Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power

Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and PowerO Mundo Todo Foi Pego De Surpresa Com A Nomea O E A Elei O De Donald Trump Presid Ncia Dos Estados Unidos Al M De Ser A Primeira Nomea O De Um Candidato Sem Experi Ncia Pol Tica Pr Via Desde 1952, A Escolha Foi Ainda Mais Questionada Pela Turbulenta Fama Do Empres Rio Celebridade, Famoso Pelas Declara Es Pol Micas E Constantes Mudan As De Opini O.Mas Quem Donald J Trump De Verdade O Que Move O Homem Mais Poderoso Do Planeta E Suas Pol Micas, Seriam Atos Inconsequentes Ou Resultado De Uma Calculada Constru O De Imagem Escrito Pelo Rep Rter Investigativo Michael Kranish E Pelo Editor Marc Fisher, Com Aux Lio De Premiados Jornalistas Do Washington Post, Revelando Trump O Relato Mais Profundo, Atualizado E Completo Sobre O 45o Presidente Dos Estados Unidos, Trazendo Toda A Sua Trajet Ria Desde A Inf Ncia Nos Sub Rbios De Nova York, Os Anos De Forma O Em Uma Academia Militar, A Turbulenta Carreira No Ramo Imobili Rio E Na Ind Stria Do Entretenimento E A Ascens O Ao Cargo De Homem Mais Poderoso Do Mundo. As a political junkie, I enjoy reading well written biographies of political figures Now, I am not a Trump fan, but I appreciated the clear writing and non sensationalism in Trump Revealed An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power by Washington Post reporters Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher Their book is not a hatchet job by either pro Trump or anti Trump agenda writers The reporters have interviewed both major and minor characters in Donald Trump s rise to wealth and power People who I wouldn t think to be associated with Trump, had indeed been part of his life.Whether Donald Trump wins or loses in November, there will be many, many books written about this presidential election As a life long Democrat and, as I said, political junkie, I will probably read most of them But th
A must read for the knuckle draggers that are planning on voting for this narcissistic clown Unfortunately, like Orange Grandpa, few of them read.What a douchebag Note I m not hiding this because of spoilers, because it s a could a biography have spoilers But you ve been forwarned I went into this book thinking it would be a salacious accounting of Donald Trump s life and campaign Far from the truth It s a balanced biography of the man, with detailed reporting on the deals he s made over the years, his personality and his goals There were no comments from the authors on the material it was presented factually with substantial backup documentation and interviews.His deals caused my head to spin His Achilles heel, evidently, is questioning his net worth It sets him off His deals all smack of a hint of corruption His empire what s left after 5 bankruptcies sits on a shaky foundation When something goes wrong with a project, he blames everyone else around him, except himself Most notably, he blamed 3 casino execs who were killed in a helicopter crash one of whom he counted as a friend for the failure of the casinos after they were killed I didn t expect to feel any sympathy for this man, since he brings all manner of bad things to fall on his head by his own doing
Before each presidential election cycle the staff at the Washington Post engages in extensive research of the candidates to determine what can be expected should they take up residence at the White House 2016 was no exception as they dove deep into the background of Donald J Trump and the result is a deeply informative book entitled TRUMP REVEALED AN AMERICAN JOURNEY OF AMBITION, EGO, MONEY, AND POWER by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher The narrative joins the plethora of books on Trump ranging from THE MAKING OF DONALD TRUMP by David Cay Johnston, THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUMP by Michael D Antonio to the recent ones since he assumed the presidency that focus on the role Russia played in the last election including COLLUSION SECRET MEETINGS, DIRTY MONEY, AND HOW RUSSIA HELPED DONALD TRUMP WIN by Luke Harding, RUSSIAN ROULETTE THE INSIDE STORY OF PUTIN S WAR ON AMERICA AND THE ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP by Michael Isikoff and David Corn, THE APPRENTICE TRUMP, RUSSIA AND THEW SUBVERSION OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY by Greg Miller, and HOUSE OF TRUMP HOUSE OF PUTIN THE UNTOLD STORY OF DONALD TRUMP AND THE RUSSIAN MAFIA by Craig Unger Others deal with the Trump White House like FEAR TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE by Bob Woodward and FIRE AND FURY INSIDE THE TRUMP WHITE HOUSE by
This is a biography of Donald Trump written by two Washington Post writers covering Trump s life through the Republican nomination Otherwise a well written 4 star biography I downgraded it to 3 stars because the capable authors rushed the book to press prior to the election presumably to capitalize on Trump s candidacy.The origin portion of the biography that covers Donald Trump through the mid 1980s was superbly done You get a sense where Trump came from and that his father played a big role in the business sense but that their personalities differed significantly After the 1980 s the authors decided to cover the various projects of Trump s manic career in separate chapters rather than chronologically This drove me than a little crazy Each chapter was well written in isolation but the disjointedness did not provide any progression in the story The evidence for rushing to print is the sparse number of pages, only about 175 pages, covering the last 20 years of Trump s life including the campaign Whether you despise him or lo
I don t live in the States, nor do I know a lot about Trump, so my view on this book is sort of neutral Anyway, all politicians have something to hide don t we all People have gotten so swept up in the media storm surrounding Trump, looking at every aspect of his life u
The book is good Trump, not so much Donald Trump fascinates me.The businessman, the reality tv personality, to the sweeping outsider who went on to capture the Republican nomination I do not support Trump in fact, I quite loathe the man However, it is his history and his rise that I find entirely fascinating He s the sort of individual who one would find in a fictional story And after having read this book, what leaves me in awe is not that I have a fuller grasp of him and his past, but that even while wielding that knowledge, I remain unsatisfied Because the innate reality is that one can never know the full feelings and thinking process of another human being, but can only guess from body language or what they say I can only imagine why after everything I ve learned about him, Donald Trump is Donald Trump He loves to win He never wants to lose That is obvious But when was the moment, when was the time that Trump became Trump Even while learning of his upbringing, of the various deals and projects that projected him into someone that wasn t known just as Fred Trump s son, after learning about Grand Hyatt an
This is an exceptionally well done biography of Donald Trump put together by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher, supported by the staff of the Washington Post The Post has traditionally produced biographies of presidential candidates every four years, in an attempt to provide the electorate with timely information prior to the election This biography covers Trump s life up through the Republican Convention in June 2016 As many reviewers have said, this book is not pro or anti Trump It is a clear eyed, thorough, well researched, and extensively annotated biography In the spring of 2016 after he secured sufficient delegates for the Republican nomination, Mr Trump sat for extensive interviews with the authors Although produced in an extremely short amount of time, the book is interesting, well written, and thoughtful I feel it is at least a 4.5 star read.Full disclosure I am not a fan of Donald Trump He scares me And I m afraid the book did not alleviate my concerns Throughout his life, really only one thing has been important to Donald Trump Donald Trump Not family, not friendship, not religion, not country come before Donald Trump Secondly, truth is a concept that eludes him Or maybe what he says becomes the truth to him He has no discernible ideology he s not a fisc
Everything this man s done and said Everyone he s offended and he s still going to get over 40% of the popular vote He s the symptom of a greater illness This is the real issue and uncomfortable fact.