Act Like a Business. Think Like a Customer

Act Like a Business. Think Like a Customer As Humans, We Are Greatly Influenced By Our Relationships We Each Enjoy Being Members Of Loyalty Programs And Networking Groups That Align With Our Goals We Have Selected And Continue To Go To The Same Supermarkets, Gas Stations, Banks, And Purchase From Only Select Companies This Happens Because Of An Unspoken Relationship That Exists With These Businesses And Brands They Make Us Happy, We Trust Them, And Their Consistency Is Calming In A Chaotic World With Too Many Choices If You Re A Professional Whether An Entrepreneur Or An Executive You Need Proven, High Level Strategies To Really Make Your Business Grow And It Starts With Understanding The Needs Of Your Customers This Book Helps You Gain And Sustain Relationships With Customers, By Teaching You The Tricks And Skills Needed To Think Like A Customer.