Waking Magic

Waking MagicThere Are Some On Our Planet Who Believe You Can T Handle The Truth, So The Truth Has Been Hidden For Millennia The Only Problem Is The Truth Is Coming Back Early Some Of The Crazy History Shows On Cable TV Might Not Have The Answers, But At Least They Ask The Right Questions.Homicide Detective, Leira Berens Is In A Race Against A Magical Force With A Mischievous Troll By Her Side With A Penchant For Swearing The Stakes Are Real And So Is The Magical World She Just Visited An Elven Prince Is Dead, A Timebomb As A Necklace Is Loose In Her World, And Her Mother May Not Be Crazy It S A Lot But With Help From Unexpected Places, Leira Is Going To Accomplish Than She Ever Thought Possible Welcome To The Revelations Of Oriceran Because Some Believe You Can T Handle The Truth. Waking Magic by Martha Carr, Michael Anderle and narrated by Carly Robins is a fresh fun fantasy It has a portal to another world, a tough female Texas cop, elves, a murdered Prince, drunk bowlers, tentacles, and a 5 inch troll that
Bad The main character is described in detail as a hottie Then to explain why she s not in a relationship, it s explained that she s dedicated So while her middle aged, out of shape male partner is in a relationship, if she looked the same that would explain why she s not She likes shooting SUSPECTS before arresting them, a trait that her male partner really likes about her It makes sense because any poor suspect is automatically guilty when a policeman woman decides Saves the expense of trials, right It must be true because every American TV show and movie featuring cops illustrate that fact and TV can t show anything that isn t true, right Of course these shows and movies also show that a high priced attorney can get almost any suspect released in ten minutes I m confused now, it s almost as if there are at least two justice systems She suggests that the arresting officers should bounce the arrestee s head against the police cruiser a number of times I guess that s legally acceptable and doesn t violate anyone s rights Why are they prosecuting Milwa
Talk about a disjointed read This book was a mess Nothing flowed, information was given out randomly, most of them having no bearing on what was happening There were several instances where things happened that a normal person wouldn t do.First off her mother has been in a psych ward for 15 years because she was seeing elves and the fairy folk, Leira hasn t seen her in that time either Leira also starts to see these thing but when she realizes her mother is not crazy she doesn t go see her to at least acknowledge she s sane She is a detective as well, I m sure she had the standing to get her mother out expeditiously but she didn t even consider it.Secondly, she was told that an artifact was stolen and this artifact can be used to open a portal into the elven world which apparently is not a good thing Leira is tasked with finding this artifact before that happens in a couple of days I was expecting her to begin her search with immediate alacrity but imagine my shock when she w
Two authors writing a book together is certainly not a novel concept Husband and wife writing team Ilona Andrews is a prime example of how two writers can produce an incredible read without any hint is separatism Unfortunately, I didn t get that feeling with Waking Magic by Martha Carr and Michael Anderle While the story had great potential it fell short due to too many points of views and disjointed writing.When I first read the summary for this book I was so excited I was looking forward to reading about a female detective, Lerica, who has a 5 inch magical troll reeking havoc in her life as she investigates the murder of an Elven Prince and attempts to recover a stolen ancient artifact What I received was a story that did not allow the main character to truly express her voice There was so many different viewpoints popping
I was bitterly disappointed by this Let me start with a little bit of a rant This is labeled as the first book in a series, book 1 But I picked it up and was completely confused, lost The story had obviously started somewhere else How can that be if this is book one, I asked Well, apparently there is a book.5 Now, I have no problem with.5 books or however you want to labeled something that comes before book one This is the place for a prequel But if the story is part of book one, if it s necessary to read and understand the story, then I firmly believe this is not a prequel, it s not book.5 IT IS BOOK ONE So, I take some serious issue in how this author has chosen to number the books I couldn t pick up book one and find the start of a story I couldn t easily catch up or follow it This is a serious problem for me Especially since it doesn t really end either So, I didn t get a complete beginning or ending Outside of that for me one big issue, I also thought the book rushed and unfocused Tell me, if you have a few short days to find someone and a magical object would you take the time to go bowling As an author, would you ded
Slightly better than the firstWhile some of the ideas are still good, the way they are presented lacks cohesion and clarity The reader s attention is drawn this way and that without regard to flow I think a couple of revisions would make this better. Reads like a teen book with a few cuss words thrown in I couldn t finish it. Pretty much what you expect of self published stuff on It s done reasonably well for what it is, but clearly could have benefited from some aggressive editing. Good writing, good story, developed characters I would suggest you read the prequel As teasers go it will grab your attention right off the blocks The main character is an Austin homicide detective who is young and very good at what she does, and as it turns out is tagged to find the murderer of an elven prince Comp ovat
I love the new world I refuse to write spoilers, but love the troll The author has created a world and characters that makes sense and whom I can fall in love with