon, Though, The Two Team Up To Ask Difficult Questions About The History Behind The Baby Hope Photo But Is Either Of Them Ready To Hear The Answers Is it tacky to review your own novel Probably But alas I wrote this book, and it s the one that almost killed me, and took a whole year longer than it was supposed to, and I m super ridiculously proud of it, so I m giving myself FIVE STARS I truly hope you like it too. I know better than anyone that you can t always draw a straight line from the who you once were to the who you are now Abbi Hope Goldstein celebrated her first birthday on September 11, 2001 While that doesn t make her completely unique, one fact does on that fateful day, a photographer captured her, wearing a birthday crown and holding a red balloon, while the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed behind her That photo, entitled Baby Hope, became an iconic symbol of that day It truly gave people hope, and as Abbi grew older, she continued to be the subject of intense media curiosity Strangers would stop her on the street and hug her, crying, sharing their memories of 9 11 It s hard to be infamous for something you didn t have any control over, and living in the New Jersey town that experienced the greatest number of casualties outside of NYC that day, she can never seem to escape the legacy of Baby Hope But this summer, just before she turns 17 and starts her senior year of high school, she s determined to do something for herself She signs up to be a counselor at a day camp two towns away, where no one will know her as anyone but Abbi It s the perfect plan before she has to confront some issues she s dreading.It turns out that Noah Stern, who is one year behind her in school, has decided to be a counselor at the same camp Not only does he know that she is Baby Hope, he believes it was his destiny to meet her His life changed, too, on 9 11, and he convinces blackmails Abbi into helping track down the other people who were in her iconic photo But neither of them is being completely honest about the impact of that day on their lives.As they work to carry out Noah s plan, their relationship begins to deepen, but the secrets that both are hiding could be a barrier too great to overcome Hope and Other Punchlines is a powerful, poignant story about trying to move away from the shadow of your past, and finding the strength to make a fresh start But at the same time, the book shows us that everything that occurs in our life makes us the person we are, even if we d rather not acknowledge those things and their effect on us Something happens when the story you tell yourself turns out not to be your story at all You have to figure out what to replace it with Something needs to grow in the space left behind I found this book absolutely beautiful it s emotional but it s funny, too Even when I thought there really wasn t another angle by which to approach 9 11, Julie Buxbaum found a gorgeous story which sprung from those left behind The burden that these kids carried on their shoulders, for different reasons, really moved me, and I was completely invested in this story from start to finish In fact, I read the entire book in just a few hours.I had never read any of Buxbaum s books before although I ve always meant to, since I m such a YA fan Now for sure I ll definitely be picking her earlier books up But I can t recommend Hope and Other Punchlines enough It s a story of family, friendship, love, loss, guilt, grief, and, of course, hope.See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.Check out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at This is my third book from Julie Buxbaum and frankly I don t know if I should continue with her stories The first book I read from her, Tell Me Three Things, I couldn t finish The second book, What to Say Next, I enjoyed but I remember disliking the love interest or not feeling particularly moved by the romance Well, same thing happened here Abbi and Noah are definitely a good match because they don t annoy one another and simply care about each other tremendously I know, my expectations regarding soul mates are not very high nowadays.But I did not fall head over heels for Noah like Abbi does because his humour did not work for me He is socially awkward, as in he doesn t always understand or care when it s time to be serious Instead, he makes bad jokes whenever he feels like it It s pretty obvious he loves attention and making people react But I didn t outright hate him He can be entertaining and sweet Oftentimes I like characters because of how they interact with other people, not because of their voice, and Noah is good to Abbi the majority of time.This is a gripping story about a teen survivor of 9 11 Abbi, AKA Baby Hope and the boy who needs her help seeking out other survivors who may provide him with answers to his questions Abbi is reluctant to spend time with him in the beginning, since she disagrees with the idea of questioning survivors, but the she gets to know Noah, the she understands him and where he s coming from I found this to be a convincing romance and overall tale I even learned from it For instance, I had no idea many 9 11 survivors ended up developing cancer due to exposure to toxic residue That s heart breaking I also enjoyed the author s writing style and the maturity she breathed into Abbi, despite her decision to lie to the people she loves Yeah, I ll probably read this author s future release, too Might as well since I ve become fairly acquainted with her style and this was a well told story, despite annoying Noah Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin 3.5 sad, gloomy, tear jerker but at the end hopeful, bright, surviving stars as like how the life goes rounded up 4 stars To find yourself completely you need to learn losing yourself at first Baby Hope was in danger, lonely at her birthday, September 11, 2001 She was saved from her daycare and as she was wearing a crown on her hat, holding a red balloon, captured by a photographer with a bunch of strangers are standing behind her At the background South Tower of World Trade Center was collapsing Survival tragedy changed Abby Hope s life, turned her into an icon, a symbol of staying alive, a commercial figure, a reluctant celebrity that she forces herself to stay away from the media circus by hiding her identity After that tragic day, her life might have been saved but her happiness has been truly removed from her life Her parents were divorced She became loner, introvert, socially awkward person, lately loses her best friend to the wannabe It girls As long as she wants to separate herself with Baby hope image