The Golden Horde (The Revelations Cycle, #4)

The Golden Horde (The Revelations Cycle, #4) The Slaughter Is On Across The Galaxy, Human Mercenaries Are Being Ambushed, And An Ever Increasing Number Of Companies Aren T Returning From Their Contracts Someone Even Appears To Be Plotting The Demise Of The Premier Four Horsemen Companies, And Disaster For The Other Three Companies Has Only Been Averted By The Narrowest Of Margins Sansar Enkh, The President Of The Golden Horde, Knows Her Company Is Likely To Be Next, But Has No Idea Who Is Behind The Attacks, Or When They Will Strike Her Beloved Horde Acting On A Prophesy From Her Dying Mother, She Knows Her Only Chance Is To Take The Company Off World To Draw Out The Phantom Enemy The Horde Is Being Scouted And An Attack Is Imminent As The Revelations Cycle Draws To A Close, Will Sansar Be Able To Figure Out Who Is Behind The Attacks In Time To Save Earth S Mercenary Companies From The Horrific Fate Waiting From Them The Fourth Horseman Is In Play, And Time Is Running Out To Save The Earth And Everyone On It This is the 4th book of Mr Kennedy s The Revelations Cycle and it was as good as the last 3 books the Golden Horde is a mercenary unit based not in the US but in the former Soviet Union As usual Mr Kennedy has written a fast m
Oh yeah The best Four Horseman novel so far Fast paced non stop action with a finale that leaves you wanting . pure adrenaline rush Great continuation of this story Love these book Hate waiting for the next. Wow. What a cliffhanger Now I ve got to go back and re read A Fistful of Credits to catch some of the characters that popped up in both Winged Hussars and Golden Horde. I m sure I ve missed some, so I want to go back and check. As for the story, it started off a little slowly at first, establishing that it was all taking place around the same time as the other Horsemen attacks I d love to see Chris and Mark produce a timeline for the fans in the next book Book 1 of the Omega Wars I m still not certain what the MinSha s problem with humans is though, although I m sure we will find out in the next books.Can Earth survive Can the Four Horsemen save not only themselves and the other human Merc companies, but Earth itself Only time will tell I certainly didn t see this coming when I started this series, and even 4 books in, I didn t see it coming till I read that last couple of pages I really hope that some o
I obtained this book through the Kindle Unlimited program.Papa Pat Rambles contains some additional commentary about this series.http 2017 0The Golden Horde features another great mecha battle scene taken from the book, by the way by Brenda Mihalko and Ricky Ryan I was not familiar with their work prior to starting the series, but the art and lettering has been great, and the consistent approach means you can recognize a book from the series without question.The basic storyline is that the aliens landed on Earth, once Voyager 1 left the solar system, since that qualified us as an interstellar species They had huge technological advances to sell us unfortunately, apart from some raw materials, we had nothing they were interested in However, through an unfortunate series of events, they discovered we could fight, and that turned out to be a rare trait in the Galactic Union.The fix was in at the start, though In addition to dumping their rubbish on Earth buyers, the initiation into the Mercenary Guild turned out to be particularly brutal Of the 100 mercenary and military groups who went out first known as the Alpha Contracts , only four came back Each one of these happened to feature the image of a horse on their battle regalia, so they collectively became known as the Four Horsemen Cartwright s Cavaliers, Asbara
Dumb And Dull As A Bag of Rocks Mr Chris Kennedy, author of The Golden Horde The Revelations Cycle Book 4 , has taken a decent storyline, not withstanding inherent defects, a spun a tale that is not only dumb as a bag of rocks, but managed to make it dull and lifeless The conspiracy of aliens, continues against the Earth s only viable export product to the Galactic Union mercenaries One of the big quartet, The Four Horsemen, is the Golden Horde, extremely competent, centered around extraordinary defensive capabilities, and based on Earth, in the land of the ancestors The Horde, is now the designated target of the alien cabal, aligned against Earth s mercs A series of events are orchestrated against the Horde, taking them off planet on a contract, and a quick return to Earth, in order to stave off subjugation.The plotting, plot devices, dialogue, all perpetrated by Mr Kennedy, are bland, boring, lame, and in most instances, disingenuous contrivances Nearly the entire first half of the book, a FULL fifty percent of the story, is adventure in simulation gaming, coupled with explanation of how competent the Golden Horde, is Th
Better and better and betterI am quite addicted to the 4BY and very happy to see the continuation of the series I am NEVER disappointed Keep up the good work I enjoyed Asbaran Solutions, the second book in the Revelations Cycle But found it lacking in comparison to the Mark Wandrey entries in the series This novel changes that I was thoroughly engaged in the storytelling throughout Good characters
Great bookThis serries continues to get better as the books progress Highly recommend this book and serries to anyone into war sci fi Enjoy the read