InDia Following A Strange Dream, A Young Career Woman Hands In Her Notice And Heads Off To India To Study Yoga In A Distant Ashram, Little Suspecting She Will Soon Be Swept Into A Maelstrom Of Adventures She Survives, However, And Comes Up Smiling, With Answers To Some Of Life S Biggest Questions.From The Author I Searched For God And Found Only Myself.I Searched For Myself And Found Only God RumiRegardless Of The Colour Of Our Skin, Our Religion Or What Sort Of Plate We Eat Our Evening Meal From, We All Ask Ourselves The Same Questions What Is The Meaning Of Life Why Has This Or That Happened Does God Exist But We Don T Usually Think Is Actually Possible To Find An Answer To These Questions Yet Answers There Are I Wrote This Book With One Single Goal In Mind To Help Each And Every One Sort Themselves Out, Just As I Did But This Is No Boring Esoteric Fantasy And Certainly No Spiritual Tract It S A Lively, Dynamic Novel Which Differs From Many Other Novels In One Point Only This Is Autobiographical, From The First Page To The Last.At The Age Of Twenty Seven, I Decided To Give Up My Successful Career In A Large American Company A Job Which Cost Me In Health Than It Brought Into My Bank Account And Go To Study Yoga In Its Native Land North India What Followed, However, Was Not Six Months Of Peaceful Practice Within The Walls Of A Blissful Ashram I Found Myself Taken Hostage In South Delhi S Slums Just A Few Hours After My Arrival, Without Any Help From Outside I Was Absolutely Sure It S The End Of My Journey As Well As My Life, But This Was Just The Beginning Of My Own Personal One Thousand And One Nights Librarian S Note See Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN B074TB69N2 Here.