Release Of Magic (The Leira Chronicles #2)

Release Of Magic (The Leira Chronicles #2) There Are Some On Our Planet Who Believe You Can T Handle The Truth, So The Truth Has Been Hidden For Millennia The Only Problem Is The Truth Is Coming Back Early Leira Berens Had Her Case Blow Up In Her Face Literally Now, The Necklace Is Still In Play, She Has No Leads And It S Time She Got In Touch With Her Feelings.She D Rather Wrestle An Alligator Than Deal With Her Feelings Fortunately, There S Still Road Trips, Cheetos, And Dr Pepper.And Correk Is Willing To Help There S Also Leira S Sidekick Troll YTT Who Is Learning A Few New Words, And She S Introduced To An Entire Magical Community Her New Found Powers Hint At Something About Her DNA And The Feds Have Noticed.But In The End, Family Comes First And Leira Has A Shot To Get Her Mom Out Of The Psych Hospital And She Is Going To Take It The Adventure Is Just Beginning Welcome To The Revelations Of Oriceran Because Some Believe You Can T Handle The Truth. Release of Magic by Michael Anderle and Martha Carr is book two in this great series Our cop and elf are on a mission to find the killer of the Prince and return the stolen object Not as easy as it sounds The elf isn t use to human ways of food which can be quite hilarious The little troll is bond to our gal and has a link to her feelings If the cop is mad, the troll gets mad, example he would then grow really large and
I am finally getting it When s the next one I am a huge Military SciF i fanatic Was turned on to Bethany Anne and loved her So I started to read s little Fantasy and Magic When the AGES started coming out I bought them and read everyone and they were ok, just not my cup of tea I When Anderle started talking about another Series after Bethany Anne but he wanted to do a magic thing I shook my head I knew that the books would be ok,because Anderle doesn t do junk So.I read 0 and it was ok, I have it a 4, and decided to do one so 1it was better but still have it a 4.thought to myself, ok, because of Bethany Anne..I will do one This one struke a cordnot sure why I know that the Bar and her friends family are a great addition The mother hit me hard as I put myself in Laura s place Put it all together and you got my 5 Stars as well as Where s the next o
Trolling the book series is worth itIt s fantasy, mystery, laughter ,paranormal and human rolled into one The characters are sharp, intelligent, naive, worldly and magic It s well written and frankly enjoyable to read I can t wait for the rest I like how the two authors put their indiv
Getting even Better I refuse to post spoilers, but don t read this book if you re on a diet I m serious about that I loved this book than the first, and can only ask, where s the next I loved this book, I recommend this book it s awesome Kindle UnlimitedThere are some on our planet who believe you can t handle the truth, so the truth has been hidden for millennia The only problem is the truth is coming back Early.Leira Berens had her case blow up in her face.Literally.Now, the necklace is still in play, she has no leads and it s time she got in touch with her feelings.She d rather wrestle an alligator than deal with her feelings Fortunately, there s still road trips, Cheetos, and Dr Pepper.And Correk is willing to help there s also leira s sidekick troll YTT who is learning a few new words, and she s introduced to an entire magical community.Her new found powers hint at something about her DNA and the Feds have noticed.But in the end, family comes first and Leira has a shot to get her mom out of the psych hospital and she is going to take it The adventure is just beginning Quest For Magic The Revelations of Oriceran Th
IngeniousA cussing troll who grows in response to his elven human s emotions, an elf who likes to shop at Cisco and sample all the foods and of course explanations why Elvis and Justin Timberlake are so talented This is beside the fact that the main character and storyline is topnotch. Be careful what we wish for Naaaaw Martha has no friggin lumps in her version of verbal oatmeal It s truly organically grown in her verbage garden Her grand opening of her Oriceran restaurant was slightly delayed for Yum Fuck wanted sampling rights Her widdle t
Interesting plot, full of humour and fun characters This is now one of my favorites series, this book had me interested from the first page and never lost me I now have another author I have to follow Unable to put this tale down till
Absolutely loved itIt is so exciting to see Keira grow magically and emotionally Finally becoming a complete person and family Such fun and adventure and excitement.