Walk in the Fire (Judah Cannon, #2)

Walk in the Fire (Judah Cannon, #2) Life Hasn T Gotten Any Easier For Judah Cannon He May Have Survived The Fiery Showdown Between His Father, The Tyrannical Pentecostal Preacher Sister Tulah, And The Scorpions Outlaw Motorcycle Club, But Now Judah And Ramey, The Love Of His Life Turned Partner In Crime, Are Facing New And Dangerous Adversaries It Will Take All Of Their Cunning And Courage, Their Faith In One Another And Some Unexpected Help To Give Them Even A Shot Of Making It Out Alive.In Attempting To Extricate The Cannon Family From The Crime Ring They Are Known And Feared For, Judah Finds Himself In The Sights Of Everett Weaver, A Cold Blooded Killer And Drug Runner In Daytona Beach Who Shouldn T Be Underestimated And Doesn T Take No For An Answer Threatened By Weaver, Saddled With Guilt From His Recovering, But Now Pill Popping, Younger Brother Benji And Pressured To Use His Head And Do The Right Thing By Ramey, Judah Quickly Arrives At A Breaking Point And Things Soon Begin To Go South.Meanwhile, Special Agent Clive Grant, Who Has Been Unwillingly Sent Down From ATF Headquarters In Atlanta, Arrives In Town To Investigate The Fire At Sister Tulah S Church Clive, Looking To Prove Himself, Becomes Obsessed With Tulah And Her Iron Grip On Bradford County And Is Determined To Take Her Down His Search Leads Him To Judah S Door And Soon The Cannons Are Caught Up In An Increasingly Tangled Web Of Violence, Lies And Retribution Spanning Both Sides Of The Law Backed Into A Corner, But Desperate To Protect His Family, Judah Finds Himself Walking A Dangerous Path That Might Cost Him Everything Or Might Win Him It All, If Only He Can Walk Through The Fire And Come Out On The Other Side.Genre Mystery Steph Post seems to be getting better with each novel This book, a direct sequel to Lightwood, is even engaging than it s predecessor One of the reasons might be the fact that there was no need to acquaint myself with the main characters and I was able to watch Post develop them even further here, taking them into interesting directions This over arching story Judah Cannon story reads like a Florida Godfather, showing a man who wants nothing to do with his family empire, but realizing that it might ve been his destiny all along, a destiny fueled by his last name.I loved the new characters introduced here as well, who help to really make this look stand out further ahead of the last, such as the increasingly desperate ATF agent Clive Grant and the unsettling Weaver, who might be an even scarier villain than Sister Tulah And speaking of Tulah, the sly and manipulative pr
WALK IN THE FIRE slings the Cannon family back on the page like a Molotov cocktail through a window Few writers could coax a cast of characters this vast onto a single stage and orchestrate their story with such mastery Post owns the genre of North Florida noir. This is the third Steph Post novel I ve read, and they keep getting better This one has flawless pacing moving from one fascinating and troubled character to the next with brilliant, cinematic timing While Judah Cannon is the main character and a great one the star for me is his girlfriend, Ramey, whose grit and ferocity rivals any male in the book And that s saying a lot, because the antagonist, Weaver, is an original and
Steph Post can do no wrong A seething dose of gritty, addictive Florida crime fiction One of my favorite series going. Steph Post writes with a sharp eye for the Florida landscape and a keen ear for the way small town Floridians talk to each other She s also got a knack for portraying an action scene in fact, my favorite part of this book, her second about ex con Judah Cannon and his lady love Ramey, is when Ramey and an ex biker chick frantically try to stop a stone cold killer named Webster at a diner There s a lot going on in Walk in the Fire Webster has a decades old grudge against the Cannon family, which Judah now runs after the death of his father in the first book, Lightwood Judah and Ramey are arguing over whether to stick where they re at and run the Cannon crime empire or light out together and make a new life for themselves with a duffel bag full of stolen money Judah s got two brothers, one of whom is MIA and the other of whom is still recuperating from a terrific beatdown by a biker gang Meanwhile the evil Sister Tulah is rebuilding her burned down church and her tattered plans for dominating the region, her nephew Fenton is talking to snakes and an ATF agent is snooping around trying to figure out what really happened in Tulah s church at the climax of Li
Writing a review of this for The Coil. Round Two of Team Cannon did not disappoint Steph manages to, somehow, weave slow, humidity laden language with an overly caffeinated pace My hunger for Southern Noir is satiated for now. The wild ride continues Much like the first book in the Cannon series, this story moves like a piece of real street muscle, but the author manages to deepen the characters and their relationships along the way Once again, the images of Florida are enough to make you reach for the A C switch I
With part two of the Cannon family trilogy Post lights it up with a cast of characters you won t soon forget You ll burn right through this page turner and be hungry for the next installment. Ramey Barrow is back and kickin ass Oh, and Judah s back as well, yeah.For some stupid reason, I waited 6 months to dig into Walk In The Fire just to say that I read the damn thing while actually being in Florida You know, kind of to immerse myself with the place and feel of the State the story is located.What a dumb freaking stupid idea it was.All it did was keep me from reading one of the best crime novel of 2018.Seriously, do not be as stupid as I can be Do NOT wait to read this book For any reason.I already said that Steph Post was a master at characterization, well she s 10 times better in this novel, if that s even possible She has a way of putting you in the shoes of her characters and make you feel like you re thinking, feeling, moving with them, as one She is that good.Even though this is known as the Cannon series and Judah Cannon is at the center of the story, Ramey Barrow, Judah s soulmate and kickass girlfriend, is the most interesting character of the novel record scratch of 2018.Earlier on this year, I read Tess Sharpe s debut novel in the gritty, adult market Barbed Wire Heart, and I asked if Feminist Grit Lit could be a thing Well with Post leading the way, it damn sure is becoming one and we should all praise her for that.Ramey is once again holding Judah together, showing him the way, even when he s not really paying attention She holds the pieces of h

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  • Walk in the Fire (Judah Cannon, #2)
  • Steph Post
  • 25 January 2019
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