Protection of Magic (The Leira Chronicles, #3)

Protection of Magic (The Leira Chronicles, #3) There Are Some On Our Planet Who Believe You Can T Handle The Truth, So The Truth Has Been Hidden For Millennia The Only Problem Is The Truth Is Coming Back Early The Magic Has Returned, But It S Not What Leira Was Expecting Her Powers Continue To Grow But Will She Have Enough Magic To Fight Off The Dark Forces On Her Own It May Take An Entire Magical Community To Fight Off What S Coming From The World In Between.The Troll Is Loose On The Town For A Night On His Own However, When It Counts He Fights Right By Leira S Side Welcome To The Revelations Of Oriceran Because Some Believe You Can T Handle The Truth. Protection of Magic by Martha Carr and Michael Anderle is book three in the series This book continues the hunt for the stolen object, a traitor, a way to get her mom out of the psych unit, and find her grandmother Later they find where the grandmother is and everyone feels it may be impossible except for our gal We have so many inter
Kindle Unlimited, really liking the new series, saw somewhere that there is or will be prequel There s already various swag and I want it all.There are some on our planet who believe you can t handle the truth, so the truth has been hidden for millennia The only problem is the truth is coming back Early.The magic has returned, but it s not what Leira was expecting.Her powers continue to grow but will she have enough magic to fight off the dark forces on her own It may take an entire magical community to fight off what s coming from the world in between.The troll is loose on the town for a night on his own However, when it counts he fights right by Leira s side Welcome to The Revelations of Oriceran.Because some believe you can t handle the truth.Quest For Magic Prequel to Waking Magic The Revelations of Oriceran The Leira Chronicles Book Waking Magic The Revela
Fun readThis is such a great read good way to be entertained Keep them coming I am looking forward to seeing the next installment. Love this series I m not going to post spoilers, but I am in love with this series with each book that comes out Love YT Wild ride with this one She figures out how to get her Nana out With the help of family she does it Can t wait for the next one Best of the seriesExcellent story Lots of action and a few good surprises Characters continue to grow Looking forward to the next book. Great characters, engaging storyline, and excellent writing This book keeps you reading until the end and then you want It has action, friendships, and magic Who could ask for anything Next book, please. Fabulous The story just continues to be quite enjoyable and the action is quite enjoyable Liera s ongoing growth is quite enjoyable and she continues on with KATN won t allow that to be spelt out Fantastic Most enjoyable series Loved each book every word I hope the adventure continues I will read EVERY book they write Top EntertainmentThere aren t enough good words too describe this series and these two authors. A magical detective with her tribe solving cases, fighting the dark and of course trying to keep track of the hilarious troll Can t wait for .