Majestic Pearls (Majestic Pearls #1)

Majestic Pearls (Majestic Pearls #1) Some Believe In Fate, Others Not SoWho Would Think That A Single Car Accident Could Determine Someone S Destiny But When Mia Tandy Meets Nicholas Devlin Their Worlds Are Automatically Changed.Falling In Love Should Be Simple Should Be Natural And Joyous But, As They Are From Different Worlds, There Are Many Obstacles Thrown Their Way.There Is One Thing, Though, That No One Can Control And That Is Undying Love Fate Has Brought These Two Together, And Class Is Keeping Them Apart.What They Don T Realize Is They Are Connected, Neither One Of Them Knowing This.One Person Holds The Key To This Secret.A Secret From Yesteryear, This Secret And This Secret Alone Holds The Answer To How Their Destiny Will Evolve. I received an arc in exchange for an honest review This book was a pleasant surprise What I thought was going to be a simple romance story where the girl is torn between two men, turned in to a story filled with mystery that will have you begging for answers I love Mia She is sweet, kind and just an all around decent person You want her to have the very best and you need things to work out for her, because she deserves it Nicholas was born with a silver spoon in his mouth Good looking with a devil may care attitude, he and Mia strike up a very unlikely friendship after he hits her car Throughout their relationship, you see him change But will he buck his family rules and obligations to pursue what he truly desires Dr Xavier Young seems almost perfect for Mia Brought up with similar backgrounds their relationship comes easy But for me, there just didn t seem the spark that she had with Nick Xavier seemed to be the safe cho
I was given the opportunity to read this book prior to publication I fell in love with Nicholas and Mia instantly Their story is is written beautifully Rosie also adds so much character to the story it s hard not t
Meet Mia Works as a barista waitress After getting her heart shattered, she s not looking for love She s strong, independent and like most 22 year olds, has dreams she wants to one day fulfill.Meet Nicolas Works in the family business Gorgeous, self assured, confident, a player, comes from money Nicholas isn t looking for love He s happy with his playing ways.But all that changes when Mia s and Nicholas s world collide.They have chemistry and spark They both feel it, they both crave it, they both want it.But can they find the love in each other they both deserve Majestic Pearls takes you on a journey of lust, love and need It s takes you on a journey of trust, self worth and desire.Add to the mix an over protective mother, a neighbor, a jealous ex and a secret a family has carried with them for years, where will everything lead.Majestic
I was honored to read an ARC of this book I thought that it was a beautiful story, full of colorful descriptions and emotions Katija weaves a special tale of Mia and Nicholas, how they meet, how they interact, how they fall in l
DNF at 30% It pains me to do this but I am not going to rate or review this book at this time I am marking this as a DNF but for right now I am putting it aside I might go back to it at a later date, but right now this just isn t the right book for me.For reviews go to Book Bitches Blog STARS 4POV ThirdSERIES YesCLIFFHANGER YesI have mixed feelings on this book For the most part, I greatly enjoyed it There is this air of extreme mystery during the whole book You know some huge twist is coming and left me pulling my hair wanting to know what it was You could compare it to walking through a Halloween haunted house You just know something is going to jump out at you at any moment but then you reach the end and nothing did You heard the moans and voices of things that go bump in the night You hear the chains and thuds Just nothing jumps out of you You love the heart thumping fear but would have loved to have at least one freak scare you into oblivion I enjoyed the thrill of waiting for the mystery coming to a head but nothing in book one I do plan on reading the next book because at this moment, I HAVE to know what happens I am invested into the story and the lives of the characters Besides the mystery, we have a quaint love story brewing along with many, many love triangles The main focus is on Mia and Nick They meet by accident by accident, I mean literally Nick crashed his car into Mia s Their story has a very Molly Ringwald Pretty In Pink feel to it She comes from the wrong side of the tracks He worries about her being accepted into his world It s grea
Original Blog Post eARC Review Majestic Pearls Majestic Pearls 1 by Katija OMy Rating 3.5 out of 5 StarsA Charming Modernized Fairy TaleStrangely enough, Majestic Pearls isn t what I expected at all Katija O has written a modernized fairy tale, it being an attraction between a marginalized, middle class, working girl and a spoilt, upper crust, rich boy Class expectations keep Nicholas away from Mia even if they are obviously interested in each other So, what are two obviously different people going to do Mia is a working girl, yes, but one rather naive about love and life Despite being an adult, she s rather childlike in some ways, especially when it comes to friends and family Otherwise, she has a good head on her shoulders and throws herself into work, basically doing all she can to give herself a comfortable life.Then she bumps into Nicholas literally There is no one who is of a polar opposite than this party boy who has no interests farther than the next club opening, his tennis game, and his dependable, bitchy friend with benefits What on earth would he see in a woman who has nothing in common with him except the usual opposites attract Mia is tr
Review for BareNakedWords For me Majestic Pearls was a modern take on a classic fairytale, but with an air angst and mystery A tale of two worlds colliding an undeniable spark between a spoilt, upper class rich boy and a strong, independent middle class girl.After a short lived and disastrous engagement to her childhood sweetheart Mia is determined to start fresh focus on getting into school and rebuilding her relationship with her brother She is not interested in relationships or finding love anytime soon That is until Nicholas comes crashing in to her lifequite literally.Nicholas Devlin has got everything All mapped out by his parents A position with his father s company and an affluent girlfriend just waiting for him to put a ring on her finger It s all going to plan, that is until he meets Mia I like her, I like spending time with her I m different around her Just different But you re right, they won t approve it s against his plans for me It s just bullshit The spark and chemistry they feel is magnetising They both feel the pull and they both want it But can they find the love they crave and deserve Or will the differences in Class be too much and keep them apart Majestic Pearls wasn t just a story of twisted fate and forbidden love This was a story of self discovery for both the hero and heroine One which I loved being taken on It s a funny and endearing read, yet heartbreaking.The secondary characters are absolutely brilliant and round off the book
3.5 starsThis is a book with a lot going on.Apart from the main love triangles I lost count of how many people are actually involved6, I think there s also the little hidden story revolving around the Devlin s past There are a lot of characters mingling in this book and although I do actually quite like most of them it just feels a bit busy at times.The story is basically your typical guy and girl fall in love but each believe it s unrequited frowned upon by the social class divide malarkey It s been seen before and will most definitely be seen again The thing with Majestic Pearls though is there s an air of melancholy to the whole story No one every truely feels like they re happy, about anything, which I guess in the situation they re living in is exactly how things should feel, often not the case in these romantic endeavours.I love how Nick matures throughout the book I like how all the heartache is really shown in Mia, the devestating effects it has on her whole personality.A couple of things that I m not sure on..the vocal point swaps and changes about quite a bit and
This book is a true modern day fairytale, with the princess and prince and king It also has the twist of Romeo and Juliet and a forbidden love where two worlds should not cross We get to meet Amelia Mia , we find out quickly that she is a caring and humble individual that has not been dealt the best cards lately and just wants to get her life started in a right direction Little did she know that her world was about to be twisted all around We soon learn that after her chance meeting with Nicholas her life might never be the same Nicolas is a rich, elite individual that has no responsibilities His parents have is life all planed out for him to his career with the family business and to whom he is to marry They are just waiting for him to get on board with their plan This story is one of fate and believing that everything happens for a reason No matter how hard they try the world keeps pulling Mia