Nobody Looks Good Naked

Nobody Looks Good NakedHer Professor Just Saw Her Mostly Naked Awkwardness Is Guaranteed To Ensue Proceeds For The Month Of Release Go To College Track 501c3 , Providing College Scholarships And Resources For Vulnerable Limited Resource Populations At What Do You Do When Your Freakishly Smart And Wickedly Sarcastic Research Methods Professor Sees You Mostly Naked You Befriend Him, Of CourseKissing Galileo Is The Second Book In The Dear Professor Series, Is 74k Words, And Can Be Read As A Standalone A Shorter Version Of This Story 40k Words Was Entitled Nobody Looks Good Naked And Was Available Via Penny Reid S Newsletter For Free Over The Course Of 2018 19. Kissing Galileo is LIVE and available all across the internets US Books Play to know 1 There is no pre order for this release 2 Proceeds for the month of release go to College Track a non profit , providing college scholarships and resources for vulnerable limited resource populations At 3 You do NOT have to
1. 5 5 starsHoly guacamole I am a bit of a sucker for professor college or uni only, none of that high school stuff thank you very much student romances, so when I saw Reid put out another book in the Dear Professor series, I snapped it up I had liked the first one, it s was an angsty but light romance, and I was there for it So this book, with it s heavy and real topics, shocked the heck out of me This book follows Emily Von, applied mathematics okay look, it was something maths but idk if it was AM, but really it s irrelevant, she was smart, that s all you need to know student ends up in an awkward situation with her professor, dressed in lingerie and stuck in a room with him The one upside Dr Hanover didn t recognise her, or that was, until their next class Victor is honestly one of the BEST heroes I have read about in a LONG time In the beginning, you think he s the typical aloof hero, cold and experienced, but the you read and the insights you get from his point of views you realise he is an incredibly naive and vulnerable person who hides behind that exterior For once, the hero was inexperienced and struggling mentally, it was a refreshing take for romance This book ta
I really like Emily I LOVE VICTORI made the choice to wait for this serial to be combined into an ebook kindle Then I bought it started reading I love love this book Emily is such a great person The meet cute between her and Victor seems like something that could happen has been written about in a Contemporary Romance before.There are so many layers than just meeting and finding out that he s her professor I highlighted the heck out of this book I just have to say, Victor is in no way an alpha in this story.He s very reserved and closed off Emily doesn t know why and I didn t either for quite a while into the story This is such a great eye of the beholder and what s inside that counts kind of story It s also, if you improve yourself, lose weight, get a makeover, you ll get noticed and THEN you ll be liked get attention then all will be well Not exactly Not really I have to say, this book is probably a great book club discussion type of book I need to read this on a regular basis I NEEDED this book when I was younger First of all, I look superb naked to you, just like you look superbly, magnificently naked to me But all human bodies are Monets, not Rockwells You get up close and no one looks good naked Body perfection is a myth perpetuated by airbrushed magazine covers Another of my favorite highli
5 STARSOh this was a clever little nugget Loved it Such a creative storyline Dr Hanover was such a complex character And the interplay between these two was fascinating to observe Intensely sensitive issues, and Penny played it out to perfection Well done My only request, please please give Andy his own story I just adored his character I sure hope there are coming in this series You are an outlier in every single cohort These are just words, but they re all I have I wi
Everybody needs friends like Andy Anna That is probably my favorite part of this book Yes, it does have a very much perfect writing, cute plotline, and a nice hero But I loved the friendship part of this story Andy and Victor, E
I knew better than to start a Penny book after 5pm, because I didn t go to sleep until I finished the entire thing ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE SLEEP DEPRIVATION Victor may be my favorite Hero character ever E V E R. Victor ious 5 star read I flippin love Emily and Victor I quit reading the monthly newsletter installments because parsing out my monthly dose of Victor was just cruel and unusual punishment, I had to have it ALL I love that Victor was smart, funny, and flawed His insecu
Now that s what I m talking about That s the way to write a contemporary romance complete with research methods stats talk which made me wish a course like that had been a prerequisite for me during school I had to learn it on the streets But I digress Thank you P
2.5 stars I m so underwhelmed by this book thus far I m reading in installments and this, together with the Laws of Physics series, is rendering me unexpectedly saddened by my waning interest in Penny Reid s body of work The heroine is a lingerie model without an insecure bone in her body While we are used to Penny Reid s emotionally secure characters, I don t know anyone in the real world short of actual lingerie models, perhaps who would fall into this category when it comes to flaunting their own nakedness I imagine this must be intended as a role reversal of sorts, as men typically don t betray or indicate any insecurity certainly not in popular Romance when in bed, while women often do It is also the polar opposite of the hero s confidence level Victor has zero confidence to the point that it hinders his ability to function in a relationship While Emily embodies the physical and emotional perfection of an ian of the Victoria s Secret persuasion , Victor bears the physical evidence of a man who is described as not merely formerly overweight but at one point morbidly obese Did she need to be Venus personified and did he need to be hiding a body of sag

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  • 06 October 2019
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