Eight Will Fall

Eight Will FallIn A Land Where Magic Is Outlawed, Eight Criminals Led By Seventeen Year Old Larkin Are Sent On A Mission To Kill An Ancient Evil That Plagues Their Kingdom Descending Into An Underground Realm Full Of Unspeakable Horrors, Larkin And Her Party Must Use Their Forbidden Magic To Survive What Lies In Wait, Teeth Sharp And Jaws Deadly As She Fights For Her Life, Larkin Finds A Light In Amias, A Fellow Outlaw With A Notorious Past Soon Larkin And Amias Realize Their Fates Are Entwined The Eight Of Them Were Chosen For A Reason But As The Dangers Multiply And Her Band Of Felons Are Picked Off One By One, Larkin Must Confront A Terrible Truth They Were Never Meant To Return okay so yeah maybe this book genuinely scared me on multiple occasions.and what about it it s spooky season after all.review to come 3 stars subject to change b c i m a flaky gal omgfinally a YA fantasy where the action starts in the first hundred pages my head i KNOW this isn t six of crows.my heart eight teenage criminals sent on a missionforbidden magicentwined fatesmultiplying dangersTHEY WERE NEVER MEANT TO RETURNSO I WANT THIS TO BE SIX OF CROWS SUE ME.thanks to the publisher for the ARC UPDATED 4 13 2019 Please click here for content warnings.Find on IndieBound.EIGHT WILL FALL now available to pre order on Release Date November 26, 2019Fun Facts Eight Will Fall is about eight teens traversing a subterranean realm in search of a god they ve been ordered to kill They must quickly learn to use their inherent and illegal magic in order to get the job done.The magic system is based off of emotions, and magic users Empaths can channel emotions to conjure or destroy Eight Will Fall is a high fantasy stand alone novel with a healthy dose of cosmic horror It is a single POV mission survival book not a heist .If you re a gaming nerd, think Dead Space set in a Skyrim cave For movie geeks, The Descent meets a high fantasy version of The Goonies Initially, I came up with the magic system for this book based on a whim, ignoring what subconsciously drove me to choose emotions As I began therapy for general anxiety disorder, I realized that I ve been driven or coerced into suppressing my emotions my entire life, because the degree that I experience emotions makes me look weak I m a crier, and I m often easily frustrated and panicked I wear my heart on my sleeve and my feelings are always displayed clearly on my face and in my body language In a way, writing this book was a continuation of therapy as I developed a world where emotions are fuel for magic, and magic is feared I m very excited to share EIGHT WILL FALL with the world, and I hope you love it as much as I do Sarah Pitched as Six of Crows meets Forget the rest, Six of Crows is all I care about lol I really like multiple PoVs but eight seems like a bit much I hope, if we do get that many perspectives, it is well done. Awesome writing and world building but I just couldn t connect with the story and 8 characters was a lot But the horror type stuff is awesome. 4.5 5 stars .5 ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Eight Will Fall by Sarah Harian follows a group of eight criminals led by seventeen year old Larkin who are sent on a mission to destroy an ancient evil that s been plaguing their kingdom The further they descend into the underground realm known as the Reach the higher the stakes become, and Larkin and the others must soon confront a terrible truth The eight of them were chosen for a reason, and it s entirely possible that they were never meant to return from their mission into the realm which they were sent This was SO close to being a 5 star read for me, and for the life of me I can t put my finger on the reason why it wasn t That being said I thoroughly enjoy the entirety of Eight Will Fall What a perfect book to wrap up the month of July with It s been a while since I ve tabbed a book as much as I did this one To say I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading this would be an understatement I can t remember the last time I shipped a relationship as much as I did the one that develops in this either, and I definitely didn t go into this looking for or expecting romance. Ummm, this sounds amazeballs Pitched as Six of Crows meets Suicide Squad, this dark YA fantasy follows eight criminals as they battle their way through a subterranean realm of horrors and certain death source HELL YEAH SOUNDS FUCKING AWESOME PLZ DON T DISAPPOINT ME Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram Want to see bookish things from me Check out my YouTube channel I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review In a land where magic is outlawed, Empaths are forced to mine a mineral called luminite, which hinders their powers A group of 7 criminal Empaths and 1 guide, led by 17 year old Larkin, are sent to the Reach by the Queen to kill a great evil threatening her Kingdom The deeper they go, the dangerous it gets The mission seems like a death sentence, and they soon learn a secret about their pasts that reveals they may have been chosen for a reason Before I begin, can we all just take in this cover It s so perfect for this book This was a lot darker than I had initially expected it to be The word building in this was interesting, I think the highlight of this book was the magic system Empaths were people who could siphon other people s emotions and either conjure or destroy with it The beginning of the story, learning the background of the land and storyline was a bit slow It picked up once the group was lead into the Reach, and that is when I became invested in the story It was apparently supposed to be a duology, until it was changed to a stand alone, so maybe that is why the pacing seemed a bit off at times I loved the concept of the Reach, it was described really well that I could picture the spooky atmosphere in my head so vividly The creatures the group encounter in the Reach are creepy and grotesque, and probably my favourite part of the story There is a lot of blood, gore and body horror in this book, so if that is something that makes you uncomfortable, definitely be aware of that going in The biggest downfall to this book, in my opinion, were the characters Many people are under the assumption that this book has 8 different POVs, but that is not the case Everything is from Larkin s POV I never felt truly connected to any of them and didn t care about what happened to them I feel like with having eight main characters you are following, they need to be fleshed out in order to feel anything towards them Each member of the group felt very one dimensional to me If I had to pick a favourite, it would probably have been Elf, but again, I didn t really care for any of them Overall, it was enjoyable if you like something with a creepy, spooky atmosphere and don t mind a lot of gore. 3.5 5 stars This book was originally sold as a duology, but it is being published as a standalone novel First off, I d just love to mention that this is a heavily described dark fantasy novel I adore dark fantasy, and I m always on the hunt for , especially in YA I tend to be extremely picky in what I read in that genre, and I heavily rely on a strong main character.With that said, this book was actually quite well done in terms of overall story I thought the plot, the world building, and the mission cause was really well done I really enjoyed the magic system, and I liked learning about the power differences going on I actually enjoyed the story, and it was very original and hard to put down.So why, may you ask, did I give this a lower rating Well, I have 2 reasons 1 the characters and 2 the ending.There are 8 main characters in this book Yup, you read that right EIGHT This book is 368 pages long and was cut down to a standalone you can see how there may be some issues I found it extremely difficult to connect to the characters When someone was in trouble, I didn t feel worried for them If someone was thought to be traitorous, I didn t feel shock remorse It was all very neutral for me Characters are huge deal for me when it comes to dark fantasy I feel like they really drive the genre, so it doesn t feel like a gorefest or bloody for the sake of it I felt this book could ve worked on that , or even just cutting the cast down would have been better.My second complaint is the ending The main conflict and goal throughout the book is clearly described and spoken about When we finally get to the climax it falls flat It felt extremely rushed, the writing got a bit sloppy because of it, and everything happened too fast I had to reread pages because I thought I might ve skipped a page, but in reality the pacing just goes sonic fast The buildup we get isn t worth what we ended up getting, so that was a major disappointment for me I once again believe this has to do with the publishing decision to make this a standalone Overall, I liked the overall story, but the characters and the ending needed work This is a good example of how something planned as a duology should stay as a duology I feel that if this was 2 books, my feelings on the characters and the ending would have changed However, I still think this is worth checking out It was still a fun read and a great thriller I can set aside my feelings on the ending and still enjoy the rest of the book ARC provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own.