Les tempêtes

Les tempêtes Roman Engag Sur L Urgence De La Question Climatique, Les Temp Tes Est Aussi, Sous La Plume De Meg Little Reilly Une D Claration D Amour Aux For Ts , Lacs Et Clairi Res De Son Vermont Natal Le Monde Des Livres Fuir Ou Ne Pas Fuir Radioscopie D Un Couple En Veille De Temp Te.Ash Et Pia Ont Choisi De Mener Une Vie Diff Rente Quitter Leur Petit Confort De Brooklyn, Ce Quotidien De Trentenaires Arty Acheter Une Jolie Maison Dans Le Vermont R Ver Ensemble De Nouveaux Projets Devant Des Paysages Couper Le Souffle.Mais Leur Greendream S Annonce De Courte Dur E, Menac Par L Annonce Des Temp Tes , Un V Nement Climatique Sans Pr C Dent Face Ce R Veil De La Nature, Plus Indomptable Et Impr Visible Que Jamais, Les R Actions Humaines Sont Aussi Vari Es Que Les Caract Res Et Devant L In Luctabilit D Une Catastrophe Cologique, Dans L Attente D Une Possible Fin Du Monde, L Union De Ash Et Pia, Peu Peu, Se D Sagr Ge Ancienne Du Gouvernement Obama, Meg Little Reilly Livre Ici Une Ode La Nature, Interrogation Sur Un Futur Pas Si Improbable, Et Magnifique Radioscopie Du Couple.L AuteurAncienne Du Gouvernement Obama, Meg Little Reilly A Galement Uvr Pour L EDF Environmental Defense Fund , Une Organisation Accr Dit E Par L ONU Et Agissant Dans Le Domaine De La Protection Environnementale Passionn E Par L Criture Et Les Questions Concernant L Avenir De Notre Plan Te, Son Premier Roman Est Le Reflet De Ses Engagements. Full review on www.novelgossip.comWe Are Unprepared is a cautionary tale of what the future of the world could look like It begins three months after Ash and Pia have left their old life in Brooklyn behind for a simpler and quieter existence in rural Isole,Vermont Reports of a devastating Storm begin to surface and the fear and anxiety this produces is like nothing Ash and Pia have seen or experienced before This story is told entirely from Ash s perspective and is divided into three parts The first part is the longest and is told over several months before The Storm is scheduled to hit The second part is when the storm actually hits and that doesn t happen until about sixty five percent of the story is told Though it did take quite a long time to lead up to the big event, part one was still engaging and kept me turning the pages.The process of seeing how the citizens of Isole all handled the lead up to The Storm was quite fascinating Everyone may have had differing ways of preparing themselves for this potentially catastrophic event but they all experienced panic, paranoia, and terror as they waited to see if The Storm would even come to fruition Many people begin to act r
I really liked this one The characters were believable to me and I could see the whole story unfolding as I was reading it Also, I love a good blizzard I m giving this one 5 stars because this is the kind of stuff I really go in for and I enjoyed it from
This review was done by KissinBlueKaren I liked this book than I thought I would A couple moves to Isole, Vermont from Brooklyn, New York Ash is from Vermont, Pia is not They both like the idea of simple living On the day they find out conceiving a child will be work then they guessed, the world also learns about a super storm coming soon to reek havoc on New England The Storm, as it comes to be known, spreads fear and panic throughout New England Pia and Ash has different views on how to best prepare themselves Pia joins a group of preppers and Ash becomes a local government tool to help the town get ready.The Storm is only the backdrop of this story Ash is the main character and his POV is all we get Ash thinks through what to do with the information he is given He is smart, but not too smart Also he doesn t have a bunch of great survival abilities, most of that comes from Pia Ash and Pia are new to Vermont, so they don t have many ties to the community They both join groups, much opposed to each other, and this creates a divide in their marriage.At first, I really liked Ash and Pia together She is a little quirky and Ash really loves that about her They both want to leave less of a carbon footprint and Ver
I m finished and thank goodness for that If I had had to read any of this writing I would have plucked out my eyeballs I m not sure why this book is getting so many rave reviewsall I can think is that the reviewers connect with these protagonist s or the style of writing and maybe I am just too old to understand, empathize with, or connect with protagonists like this selfish, silly, stupid, whiny, possibly suffering a variety of mental illnesses, entitled, bratty and did I already say stupid etc Since the first third or of the book was back story and very boring except to lay the foundation of the Ash and Pias flaws This was a good thing because it explains so much later on in the book The back story also explains that this couple had just been playing at being Vermonter s, and nearly deserved what they got Yes, they were THAT unlikable.The next third of the book ju
