Als ich vom Himmel fiel

Als ich vom Himmel fiel F R Mich War Der Dschungel Nie Eine Gr Ne H Lle, Sondern Der Ort, Der Mich Am Leben Hielt Es Sollte Der Beginn Der Weihnachtsferien Sein Und Endete F R 91 Menschen Mit Dem Tod Flug 508, Der Am 24 Dezember 1971 Ber Dem Peruanischen Regenwald Abst Rzte Nur Die Damals 17 J Hrige Juliane, Die Neben Ihrer Mutter In Der Maschine Sa , Berlebte Zwei Jahre Hatte Juliane Mit Ihren Eltern Im Dschungel Gelebt Und Alles Ber Den Urwald Gelernt Mitrei End Erz Hlt Sie Jetzt Erstmals Ihre Eigene Geschichte Von Dem Paradies Ihrer Kindheit Unter Lauter Tieren Davon, Wie Der Tropische Regenwald F R Sie Zur Schule Des Berlebens Wurde Und Wie Sie Heute Als Biologin Und Engagierte Umweltsch Tzerin Hilft, Dieses Wildreservat Zu Bewahren. I struggled a bit with this one It is of course, a fascinating story how a 17 year old girl suvived a fall from a plane 2 miles in the sky and made it through the jungle back to safety on her own But the writer s style is jarring For example, she has a peculiar and annoying habit of starting a sentence at the end of a chapter and leaving it incomplete it is only in the next chaper, after its title, that the author finishes the sentence This felt contrived and unnessessary.Further, very little of the story actually focuses on her ordeal though the jungle Much of it is set much later on when the author is 56 years old and is setting up a nature reserve, and has to navigate the buerocracy of the region Obviously this is a worthwhile thing to do but it is not what I expecte
Trigger warnings plane crash, loss of a parent, horrifying descriptions of wounds and maggots 3.5 stars I found this story surprisingly compelling and interesting, but it definitely wasn t what I expected based on the title Basically, Juliane Koepcke grew up in Peru with her naturalist parents As a teenager, they moved to a nature reserve in the middle of nowhere She subsequently returned to Lima to attend high school On Christmas Eve of 1971, she and her mother were flying to the closest airport to the nature reserve on a commercial flight, which was struck by lightning and crashed Juliane was the only survivor With a broken collarbone, cuts and bruises, and a torn up knee, she somehow managed to a survive in the jungle alone for nearly two weeks and b follow the creeks and rivers of the Peruvian until she came across a boat and was rescued So I was expecting the bulk of the book to be about the crash and her staggering through the rainforest trying to find help Instead, there were only really a couple of chapters dedicated to that Probably half the book is about her life after the crash how it impacted her relationship with her father, how it felt having the press follow
The true story a the German Peruvian 17 year old who was the only survivor of a plane that crashed in Peru while crossing the Andes at Christmas time She lost her mother in the accident which also claimed 90 other lives Juliane tells her own story 40 years after the crash and her amazing eleven day journey out of the Peruvian rain forest It is also a story of her love of the jungle where she had been raised with her German zoologist parents and her struggle for survival of the ian ra
Story is about a woman who writes about how she survived 11 days in the jungle when the plane she was on crashed It is told like she is speaking to you and jumps from the present day to the time when she was in the jungle At some times it seems awkward but by writing in this way, the reader is able to get an understanding of what her life was like before the crash, background on her parents, what she did in the jungle for those days, after the crash, and the present I thoroughly enjoyed the book I like how Juliane also wrote about what she did after the crash and her continued interest in Panguana place where her parents did research and making it into a nature reserve for research but also including the locals to understand the importance of such an area Eventhough this book is about her, it reads very differently since it i
Oh dear I was so looking forward to this, and even though Koepcke s eleven days getting out of the jungle after a plane crash is not actually that dramatic, she does have an interesting story to tell The daughter of two zoologists she spends many years in Peru before going home to Germany to become a zoologist herself But it felt as though Koepcke knew that her survival story wasn t strong enough to hang a whole book around and so she mixes it with going back to Peru with her husband to try and get her parents land recognised as a nature reserve but this isn t her first time back, and she doesn t really succeed, so that story is weak too , as well as mentioning the time she was taken back to the jungle by Werner Herzog to fil
Juliane after her 11 days in the jungleI finally finished it last night Wow this one took me ages to read but I do think it was not just the book but also my state of mind or lack of mind is the better expression because I was just too tired to read One negative thing was the annoyingly the constant jumping around in time In one example she had told us her grandmother had died and the next chapter she was staying at her grandmother.The story about what happened during the crash and the 11 days of her in the jungle getting out is just a small part of the book.That being said I did find the other stuff interesting as well I never knew that as a student you can go pick a subject and go travel to a place in the world and start to research She wrote about other researchers coming there and I was curious who pays them I also was intere
I was expecting to read her story about how she survived the plane crash and how she made her way back to civilization through the forest I expected to get answers for, what she ate How she kept herself safe from wildlife How she ma
2.5 starsterrible structure Dutch review Bereits als Kind bte diese einzigartige berlebensgeschichte der damals 17j hrigen Juliane Koepcke eine gro e Faszination auf mich aus Am 24 Dezember 1971 ger t das Flugzeug, in dem sie gemeinsam mit ihrer Mutter sitzt, in schwere Turbulenzen Es st rzt ab und Juliane trudelt festgeschnallt an ihrem Sitz tausende Meter in die Tiefe, um im peruanischen Dschungel bruchzulanden Verletzt und ohne Kontakt zu anderen Passagieren und Menschen sucht sie den Weg zum Fluss, um dort auf Hilfe zu sto en, was ihr nach 11 Tagen gelingen soll Dort erf hrt sie nach und nach, dass sie die einzige berlebende ist Ihr unsagbares Gl ck bestand offenbar darin, dass ihre Eltern seit drei Jahren eine biologische Forschungsstation in diesem Dschungel aufbauten und sie somit ber berlebenswichtiges Wissen und Verhaltensma regeln verf gte und dass sie sich trotz des tiefen Sturzes in einem passablen k rperlichen Zustand befand.Vierzig Jahre sp ter schreibt Juliane Koepcke, verheiratete Diller, endlich diese Erlebnisse nieder, die ungef hr die H lfte des Buches einnehmen Au erdem schildert sie ausf hrlich die Arbeit und das Lebenswerk ihrer Eltern, beides angesehene Zoologen, die zu Beginn der 50er Jahre Deutschland verlassen, um sich in Peru biologischen Forschungen zu widmen Auch die Autorin wird sich der B