A Knights Tale (Knights Tale, #1)

A Knights Tale (Knights Tale, #1) Warwickshire, England, 1260 Will Talbot Is Leaving Home At Fourteen To Spend The Next Few Years In Training At Nearby Kenilworth Castle As A Squire Kenilworth Is The Home Of The Ambitious Simon De Montfort, Earl Of Leicester, Who Is Married To Eleanor, The Youngest Sister Of King Henry III Will S Adjustment To Life At The Castle Is Made Easier By His Growing Love For Stephen, The Young Chaplain S Clerk He Shares A Spartan Chamber With But In The Years After Will And Stephen Are Unexpectedly Separated, Will S Life Becomes Complicated Despite His Vow To Reunite With Stephen Once Knighted, He Allows Himself To Grow Closer To Simon, The Earl S Charming And Charismatic Second Son, Whom He Serves As A Squire As Simon S Intentions Toward Him Become Clearer And Impossible To Resist, And The Political Stakes Around The Montforts Grow Ever Higher, Will Is Faced With A Painful Choice Set Against The Tense Backdrop Of The Second Barons War Of 1264 67, And The Battles Of Lewes And Evesham, Will Must Navigate A World That He Wasn T Prepared To Enter And Decide For Himself What, And Who, Is Really Worth Fighting For. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.A Knight s Tale is a perfect example that mere adhesion to the politics of a particular historical moment does not historical fiction So much so that the sucess of this novel will most likely depend on how immersive an experience the reader expects from a fictional work that sets out to recreate the 13th century through a first person narrative strewn with terms such as mechanical the first known usage of the word dates from the 15th century and even worse, doppelganger , a term that was coined in the 17th century As for the other main vector of the story, its m m element, it is ill resolved as far as a romance goes and barely passable as taking place in 13th century England Homosexuality has of course existed since the dawn of man but the terms in which it is presented here is far too modern In fact, the novel as a whole suffers from this, which in in historical fiction is nothing short of a fatal flaw not only is the vocabulary full of anachronisms, as has already been pointed out, characters think and act almost as one would do in today s world.The medieval setting is not entirely perfunctory but it veers very close to it as the s
A Knight s Tale KenilworthBy Gabriella WestPublished 2017 by the authorFour starsSet against the backdrop of historical reality in the high Middle Ages, this is the story of Will Talbot, fatherless son of a minor country squire, who is taken into the household of the fifth Earl of Leicester, Simon de Montfort Will is training to be a knight, and is assigned to act as squire to one of the ambitious earl s sons For a country boy who has grown up in relative isolation, the world of Kenilworth castle is eye opening As he learns the skills he needs to be a warrior and earn his knighthood, Will also learns about the increasingly complicated relationship of the Montfort family with King Henry III He also learns about love, which is, of course, the point First there is the fair, scholarly, Stephen, clerk to the castle chaplain, a nameless orphan rescued by the earl in the bloody aftermath of a French battle Then there is Simon, second son of the earl and countess handsome, brave, and reckless As historical tensions build around him, Will must find hi
Freebie at right now I received a free copy through the M M Romance Group DBML program in exchange for an honest review.2.5 starsSynopsis Will is sent to be a squire, and eventually a knight, when he is fourteen years old, which is a little old to be leaving home, but circumstances prevented him arriving earlier Upon his arrival, he is roomed with Stephen, who is an outcast among the other boys, and servants Will, however, likes Stephen, and even though they don t associate much out of their room, they do come to be friends, and eventually feelings stronger than friendship developes But then Stephen is sent away, and Will has to deal with his feelings of loss, as well as trying to be the best squire that he can be.He is chosen as a personal squire by Simon, son of the feudal lord, and when Will is a little older, his feelings for Simon become complicated, especially since he still has feelings for Stephen, even though he hasn t seen him The time is coming closer and closer to war, though, as Will s lord is leading the charge for the Second Barons War, which puts paid to many plans of all the people involved.What I liked I felt that the connection between Will and Stephen was honest and true, and would have really liked to have seen of them actually being together, not just Will thinking about Stephen I liked Will s friendships with Thomas, his fellow squire,
3.0 of 5 stars Nice Rom Set In Interesting Medieval England Thanks to the author and Goodreads MMRG Don t Buy My Love program for a free copy in exchange for an honest review I love gay historicals, especially that of knights so, my hopes were up for this one While not fully met, the romance itself was nice and even if the historical aspects were background, they depicted an interesting period to frame the romance for those who prefer romance over history.Gabriella West s style was easy to read and well paced, with good descriptions of the romance, surroundings and actions for me to picture the people and settings The best part was the romance, which for me was mostly believable for teenage boys Like it wasn t just a monogamous affair The dual loves of the MC, Will, made it realistic and engaging The key characters were likable, yet had their faults, a plus for me and I felt the attractions and complications of coming of age.This would appeal to those who don t prefer a deep dive into history, but like it to provide an interesting background in which the romance may occur I liked that Gabriella populated her story with the real people, places and events from the 1260s England, just decades after the Magna Carta was signed This fed my historical bent, and I appreciated the effort but it didn t sate my appetite It lacked the historical feel I like to be immersed in, due to the sometimes modern langua
This is a story of a young man s path into adulthood whilst in training for Knighthood with a touch of M M romance William Talbot s father died a few years ago and his new stepfather is eager to be rid of him Will is sent to the Castle at Kenilworth to train as a squire destined for knighthood as his father once did We get to follow his journey of self discovery where relationships are formed and loyalty is tested.The writing is an admirable effort on keeping the medieval era book accurate, but some things caught my attention I understand the use of modern language for the sake of a cohesive read, but the use of the words mile and f k threw me off I m not certain how distance was measured during that time, but mile seemed too western and too precise I m also pretty sure that f k didn t exist until the 16th century Yeah, I m probably being anal about this, but it lessens the integrity of the story to me Will was too wishy washy of a character Granted, he s a teenager learning as he goes, but he s still confused and immature by the end
An exciting historical M M romance A riveting story that contains politics and romance I was happy to follow the relationships and politics within the castle along with William s platonic friendship with a fellow squire, Tom I wished there had been action and into his training as a squire There was a lot telling tha
It started out fast and never let up With the mixture of war and battles, love scenes and plain old sex it was pretty darn good read.It may not be historical correct in every little detail, but if you are reading only for history forget it.This book is about sex Hot sex between 3 men off and on but ends on a very good note The sex scenes were hot but always tasteful Not raunchy sexNow all I have to do is scrape up the 4.00 for the follow up The sex scenes were hot bu
I really liked this medieval romance Will is leaving his home to become a squire for the Montfort s at Castle Kenilworth While they he shares a room with Stephen, a chaplain s clerk and they develop a relationship When they are separated Will vows to reunite, but
Great plot with well developed characters pulled me right in from the very first page and the characters kept me totally engaged until the turn of the very last page I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.