Different, Not Damaged

Different, Not Damaged Some Call Them Disabilities, But For Others They Are Gifts A Voiceless Child Painting Visions Of Death A Killer With A Deadly Message Plagued By A Burden Of Guilt A Priestess Divinely Empowered To Absorb Others Pain A Soldier Fighting For Courage In The Face Of Fear A Broken Warrior Priest On A Mission Of Vengeance A Thief Desperate To Escape The Burden Of His Memories Betrayed By Mind Or Body, These People Struggle To Survive In A Grim World That Takes No Pity On The Weak Yet They Will Discover That They Are Simply Different, Not Damaged. This book is full of emotion Some strong and dark, some just strong But in all case s, each is deeply compelling.I was given this book as a gift by the author I am writing this review as my way of saying thank you Each story attempts to convey the thoughts and feelings of those who think differently Showing how they see everything around them The daily issues they face are depicted in these stories that are created in a fantasy world Each story has different origins but each has been written as if they are part of a place unlike our own a place called Voramis Each story builds itself around the country of Voramis, where life is far cheaper and those who are not the same are difficult to adjust to, in a society which doesn t take much notice of those who are, in effect, different.At first I found these stories painful to read at least the first few were But gradual
Different but not damaged We all have some kind of weakness that make us who we are whether we accept it and soldier on or not is entirely up to us Different doesn t necessarily mean bad and in Andy Peloquin s anthology of stories, his characters show us exactly just that the differences in his characters are what makes them who they are.Set in the fantastical world of Voramis, Different, Not Damaged tells individual stories of characters who has some kind of crippling factor to them either in body or mind Some characters were born that way while a few became that way Each of the stories are heartbreaking yet inspiring and Andy s brilliant talent of transferring you into his world makes you understand his characters just a bit .Although each story is slightly different, there is a common element t
Different, Not Damaged is a series of six stories set in the fictional world of Voramis They re about people trying to overcome, or at least come to terms with, the hardships of their lives Some make great sacrifices Others learn lesson
This set of short stories comes with an unusual premise what if mental health issues, as we understand them today, came with a corresponding gift I met the author at InDScribe in 2018, and was immediately intrigued by this concept.Each story has a different plot, but all are set in author Andy Peloquin s fictional world of Voramis Using dark fanta
Andy Peloquin explores the experiences of people with psychological, mental and emotional disorders through the lens of dark fantasy how they live, and how they are impacted by their disabilities Read full review in the In this collection of stories, Andy has come up with various tales set in his fictional Voramis, each dealing with a different type of disability.I found all of the stories very engaging Well worth a read I fully
Different, Not Damaged by Andy Peloquin.Where do I begin Andy never ceases to amaze and impress me with the intricate worlds and characters he creates If you haven t read this author s work, I implore you pick up his work any of it.In Different, Not Damaged, Andy writes short stories of characters from some of his other books These were not main characters in previous stories, yet they each played an important role, albeit for a short time, in the stories they were cast in.This time, the characters of each story in Different, Not Damaged show up with a bang Each may struggle with PTSD, OCD, a physical pain or deformity, or a whole host of other mental dis eases where they learn to make said problems work for their good Just because a person struggles with something some may term as damaged, doesn t mean these characters can t find strength in a deep reservoir of themselves, and learn to overcome their challenges.Andy s ability to go within each of these characters personality flaws though I say their strengths , and pull out their deepest emotions as they overcome their issues is phenomenal Fear reigns, depression and sadness threaten to consume, flashbacks and terrors attempt to wear a person down, yet through it all, each character finds the beauty of finding himself or herself in this wondrous collection of short stories.One of the things I most loved about these books and characters is how Andy managed to create missing links
Andy Peloquin is different Author then most Authors Different not damaged is perfect just the way it is.Different not Damaged is based on having disorders such as, Autism, depression, PTSD and Fibromyalgia These dark fantasy stories will show that all because we are different we at not damaged.This book is flows perfectly start to finish The cover alone should pull a reader into this book.As a reader I can relate to this book because my son has Autism and I suffer from depression When my depression kicks in bad people just don t understand what happened or why it happened for and some think that I am damaged because I suffer from a disorder but I want them to know all because I am different from them it doesn t mean I am damaged at all Know a part of the book that I found it has alot of good information and such but I found it to be soothing to the heart for me Strength and Courage, as adu
I received a copy of Different, Not Damaged for an honest review I was not compensated in any way for this review Aside from how wicked the cover is and the interesting title, I was grabbed the moment I saw this book is a fantasy look on different mental illnesses Given the large percentage of people who have to deal with mental illness, it s interesting that there isn t as much a representation in the fantasy genre I never realized that until now, to be honest.This book is a series of short stories that give the reader an insight of another world and the people who live in it We see a man with PTSD, a woman with depression, and many others Each of the stories deal with a different mental health.I personally found this anthology of short stories a good read Yes, there was a slight trigger with the woman with depression, but the story was
Admito que le este libro por razones absurdas 1 Linda portada 2 t tulo interesante 3 sinopsis intrigante 4 FANTAS A AL 100% Y TENGO MUCHAS GANAS DE LEER FANTAS A La verdad es que no ten a ni idea de lo que este libro era en realidad Y qu es Es un conjunto de historias cortas de Andy Peloquin CON FANTAS A que cuentan historias de personas con autismo o con alg n tipo de discapacidad WOW Acaso no es una manera genial de contar estas historias ME ENCANTA Parece que tambi n se hace referencia a otros de los libros del autor en esta novela los cuales yo ni sab a que exist an , pero pod s leer Different, Not Damaged sin haber le do nada de Peloquin Fue una de esas lecturas que agarr s as al azar y, boom, te sacude de arriba a abajo.Este libro es muy cortito y realmente me gust Fue una lectura sencilla pero disfrut mucho llegar a conocer estas historias y, por primera vez, leer un li