I was lucky enough to snag an early copy of this one, and boy, was I glad An engaging novel from the emerging cli fi genre, We Are Unprepared is both a page turner and a warning from a talented new author I can t wait to see what s next for Meg. My thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin US Canada MIRA for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.Slight spoilers follow.Ummmm.none of the characters were likable, all were pretty much dumb and in a real life end of time event, they would have all died And I would have cheered I had to keep checking that this book was written by a woman, as the MC s wife was written as manic pixie dream girl all grown up , but not mature I THINK she was supposed to have an un treated mental disorder, but she mentioned to her husband in than one fight that she was crazy had issue wasn t normal, etc I m not sure how mental illness works, but does the person who has it realize that they do And if they do, would they rather not do anything about it I think she was just really selfish with a side of immaturity and inability to adult properly and used mental illness as an excuse to do whatever she wanted The whole not wanting to help August and do something her husband really wanted to do, for once in their relationship kinda clinched it for me.Her husband thinks incredibly poorly of her the entire time we are in his head which is a pretty horrible place to be, btw , so it should come as NO surprise that they barely act like roommates who use each other for physical release and that their marriage doesn t seem like one I can t even say it disintegrates throughout the course of the book, because the reader never gets to see it whole or even pa
We Are Unprepared by Meg Little Reilly is a story set in Vermont about a broken relationship and an impending superstorm It s either so so or recommended, depending upon what you can personally tolerate in a disaster climate change politically preachy bad relationship needy neighborhood child debut novel.Ash and Pia have moved from Brooklyn to Isole, Vermont, a town of 6,481 people Their desire is to live a simpler life, sort of return to the land and rely on themselves After being there for 3 months, the forecast of the impending disastrous superstorm is predicted, with as many as 30 hurricanes along with heatwaves, blizzards, drought, and fronts of various kinds It s a climate change believer s dream, or er, natural expected outcome based on scientifically proven measurements Pia is a neurotic mess and teams up with local preppers, which Ash didn t know until after the fact Ash wants to team up with local authorities.The novel covers the current action, with Ash reflecting upon the past and his relationship with Pia Ash admits at over half way through the drawn out too long narrative that The truth is that Pia had always been impulsive I worked hard to see her as a passionate free spirit, but I knew she had a tenuous grasp on sanity most of the time Well, Ash, I had that figured out pretty much at the first few pages As the narrative follows the extremely slowly arriving storm predicted in Early October, hits in the Spring, and doesn t happen in the novel until chapter 19 ,
As gigantic storms hit my hometown, and floodwaters rise, and storms take out trees, and lives, I read this book I picked it up at TLA.The story starts out with a promise of some sort of problem, which must be solved about the two main characters But there are some simple flaws with the flow of the story The main character Ash leaps back in time every few pages to tell about something from a few weeks previous, a few months previous, or a few years previous He tells the story of his relationship with his wife Pia in back story It is interesting, but I found myself skipping ahead.I loved that the town divided up into several groups, all with an agenda that didn t match the others I loved that the two main characters fall into different groups to await The Storm If this had remained the true focus of the author, it would have made a greater story The focus of the author became The Storm she even explains this in the afterword And that would have been okay, too But I m sitting here not relating at all to someone who really really doesn t get that there are other worlds besides the one centered around and in New York City I don t think the little town in Vermont was very realistic Perhaps if details and characters were given page time, it all would have hung together better My favorite scene is when he leaves the preppers group and goes to sit in the bar It was believable than any of the other bits in the book, except for Ash s relationship with August, which i
Such an interesting read It s wonderful discussion book because there are so many questions and ideas this book puts forth for the reader to think about HOW PREPARED ARE YOU ,When or if A superstorm comes to where you live How would your community act How would your immediate family
Reilly hooks the reader with a terrifying, all too real possibility, and from that point on the book is just about impossible to put down And just for the record, I would last about 3.5 hours in any type of emergency situation.