Written In The Stars

Written In The Stars Welcome To Havenwood Falls, A Small Town In The Majestic Mountains Of Colorado A Town Where Legacies Began Centuries Ago, Bloodlines Run Deep, And Dark Secrets Abound A Town Where Nobody Is What You Think, Where Truths Pose As Lies, And Where Myths Blend With Reality A Place Where Everyone Has A Story Including The High Schoolers This Is Only But One The Kasun Wolf Pack Has Always Been Led By A Female Alpha, But When Willa Kasun S Mother Died To Give Her Life, Her Father Stepped In As Leader Now That She S About To Come Of Age, The Pack Will Once Again Be Led By A Female, As It Is Meant To Be Except Willa Hasn T Shifted Yet.Less Wolf And Cub Dud, Willa Has Until Her Next Birthday To Shift And Claim Her Place As Alpha, Or She Ll Lose It Forever Something Her Pack Mates Won T Let Her Forget The Few Supernatural Powers That Have Manifested Are Her Secret And The Only Hope She Has Of Unleashing Her Wolf.Distractions Of Life As A Junior At Havenwood Falls High Provide A Needed Escape From The Pack S Pressure, Making Willa Feel Like A Teenager And Less Like An Alpha Every Day Then There S Tarron Wilde, A Sarcastic And Striking Elf, Who Makes Her Wonder If Being Alpha Is Really What She Wants.Her Heart Yearns For A Reality Unfamiliar And Feared By Her Pack, While Her Mind Can T Accept Being Replaced As Alpha The Future Of Her Entire Pack Relies On Willa S Choice Embrace What Was Written In The Stars So Long Ago Or Choose To Fight For What Her Heart Desires.This Is A Young Adult Paranormal Romance In The Havenwood Falls High Series Of Young Adult Fantasy Stories Featuring A Variety Of Supernatural Creatures The Series Is A Collaborative Effort By Multiple Authors Each Book Is Generally A Stand Alone, So You Can Read Them In Any Order, Although Some Authors Will Be Writing Sequels To Their Own Stories Please Be Aware When You Choose Your Next Read. Love this series While this one wasn t one of my favorites I still enjoyed it The story didn t flow well for me Parts of it seems like it skipped around and I didn t get all of the story. This exciting read is a great addition to the Havenwood Falls High series It has a great variety of supernatural beings their various relationships highlight well the problems and biases that can occur in real life I loved how the characters in the Scooby Gang meshed together well, even though they all had their differences I also enjoyed how the s
Written in the Stars Havenwood Falls High Novella I received this ARC from Red Coat Publishing and the author in exchange for an honest review.I was introduced to the Havenwood Falls series less than a month ago and instantly fell in love with it, so I decided to give the YA version set in and around Havenwood Falls high school a try I have to admit that this particular novella in the YA series seems to be aimed at the younger audience of the young adult spectrum.I found there were too many characters to keep track of for such a short novella and each one did not seem as developed as they could have been in order to create greater interest by the reader The main character, although cute and sweet felt flat and damsel in distress than a leader Her love interest could easily have been any teenage boy stock character and her best friend barely registered in the story as a whole.The plot felt barely there In general, I could say what this novella was about, but the overall interest in the story plot got lost due to a lot of fluff.The writing lacked flow and gave the impression that a previous introduction to the world of Havenwood Falls High was made in a previous novella, therefore certain details that would have helped paint a clearer picture of the general story was missing On the other hand, for a 100 page novella I found there to be a lot of repetition of unnecessary information The sentence structure at times was also awkward, slowing the natural f
received this book to give an honest review.For a novella I really found myself enjoying the story and was a bit sad to see it end I felt that the characters were well developed and the plot was steady.I really liked how the alphas were women and so the pack had a female to lead them instead of the normal male alpha That really was a selling point for me because I have never read that in a book before Willa is a teenager and hasn t shifted yet, so she isn t fully like her other packmates though it seems that something else might be going on because ones we got towards the end something fishy sounds like it was going on Now not only does Willa have to worry about shifting befor
This exciting read is a great addition to the Havenwood Falls High series It has a great variety of supernatural beings their various relationships highlight well the problems and biases that can occur in real life I loved how the characters in the Scooby Gang meshed together well, even though they all had their differences I also enjoyed how the strong female lead, Willa, learns to fol
Awww I think I m going to like the new ya additions to Havenwood Falls Havenwood Falls High series is the perfect way to give us characters from those we already are growing to love The characters are super lovable minus one or two and the feeling throughout the entire n
Written in the stars by kallie ross.Willa is a wolf shifter Trouble is she hasn t shifted yet so she can t make alpha until she does She lives in havenwood where nothing is as it seems An absolutely fantastic read I loved taryn and willa And the scooby gan
I was given this book for my unbiased honest review I loved reading Willa and Tarron s story I couldn t put book down I loved reading this the story was amazing and didn t disappoint. Written in the Stars is the first story in Havenwood Falls High Volume One, which is how I purchased it It was the second Havenwood Falls High story I had read That has since changed I ve devoured the first volume and moved onto the second already this week.I had high expectations going into this story after reading Forever Emeline When I first began reading, I thought the writing was a bit awkward and confusing There are an awful lot of characters introduced within the first couple of pages I felt very frustrated as a reader and almost convinced myself that I wasn t going to like the story But I m tougher than all that so I pushed on I m so glad I did, too, because the story really smoothed out and took off after that I couldn t stop reading it I became very fond of the Kasun family throughout this tale and fell even in love with the town of Havenwood Falls Each story pulls the reader deeper into this world, the history, the friendships, and the feuds Willa Kasun is a wonderfully written main character I really felt her heart and struggle come through the pages It was so great getting to know her.When we are introduced to Tarron, I thought Elf Really Who could have romantic feelings for an elf My youngest daughter is obsessed with all things The Legend of Zelda so th
Willa has quite a lot on her plate As the next in life for Alpha of the Kasun pack, she is a bit of an outcast since she hadn t shifted yet But she seems to have adapted and moved on with her life at Havenwood High She and several other supernaturals that aren t quite fitting in form a close group of friends One of these is an elf by the name of TarronTarron encourages Willa to find her own path and make her life her own But the pack isn t quite done with her yet, and she s about to find out a lot about her past As Willa and Tarron s relationship morphs into than just friends, they both take a look at their status quo and realize that life doesn t always have to be what was planned for you unless you want it to be.Both Tarron and Willa make some tough choices and learn to stand up for who they want to be and who they really are I loved that our first look into Havenwood High wasn t all about the popular girl or guy finding true love It was about the outcasts and how many times they