Sweet Little Memories

Sweet Little MemoriesBook 3 In The Sweet Little Series Trusting Again And Facing The Lies That Had Surrounded Her Entire Life, Beulah Is Ready To Move On Love And Enjoy The Man She S Found Happiness With When The Past Comes Back Yet Again With One Last Skeleton In The Closet. I had a last minute switch on my current reads because of a reading slump I m hopeful that somehow this book have improvements As usual, the drama was plain ridiculous and the characters are awful All these deceits can be resolved earlier if these motherchuckers told the truth
Gosh I was so excited for this one Let me just say that the first two book were freaking awesome I was hooked and couldn t stop reading It was the same thing with the first 50% of this one as well.I hit half way through the book and 100% lost interest I didn t care about the story, the characters,
Por como termino el segundo libro cre que este iba a estar mas interesante Pero no.SPOILERSNo se porque pero me encantan estos libros simples que se que van a terminar bien, sin embargo este estuvo lleno de drama innecesario, porque me encanta el drama, pero el buen drama, no la pelea que tuvieron, sin argumentos y que no duro ni dos d as, sin mencionar que el drama de Wills se resuelve de la forma m s floja y f cil que pudieron encontrar.Es super corto, predecible, no aporta nada nuevo, habr a pr
I need this book, like, yesterday The good news is this is the last book of the series.Surprisedly, this is my first time being part of that small four percent who doesn t like a book Yet, I do not regret it Sweet Little Memories has two things better than the earlier one Not much sex, thank God for that And not much unnecessary crying or drama By the epilogue, I found myself cont
Five Amazing StarsDisclosureI have just so absolutely excited to read the third book of this most wonderful series, Sweet Written by the most amazing author, Abbi Glines Such a heartbreaking romantic tale this is I have adored and enjoyed this entire series so far I was completely thrilled to enjoy this too too As Beulah was looking at the photos of Stone when he was young, She was completely shocked to eventually find out After been told this by Geraldine all these truths about his own father now I knew now that Stones Dad was a completely terrible evil man What he had done through his life Jasper explained to me.Beulah was scared now She knew the truth Dealing with both men, Stone and Jasper her together Jasper finally realised that Beulah should have been told the truth all along Jasper knew the lies had to end now Stone was so angry at Jasper n
This book is the definition of waste of time Thank God I stopped at 30% I jumped right to the epilogue very predictable Rating 3.75 5Review to come Y estamos aqu de nuevo con otro libro de Abbi Y adivinen qu Sigue sin volver a ser la Abbi de sus inicios s que es extra o pensar que una autora disminuya su efectividad de contar una historia con el tiempo, pero con Glines sigue ocurriendo.Despu s de haber le do las dos primeras partes de esta saga, estaba deseando que este tercer libro tuviera un desarrollo mucho mejor Casi hasta el final estaba determinada a darle una estrella y una parte de m aun cree que es la puntuaci n que merece Pero por otra parte este libro cumpli con su cometido de ser ligero y simple de leer Una sola noche de lectura y ya hab a terminado con l.No puedo ni siquiera comenzar a describir lo p simo que es el drama en este libro la trama daba para un final m s elaborado porque se incluyen temas que tienen para libros m s largos pero supongo ese es el objetivo de la autora desde hace tiempo sacar estas historias llenas de clich , drama absurdo y superficialidad como pan caliente cada ciertos meses.Ya est m s basada en la cantidad de libros que tiene en el mercado, que la propia calidad de estos.Hablemos de personajes Beulah Saben la sensaci n de irritaci n que trae un mosquito susurrando en tu oreja de noche Eso mismo siento con este personaje Ten a hojas enteras hablando de que su madre la hab a criado para poder valerse por si sola y ser fuerte y sus acciones no demostraban nada de eso Shame on you Stone Muy lindo y todo que quisiera pelear por su hijo, pero fue la batal
I had no idea how Abbi was going to end this trilogy, but I m so happy with the ending Beulah got Jasper s just revealed that Stone has a son he s left to raise at the hands of his abusive father Beulah is shocked but wants to be their for Stone, even if she realises that maybe she doesn t know him as well as she thinks she does When Stone reveals that he doesn t know is Wills is his son, Beulah vows to stand by him during his quest the save his brother son from his abusive father But in the process, Beulah learns that her life is about the change, and that maybe Stone isn t ready for that life with her She can either stay with Stone and dread how he ll handle the news, or start a fresh life somewhere else, putting herself first.As I said, I really had no idea where this story was going to go, although I knew pregnancy was on the table Abbi is really obvious when hinting at a character falling pregnant, so I knew it was coming Throw in some of the revelations that Stone learns, and I was worried about these characters getting a happy ending As I reached the end of the book and things weren t yet resolved, I was sure that Abbi had ended the trilogy with Beulah by herself starting a new life But the ending we got was great, although I do wish