stick with her personal life, she hardly gets rid of her past Now she is lost without friends, without future dreams, no desire for college, having relationship with boys The worst part is she thinks she has a deadly disease but she keeps it secret from her parents not to worry about them her mother is already agitated enough because of her grandmother s dementia Now she became a volunteer to work in summer camp She meets with Noah who has a crazy project about what happened to those people stood behind baby Hope at the epic photo He easily recognizes Abby and not to declare she is the famous baby Hope to the other camp crew, he blackmails her to help him out on his project At first Hope rejects him but as soon as they start to talk with people on the photo, she finds a different purpose in her life and realizes she is not alone All those people are her secret family who shared an emotional past with her As long as she goes to make interviews with Noah, they became closer.Noah dreams to be a comedian and writing a first 9 11 joke on his stand up show He is shy, awkward, clumsy, weird kind of sense of humor and he s also sweet, kind, the problem about him he hardly show his vulnerable side His bromance with Jack was hilarious They reminded me of Sex Education series Otis and Eric so much I enjoyed the parts of misunderstandings between Abby and Noah s relationship They like each other but not brave and confident enough to show their feelings and they put themselves so many awkward positions.Chemistry part between them is a little missing As a couple they reminded of wrong casted actors to play in a romantic movie But as a summary, last parts, Abby s finding herself and embracing her life, her flaws, her past and near future, family, Noah, Jack, new friends from camp are satisfying and heartwarming The writer took a big risk to write about the most depressing, heart wrenching, shattering tragedy but she did a great job by turning this tragedy to a hopeful, smiling, joyful journey of life As a summary, it is a great try and mission is fully accomplished book 5 for summerathon, under the challenge of sunrise colors on the cover this aint it chief I have a good time reading this book but I think first half of the story is a bit boring By the way, I love the way Julie Buxbaum puts tell me three things game in this book It reminds me of her Tell me three things book very much iamemotionalThere are events in my life I ll never forget where I was, who I was with, what I felt September 11, 2001 is one of those moments that has stayed with me forever This novel takes me back to that time and adds a whole new layer to the story Every character played an important role in this novel Their stories mean everything to me This book will require some recovery on my part and will likely land on my top 5 this year I m sure. So good Like all Buxbaum books I loved this and the fact that it wasn t just a fluff read not that there is anything wrong with fluff I love the depth and emotions all her books have and all the feels that they bring out in me Most of all, I love that they are relate able and how they always leave me with a smile on my face.The relationships in this were epic Jack has to be one of my most favorite characters and I loved his and Noah s friendship We need the serious to recognize the funny, and the funny to give us even a shot in hell at surviving the serious September 11, 2001 changed lives Holes were created in communities, families, and hearts But love, courage, and compassion can be found in times of great loss and pain too The little moments a helping hand up, a hug, a kind word, or even a laugh to break the tension make a difference Abbi and Noah reminded me that laughter can be found in and after our worst moments.Abbi Hope Goldstein is Baby Hope A photograph captured her, on her first birthday, being carried out and away from the 9 11 devastation The image, of little Abbi holding tight to her birthday balloon, gave hope to so many during a time of pain and fear Now 15 years later, Abbi is still trying to find a way to live her life as Abbi not Baby Hope She is much than an iconic image She s grown up and changed, but no one seems to see or hear that But this is Abbi s summer She wants one summer to herself to be herself without Baby Hope So she heads off to summer camp, where she can blend in and start fresh No one will know her as Baby Hope But of course, who does she find at camp Someone who recognizes her Noah I just want to say right here and now that this boy s story made my heart hurt deep sigh Noah Stern s life also changed under that clear as can be blue blue Tuesday morning sky in September 2001 And now he wants answers With a little blackmail and lots of gummy bears, Noah sets off to find the truth and hopefully trying not to spoil But he needs a little help from Baby Hope.This quick moving story pulled me in at word one The short chapters move you along to new friends, old friends, survivors, and memories And that s the word that keeps popping up here for me memory or memories Some people will never forget what happened on 9 11 Some can t bear to think of it And others, like Abbi, have no memory of 9 11, but it s still a huge part of their lives The memory of that day echoes in so many different lives in so many different ways But memory is a tricky thing Sometimes we hold on tight to a story or belief whether it s true or not because it s all we have of someone or something Strength, memory, before after, and the pieces of our lives after a loss all run through the heart of this book Memories of who we were and memories of the ones we lost We do what we have to do to survive the hole in our lives after a tragedy, but stories and memories change along with our hearts We grow and hopefully heal My heart has unclenched itself from a fist to an open hand But something happens when the story you tell yourself turns out not to be your story at all You have to figure out what to replace it with Something needs to grow in the space left behind This powerful little book packs a wallop There is a lot going on with identity and grief and surviving For me, the best friend storyline made an already full book too full Cat s story needed time But alongside all that seriousness.there are a lot of laughs and smiles here too Abbi, Noah, and Jack form a hysterical trio Noah and Jack s friendship and banter are pitch perfect and punny But shakes head laughing I never thought Phil would end up being my favorite comedian DHope you meet these people and hear their stories.Highly recommended Quotes taken from ARC

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