Jewish Law as Rebellion

Jewish Law as Rebellion Jewish Law As Rebellion Is Unconventional And Controversial In Its Approach To The World Of Jewish Law And Its Response To Religious Crises The Book Delves Into The Contemporary Application And Development Of Halacha And Pointedly Protests Many Accepted Methods And Ideals, Offering New Solutions To Existing Halachic Dilemmas Rabbi Cardozo Discusses Hot Topics Such As Same Sex Marriage, Conversion, And Religion In The State Of Israel And Presents A Critical Analysis And Explanation Of The Application Of Halacha. Conservatism in politics and religion has captured the thinking in many countries today This, like most things in life, can be good, but it can go to an extreme Unfortunately, it affected Judaism terribly and prompted Rabbi Dr Nathan Lopes Cardozo to write Jewish Law as Rebellion He, in essence, suggests that rabbis need to change radically or be replaced.Nathan Lopes Cardozo is a Dutch Israeli rabbi, philosopher, and scholar He is the author of than a dozen thoughtful books in which he addresses the all to many crises among Jews Former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks called him a man with a wide intellectual horizon, unafraid to confront challenges His books are fascinating and are often, as this one, thought provoking calls to action.In this book, among much else, he focuses on rabbis who call themselves Posek haDor, deciders for the generation, who teach Daas Torah, the truth of the Torah They portray themselves as supreme decision makers of Jewish law The very language they use signifies arrogance and ignorance of Judaism, and this makes a farce of their idea They fail to recognize that since ancient time, Judaism recognized that there are differences of opinion about Jewish law, and this is reflected in the Talmud which contains various opinions about many la
He says so very many provocative things, envisioning an Orthodoxy that is open and refreshing and humane But by the end, you wonder who will answer this challenge They ll be painted as Cardozo has been by some as not Orthodox, and that s that His vision of halacha as a rebelli

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  • Jewish Law as Rebellion
  • Nathan Lopes Cardozo
  • 24 July 2017
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